30 April 2012

And your leader is....

The Poll for leadership of the Kriels has closed and we are left with some very interesting result.  It wasn't quite the landslide you might expect and it has garnered some very interesting coversation among the Troll community.  Below are the results and then we'll go itno the community's reactions and thoughts on it.

Total Votes: 168

Madrak Ironhide: 37 - 22%

Grissel Bloodsong: 32 - 19%

Borka Kegslayer: 31 - 18%

Captain Gunnbjorn: 26 - 15%

Hoarluk Doomshaper: 19 - 11%

Grim Angus: 12 - 7%

Calandra Truthsayer: 8 - 4%

Jarl Skuld: 3 - 1%

So, some things we can gather from this:

Actual in game power level seems like it has absolutely NO bearing on how people voted. 

The story, flavor and fluff made the biggest difference and clearly the most prominent Trolls in the story are well represented here.

We have a very strong block of leadership in our factions ad the numebrs are very close for the top 5.  After that though the number drop off dramatically with the Warlocks that are clear loners.

People really like Borka.  He has no aspirations of power, but rather just wants a good fight, which is why he follows Madrak around.  So, this means the players who voted for him clearly want nothing but good times while Borka leads.

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