07 June 2012

Dire Brackets Season II ~ Players Wanted


The first Dire Brackets challenge was a blast and it only makes sense that leading up to our new book that we start another one.  This time though the fights will be furious and they will almost all be on vassal.  The question is, which Troll caster is the best at beating the other Trolls and which of you have what it takes to keep your caster from being eliminated?  The fighting will be fast and furious, starting with 22 players and 11 Trollblood Warlocks.  When the dust settles and the regeneration begins only one of you will reign supreme.

The Rules:
-Each Caster will be subject to double elimination.
-Each Round a Scenario will be chosen and posted here on the scrum
-The game size for each round will vary from 35 to 75 points
-Each participant will be required to give a short synopsis at the end of their game including the list they used.
-Standard Steamroll 2012 rules will apply with the following additional rules: Teams will submit three lists one of each size 35,50,75 Character Restrictions enforced, un-released models allowed
-An updated bracket with round pairings will be posted Monday of each week.
-Once pairings are made a copy of the scenario and opponent lists will be made available to their opponents.

The Twist:
-Each caster will have TWO players in charge of them.  It is up to those two to ensure games vs opponents happen and get reported during the round.
-You can choose your teammate if you want, but your caster will be chosen at random prior to the start of the brackets.
-Each player chosen will be responsible for taking their caster to victory or elimination to be eligible for participation prizes.
-Once players are picked we will open up the brackets to the whole community for a march madness style bracket in which you pick the winners. 
-Each Team and the brackets winner will receive $15 towards a model of their choice.

What YOU need to do if you want to play a caster in the bracket challenge.

-Know vassal
-Be willing to complete at least one vassal game (per team) per week.
-Be willing to submit your list and a short game report at the end of each game in the same week they are played.
-Send your vassal game time to direbrackets@trollbloodscrum.com so we can all spectate.
-Be ready to bring your A game, the competition will be strong.

How to apply.
Cut and paste the following in an email to direbrackets@trollbloodscrum.com to be considered for a team.
1- Your Name, Forum Name, Location, & Valid Email address
2- Your Teammates Name, Forum Name, Location & Valid Email addresss (if you don't pick a teammate we will choose one for you.)
3- Your Preferred Trollblood Caster
4- A very short paragraph on why you and your Trolls are qualified to play in this axe to mouth vassal challenge.

All Submissions to play in the challenge must be recieved by Friday, July 15th, 2012 at 12PM MST.

Bracket seedings and pairings will be posted in two weeks, at that time we will open up the brackets to all those who want in on the pickem challenge.  Players may also submit brackets.

Please email direbrackets@trollbloodscrum.com or thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com with any questions.

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