09 April 2012

Hello Trollblood Scrum!!!

Hmm, lets see... how to start?..

Err.. My name's Frank and I have a Trollblood addiction, currently I am making little to no attempt to work on this problem, I only come to these meetings because of a court order.

Right anyway, I wanted to give a little background on how this whole mess got started. I blame my dad. I was visiting for the new year holidays about a year or so ago. He had been playing a new game so I went with him on his game night to watch some games. After looking at some models and seeing a game I was hooked. I will admit I was drawn to some were wolf goodness at first, but I like to over-think things so I figured I would mull it over and look at everything then choose. After some internet reading I was digging the bloods, we picked up a deck and I proxied some battle box games against him. I quickly learned that our battle box sucked and after getting smashed a time or two by his Cryx so I switched it up to Grim Angus 15 pt games, the rest is a boring tale of multiple loses and an ever increasing investment in pewter.

I am a tactician at heart, I enjoy pulling together a plan when my back is against the wall. Playing Warmahordes and trolls in particular has provided me with many opportunities to watch those plans fail miserably. This has forced me to adopt some strategy which turns out to be almost as fun as tactics. Since tactics are so situational in this game it is my hope that through some incoherent articles I can help some poor soul out there learn some different strategies he or she can employ to challenge their friends and gaming buddies.

First order of business will be cleaning up some of my strategies that already live here on the scrum. I will attempt to break down the walls of text and abstract some things out into their own articles. So many times when I was starting I turned to the scrum for tactics, strategies, list building advice, and much more (Sid's Shenanigans are awesome!). I hope others will do the same and I hope my tacticas and strategies will help them in their Warmahordes journey.

Well just text is pretty boring, next time I promise some pictures..

Until then,


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