19 June 2012

Dire Brackets ~ Player Cred

So without naming names, here are some of the reason our current player pool used when they signed up for Dire Brackets

 First off, I love trollblood scrum and have listened to all of your podcasts and follow your site regularly.  I have been playing trolls for a while and am fairly proficient with them, but I think an event like this will really help up my troll game. My resolution for this year has been to learn the hell out of trolls, I can't think of a better way. Playing trolls against trolls in a competitive setting will really let me see how the best of the best apply axe to face.  

I actually don't know if I am qualified or not. I have never had the chance to play in a big con or tournament event like others. My experience is mostly focused around my local meta (which is quite diverse). I am very interested in playing against as many people as possible and learning more, this event would give me an amazing opportunity to do so. I have plenty of free time at the moment so weekly games and reports would not be an issue at all. My expereicne with vassal is limited to only a couple games, but I do learn quickly 

I play to win always, I never give up, and I always have fun even when the dice fuck me over.
I play in one of the strongest meta's in the country and seek to expand my playing range and expirence other meta's.
I also play trolls what the fuck else reason do you need?

I'de like to think of myself as a pretty decent Epic Madrak Player. I have run my mouth quite a bit on the forums, t... I play test with one of the best play groups, but due to funds I have never played outside the Northeast. I'de like to put the training in my meta, and my gathered knowledge of the Great Madraker to the test.

Put me in Coach!!!!!

Because I am Captain Smash (Okay we know who wrote this one :P)

 I play trolls, I play Vassal and I hope I have got at least some forum presence.  I fully intend to finish that damn... article sometime soon too!

Played trolls for a year and a half, Warmachine since MkII. Some tournament experience on the national scene, played in the swedish masters, but no placings to brag about. Have some vassal experience, and I can do english on Skype just fine.

Why I should participate?
Well, I own thing I own six damn units of Runeshapers! and 15 Whelps for my pet pDoomy list(played it in tournaments for the last 2 years) and generally have fun, trying out new and unusual lists.

Test my strategies and tactics against the best of them and give an example for others on caber delivery system, jamming, and the power of a skewed troll list.

I come from a long line of Beer drinking, womanizing, fighting, Scots and I was raised in Detroit (for non Americans think current day Mexico city with less kidnappings)
On a serious note I began wargaming when I was a wee lad of 11 and have worked my way through 15mm ancients, 1/72nd WWII, WHFB, FOW, 40k and now WM/Hordes. I am considered one of the top players in my local meta in whatever game I happen to be playing. (I know very subjective as some metas are harder than others, but it is what I have) I have only played 3 SR tourneys however with one 3rd place as I learn all of the tricks of the trade.
I am an IT guy by trade and very quick with applications. I am familiar with Vassal and picked it up rather quickly with only 2 WM/Hordes Vassal games. ( about 2 dozen 40k vassal games)
In summary, I am a well rounded gamer, and though I am still realtivly new to WM/hordes I will give a good game.

I really loved the one from last year and want to get involved this one. I think you guys do a great job supporting what could be the whinniest forums on PP. Trollbloods don't have the win button of some other factions. They can be very competitive, but take more skill. I think you guys do a great job of providing support to the players and improve the faction as a whole. That being said I really stink at this game. I started awhile ago but still lose a lot. I can theory craft off the table with the best of them, but when it comes to game time I tend to forget and make tons of mistakes. I have nearly every Trollblood and Cryx model and switch between factions all the time. To increase my win changes I have decided to play one faction of the next year. Bane Knight Cav in 2013 me that I will play Cryx in 2013, and Trollbloods now. I am also planning to use the Mountain King as much as possible. So for the next year I will be playing Trollbloods and Grim at all events/ game nights. I might as well share my experiences in your Dire Brackets as well. 

I could write a very long paragraph over why me and my Trolls would be ready to play in this tournament (now reading it in hindsight I have written a long paragraph).  I believe that trolls are the most intrinsicly diverse faction with models and casters from catering to a playstyle on every level, not just those we are steriotyped to perform.  With casters emphasising playstyles from defensive brick to melee blitzkrieg.  From beast assasination to ranged movement denial. I want to be involved in this because I think that when a troll list collides it can be mirrored opposites.  Drawn from the same pool of models, two list can have vast differences in presentation and execution.  No other faction plays the ranged game like trolls, no other faction plays melee aggression quite like trolls either and while the game is expansive and varied enough that faction vs faction battles are a struggle against strengths and weaknesses. Trollblood vs Trollblood games can still exibit this just as strongly, just by using lists that emphasise their warlocks strength.  I want to be involved in this event not just to have the chance to win the event, but to improve my understanding of my own faction from both spectating and playing matches against my own faction. 

As one of the UK's podcasters, i'ld like to take this chance to improve both myself as a player by watching bracket games while also contributing to the cause. I thoroughly enjoyed brackets 1 and thus cannot wait. This also coincides with a new blog write up of games I'm starting. Along with write ups I plan to motivate myself into becoming a better player before a trip to the us.

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