04 November 2013

W.W. - Wrathen's Workshop - Introduction

My name is Phillip and I generally always go by Wrathen on forums and many MMOs. I'm 31 years old and have a beautiful loving wife who supports and tolerates my gaming habits while refusing to participate. I don't assume to have all the answer but I do believe I have alot to offer to help grow this great Trollblood community. I would like to do short workshops about ether general techniques, unit/solo/beast write ups, and strategy sessions. So I think I should start with how I got into the game and how I ended up a trollkin fanatic!!!

About Wrathen's Workshop:
I'm hoping with my workshops to help provoke new ideas in the trollkin community and help in general game play. My first actual workshop is going to be some tools and techniques on improving everyones ability to judge distances on the gaming table. This is something almost every player can improve on and is a very important tool to any player.

Im hoping to have some time between how and my first actual workshop to make some cool graphics to break up the "wall of text".... Sorry about the wall of text this time.

How I got into the game & ultimately to Trollbloods:
My friends and I starting playing this wonderful game of Warmahordes back during Mark I. During the time I started out playing Menoth due to my love of the knights and armor look. I played them for a while but they never felt right to me. When Hordes came out two friends picked Circle and Trolls to play and I didn't want to play the same as them and again .... going by looks ( since I obviously didn't learn the first time) I picked Legion over Scorn. This time I lucked out I enjoyed the beast heavy legion and my favorite casters were Rhyas & Vayl.

While playing Legion I got rid of my Menoth and traded into Cryx and while I didn't like the looks of the models I did enjoy the play style (but heck whats not to like about Mark I Cryx). Then Mark II came into the universe and things got spun around and changed. I got rid of the Cryx and played Legion for a while till I moved and it was a 40 minute drive to the only local game store. It was then I made the mistake of deciding to sell out of the game (against my very smart wife's opinion). I stayed out of the game for 2 years up until January of this year. While I still lived 40 minutes away I missed the hobby, the people, and the skill and challenge of the thing.

So i started poking around and seeing what others were playing and reading about the different styles. I knew I wanted to play to play in the Hordes system cause I in general enjoy it more (though I think its less powerful over all). I didn't want to go back and play Legion (been there done than), in addition there was two other Legion players in the area. One of my friends was playing Skorne and another still playing Trolls. So I went with Circle then a few months later lucked into a great deal of a friend wanting out of Cryx. So there I was with both Circle and Cryx enjoying playing both and winning a few tournaments and leagues. The whole time I kept looking at my buddy's Trollkin ( I even played with them a few times ).

Then one day my troll playing buddy was talking about how he had been collecting up the stuff to try out this theme list and wanted to play it against me. I always being up for a game agreed, we set up a day the next week for a 50pt game and my fate with Trollbloods was sealed. That day I show up to a field of medium based troops lead by an alcoholic. If you haven't guessed it was Borka and his Family Reunion theme. I was hooked that game was the most fun and amusing I have had since I started playing again ( even if I wasn't playing it ). It was then though I didn't know it yet that would cause my to become a trollkin brother.

A few weeks later I was on a popular trading site and saw someone wanting to get rid of a Mountain King, Sons of Bragg and a bunch of other stuff but it was an all or nothing deal. At the time I thought my buddy needed most of it and that the price was great. I messaged the guy and called my buddy, he was in on the price and I made the deal for him. A few days later a box shows up with alot of Trolls in it and my buddy comes over to pick up the stuff. Turns out he only needed Mountain King, Sons of Bragg, and Rok. That left Borka, Fennblades w/ UA, unit of champs, skinner, and a troll battlebox. I was surprised how much he didn't need and was just going to sit on a shelf. So I ofer to split the deal with him and picking up a great start in trolls for $110 and he got a great deal on the rest.

I started getting games in with my stuff and borrowing stuff from my buddy's collection and really enjoyed the trolls (plus like me they were kilts). I started trading off my Cryx for more and more trolls till I ended up with no Cryx and sold the Circle outright deciding I wanted to devote all my time playing to trolls.

Other than what I started with my first goal was to build and play Borka's Family Reunion and up to this day Borka in general and Family Reunion is still one of my favorite lists and most played. Other casters I enjoy are pGrissel and pDoomy (Runes of War). I have recently picked up eMadrak and eGrim and hoping to start getting in alot of games with both of them.

If I could change things in my Warmahordes history I wish back when I first started Legion I wish I would have not ruled out Trollbloods because my friend was already playing them. If so I could have been playing this great army for a long time! But all thats important is that I'm playing them now!

Till next time everyone continue putting axe to face!

Aka Wrathen

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