25 November 2013

State of the Scrum

As some of you may have noticed the Scrum seems to have slowed down a bit. This is, for the most part true. The holidays start rolling around and our free time starts to shrink. Well as our real life obligations start to get heavier the folks here are not un-effected... So here I will detail the state of the Scrum and our plans moving forward.

The Scrumcast
It has been a challenge trying to produce a Scrumcast over the last 3 months. Of the last 4 we have tried to record I was only able to salvage ONE. As you might imagine this is extremely frustrating for us here and has put a really damper on our output. I'm looking into the software issues we are having and also a more suitable solution for recording as soon, Skype will no longer allow users to record their calls. I am hoping this will not  mean the ed for our little podcast and that a good solution can be found.

There is going to be a bit of a roster change on the Scrumcast going forward. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Hatred will not be joining us anymore. He was in a serious car accident recently which resulted in him losing his minis and this lead to his subsequent decision to get out of the hobby and the podcast. We are happy he is alive but, his disruptive and rowdy presence will certainly be missed. There is the possibility of us trying to replace Hatred but that will be something Blah and myself will discuss after the new year. For now we feel however that Nosrek has been a positive and informative addition and would like to continue having him on for the foreseeable future.

Lastly concerning the Scrumcast, due to the above issues we will be taking a break from recording to recharge our batteries and get our technical issues worked out. The break will last until after the first of the year. We apologize for the break and know your daily commutes and painting time will be surely less entertaining without the sweet sultry voices of the Scrumcast. In the mean time go listen to those Removed from Play guys. I hear they are pretty fun to listen to.

New Authors
We have recruited a number of new writers here at The Scrum and as you may have noticed, our post count is up! This should be a continuing trend here as our writers settle in to a rhythm and we can get some quality information out to you folks. Our authors should also be a part of the Scrumcast from time to time adding a little flavor from outside to keep things fresh.

Also, if you folks from our great community would like to contribute to the cause and send us articles, please send an email to thegreatblah@trollbloodscrum.com . He can facilitate getting you connected with the blog.

Projects on the Back Burner and Canceled Projects

Things still on the table:
- Painting and conversion contest
This event will still happen but like the Scrumcast be delayed until after the new year.

- pMadrak challenge
Also still in the works. This was a no brainer. It takes time which no one has right now. Expect this after the new year. This will likely lead to other challenges in an effort to gather more relevant data on what works in our faction.

Cancled Projects

 - The Scrum Painting Exchange
It's simply too close to the holiday to expect people to purchase, paint and send models. We like the idea but we think there is simply not enough time.

And that should about do it. There will likely more to come from us but sometimes...we just need a little break. From the guys here at The Scrum, have a happy holiday season and we'll see you after the new year.


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles! It's really difficult to maintain steam for blogs/webcasts, especially when real life doesn't cooperate. A completely unrelated podcast that I watch/participate in has been having a lot of issues with skype as well. For what its worth, they have moved to VSee, a free and fairly lightweight audio/video chat client. You may be interested in checking it out. Otherwise, I hope you guys can recharge your batteries, you have been a hugely positive influence for me personally as I've been getting into trolls this past year. If you can't, thanks still for everything you have done!

  2. I'll really miss Hatred but I can totally understand his decision. It would be great if you could and he's willing to have him back occasionally as a guest. Technical issues will get sorted I'm sure and I'll look forward to the new episodes in the New Year. New articles are good and the chance of getting some of them on the cast has to be a bonus.