24 April 2012

Mountain King Rehost - Republish

All I can say is holy shit... This is going to be the most impressive piece of Troll since Mulg.  I have goosbumps and i can feel my wallet getting lighter as we speak.

EDIT: Also the folks at Privateer Press have been so kind as to add the Mountain King as today's insider HERE  also below.

EDIT2:  Lost Hemisphere posted the full diorama HERE, many thanks to our big brother's over there for tasty sweet goodness that is the Mountain King.

EDIT3: More Mountain King Shots from the diorama taken from Ritides pics on the PP forum


  1. That looks awesome I was debating on starting trolls. This model makes me wanna do them now.

    Two question tho where you find the photo it cools like the concept art and do you have any others?

  2. Here is a PP image of MK. Got it thru DakkaDakka.


  3. Also new clamjack in top left...

  4. Prediction: (You saw it here first!)
    The Mountain King will not have any ranged attacks.

    It will have text similar to MK I epic Doomshaper's Warbeast Bond:
    "This warbeast may make double-handed throw, headbutt, headlock/weapon lock, rend(!), and throw power attacks as normal melee attacks but cannot make power attacks in place of a charge attack."

    Effectively having X (X=2+Fury) ranged attacks, at RNG 7.5 if STR 15. And maybe it'll spawn Whelps (as future ammo) when damaged...

  5. They better get real creative with the fluff. Where have these things been hiding for the last 1000 or so years? Nobody's ever noticed a bunch of colossals wandering around before?