15 April 2009

350 T&C Borka vs Saeryn

"I will feed you to my Angelius for your insolence Troll!" the witch said, her obvious disdain for Borka almost intimidated him... almost.

For all the marbles and my first chance at being a tourney victor was against Saeryn and Legion of Everblight. The map was a pretty straightforward map with a few small elevated hills and no rough terrain. My list

Faction: Trollblood
Points: 330
Model Count: 5
Victory Points: 12

Borka Kegslayer
> Pyg Keg Carrier
Slag Troll
Troll Impaler
Dire Troll Mauler

his list

Faction: Legion of Everblight
Points: 343
Model Count: 6
Victory Points: 13

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight

Being an all medium or large-based army the Angelius has always posed a significant threat to me. I was reasonably certain I could deal with everything else and if his caster got too close I'd have been able to toast her.

Turn 1 Trolls - I run but not my full distance, trying to get off the first attack. Borka casts mosh pit and plans to Bum Rush himself for the rest of the fight.
Turn 1 Legion - He plays more conservative than I thought advancing in a similar manner to myself with his Angelius in front of his caster on one side his Seraph on the other and shredders spread out from the middle to each flank. Casting the resurrection spell on the Angelius

Turn 2 Trolls - Impaler moves up to try and Critslam the Angelius over Saeryn... missing horribly to bad as a KDed Saeryn would have been extremely vulnerable to a flying Borka. Slag has luck hitting but not enough damage to do much.
Turn 2 Legion - Seraph spam rolls a 5 and he proceeds to dish out minimal damage to my Slag. The Impaler takes a good hit though. He feats and moves up some shredders into good counter-charge positions. Not being able to melee attack him was just rude.

"Comon boys, if you can't hit sober then get some ale in ya," Borka's voice clearly rang in the night air. Saeryn just chuckled as Borka found that neither he or his army was able to advance.

Turn 3 Trolls - Not being able to hit I try my hand at some ranged attacks not doing much... again. In order to keep the Impaler alive I move the Slag up by the Angelius and a Ravager taking away their charges. Impaler is back further but also chargeable by some shredders but Borka and the Mauler are comfortably back from anything but a Seraph Spam attack. Upkeep mosh pit, and bum rush Borka.
Turn 3 Legion - He bites on the Slag Troll sending in the Ravager first. It hits but doesn't take out a spiral, then gets pushed back from mosh pit and gets promptly killed. Then the Angelius moves up on the Slag killing it in one hit. Realizing the Impaler has reach a Ravager charges it and nearly kills it leaving it with about six health, mosh pit does nothing. Searaph spams but is unable to finish off the Impaler only doing three more damage to it. Final shredder moves up for a counter-charge and gets Bum Rushed by Borka hurting it bad but not killing it.

Turn 4 Trolls - Not knowing what to do with an Angelius I can't kill I decided to try and get rid of the rest of his army. Kenny LQ's Borka and then he feats, Slamming the shredder over into his pal in front of the Impaler killing one and knocking down the other. He then turns on the Seraph who is in range and kills it in a few hits. Borka's high MAT is making him about the only thing in my army able to hit the danged Blighted crap heads. Impaler being able to throw because of the downed shredder finally hits on the Angelius pushing it back four inches and knocking it down as well. Mauler moves up to block LOS to Borka.
Turn 4 Legion - Having both his beasts KD he knows how sqishy his caster can be so he moves her back runs the shredder into melee with the mauler to prevent him from charging and uses the Angelius to blast the Mauler with a ranged attack. Impaler wiffs on the Freestrike and the shredder is in the Mauler's back arc so no mosh pit.

Turn 5 Trolls - Borka moves up and kills the Shredder, Mauler Rages and moves in on the Angelius and Weapon locks its tail with an excellent boosted to hit roll. Saeryn too far away to hit with the Impaler the Impaler tries to block LOS to Borka again.

Glaring at Borka Saeryn is taken aback at the intelligence posed by an otherwise stupid looking, albeit gigantic Troll. "Aye, see Gug, with enough ale even a Mauler can be smart," Borka chuckles.

Turn 5 Legion - A STR 10 Angelius has no chance at all to break a weapon lock against a raged Mauler so he shoots his Angelius with Blight or something, only hitting the Mauler for three.

Turn 6 Trolls - Mauler realeases the Lock and tries to kill the Angelius the first time hoping Borka or the Impaler can finish it off when it respawns. Boosting to hit each time he hits thrice and kills it outright. It respawns three inches away so the Impaler throws at it but only doing one damage. Borka moves in a uses cooler and not only hits but Crit-hits making it stationary, which is good because he did only one more damage to it.
Turn 6 Legion - He is pretty upset at my antics against his Angelius taking it out of the fight three turns in a row but is still out of position to kill anything with his caster. So he recasts the Respawn spell and moves back.

Turn 7 Trolls - you may ask why I didn't go for his caster at all. Its becuase at 16 Def I had a much better chance at just killing his beasts. Which I did with a charging Mauler and then a LQed Borka.

Seeing her last beast fall, Saeryn flees the battlefield leaving the same stone Borka was looking for on the ground behind her. Underestimating her opponent is not a mistake she will make a second time when she faces those ugly drinking beasts.
(storytelling in the battlereports is something I am bad at, but it looks so good over at Losthemisphere I had to try it.)

My first tournament win against a good Cryx and two good Legion players was very rewarding indeed. First prize = very discounted paint job on my newly aquired Mulg from the best painter in the shop (the shop owner's wife)


  1. Thanks for the love :)

    Battle reports are always interesting to read because they can give an insight into why players do certain things - things that the reader may not have thought have, so it's edumacational. It was also nice to see Borka win, since Jason's had so little luck with him in the WarmaHordes challenge (and other testing).

    Well done!

  2. Congratulations. I will not be falling for the Borka Bomb again anytime soon.

  3. In MM/T&N you don't so much "fall for the Borka bomb" it just happens and you die.

  4. Congrats on your wins! Good strategy as well on keeping the blighters contained and frustrated. A frustrated Legion player is the best kind of Legion player I know of!