14 November 2013

Wrathen's Workshop: Judging Distance ( Part 2 )

What can you measure?:
Now that you have become better at judging distances you need to put it to use. Other than just judging distance from your EBDT to that tasty target he is going to go smash. You can use it in conjunction with other things you're allowed to measure. So I guess the next step is to go over what you can measure.
  • Warnoun’s Control Area
  • Melee reach of currently activated model
  • LoS through a forest/cloud (see below for Infernal Ruling)
  • CMD range of a leader to a grunt in a unit during its activation

When checking Line of Sight into a forest, you do not measure from the model checking Line of Sight and then into 3 inches of the forest. You measure from the edge of the forest to 3 inches into it or to the model in the forest whichever is the shortest distance. The reason you can measure this is because the forest could block Line of Sight.

When checking Line of Sight to a Stealth model you cannot measure the distance to see if it is more than 5 inches away. You cannot measure any distance here because there is nothing that will block Line of Sight to the model. The part about the 5 inches causing the attack to miss, is part of resolving the attack and has nothing to do with Line of Sight.

You can measure distance to a Stealth model either to the model or up to 5 inches away, whichever is the shortest distance, only if you are trying to draw Line of Sight to a model that is behind the Stealth model. You can measure this distance because if the Stealth model is closer than 5 inches it can block Line of Sight but if it is more than 5 inches away it will not block Line of Sight.

You only measure when checking Line of Sight when you need to see if something is going to block Line of Sight to the target model.

In conjunction to what you can measure are things you always know.

  • Large Base = 1.96”
  • Medium Base = 1.57”
  • Small Base = 1.18”
  • Scenario Stuff
    • 6” x 12” Rectangle
    • 12” Circle
    • Kill Box
  • Deployment Zones

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