08 August 2010

Trollblood Lexicon: A Guide to Shorthand, Acronyms, and Conventions

The Trollblood Lexicon ~ by Saerko

Some of us post around here often. REALLY often. It gets hard to type the full name of everything all the time, so we resort to acronyms. Listing lots of acronyms every time we talk about a broad class of things starts to get old too, so there’s some slang that’s thrown around to refer to certain groups of models and abilities. Hopefully, this will clear some of this up--feel free to keep it side by side when reading some posts until you catch on.


p[name here] OR e[name here]

The etymology is a holdover from ages past, so we won’t go into it. The “p” and “e” prefixes are used to denote whether something is the original or Epic version of a model. For example, “Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain” would be shortened to “pMadrak”, while his Epic version “Madrak Ironhide, World Ender” would be shortened to “eMadrak”.

Common Forum Terms


A “buff” is any beneficial thing that can be provided to a model/unit from some other model/unit. A good example of a buff is the Pyre Troll’s animus Flaming Fists, because it increases the damage a friendly Faction model can do as well as providing an immunity and critical effect. It is also one of several beneficial abilities that can increase damage output on a model, so is often grouped with those like abilities under the term “damage buff”. Likewise, the Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes ability Protective Aura improves the ARM of a model, and so is often referred to as a “defensive buff”.


The “metagame” is basically the factors that come into play external to a single game of Warmachine or Hordes. For example, I play with a group whose most active and skilled players play Cygnar and Skorne. Those players and factions represent my “local metagame” and affect the type of army lists that I build. What type of army lists those players favor out of the faction they play also helps define my local metagame, because it narrows the range of threats I have to plan around during any given game played locally. The metagame can also refer to what is happening nationally and globally with the game--so that if certain armies or lists become dominant in competitive play, people may refer to the metagame in terms of responding to those dominant elements. Context will usually provide some clues as to what someone is talking about when they throw this term around.


Can refer to a model, army, list, or combination for which the primary use is destroy an opponent’s warlock or warcaster. For example, someone might say that Calandra is an “assassination warlock” because her spells and abilities facilitate killing a warcaster/warlock. When people talk about “assassination lists”, they’re referring to an entire army list whose primary trick is to win by destroying a warlock/warcaster. Again, context will help inform you here.

Acronyms/Short Terms

Common in the Forums

PP = Privateer Press
WM = Warmachine
H = Hordes
PPS = Privateer Press Staff
Mod = Forum Moderator
LGS = Local Game Store
FLGS = Friendly/Favorite Local Game Store
UA = Unit Attachment
WA = Weapon Attachment


TB = Trollbloods
KSB = Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes
SSE or ESS = Stone Scribe Elder
FC = Fell Caller Hero
EBDT = Earthborn Dire Troll
DTM = Dire Troll Mauler
Dygmie(s) = Pygmy Burrowers
SSC = Stone Scribe Chronicler
KW = Kriel Warriors
Fenns = Trollkin Fennblades
SG = Trollkin Scattergunners
LR = Long Riders
Champs = Trollkin Champions
Hero = Trollkin Champion Hero
Trollses or Trollkin Heston = Trollkin Runebearer


TH = Totem Hunter
AA = Alten Ashley
WE & S = Wrong Eye and Snapjaw
R & B = Rorsh & Brine
B & L = Brun and Lug
DH & S = Dahlia Hallyr and Skarath
Gobbers = Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

If you're a new player and see something you don't understand or want an explanation for that's thrown around the forums, just send a PM my way and I'll explain it and add it to the list! That goes for veterans too--let's get as much stuff on here that might be confusing to new members as possible!

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