29 September 2009

Painting Challenge Winners

Our painting challenge had a great turnout with a handful of good submissions here are the two winners. First the un-modded Vlad, then the modded Mariner...

28 September 2009

Hordes MKII Field Test Date Announced


After nearly a year of restless anticipation, Privateer Press is proud to announce that the HORDES Mk II Field Test will open on November 24th.

The HORDES Mk II field test documents will be available for download from the HORDES Mk II field test site at http://fieldtest.privateerpress.com. Players will need to register on the site in order to provide feedback and download the HORDES field test documents. Registration will open with the release of the HORDES Mk II field test documents at 10:00 am PST, November 24th. Note that players who register for the WARMACHINE Field Test will need to re-register to partake in the HORDES Mk II Field Test.

Following the conclusion of the HORDES Field Test, Privateer Press will release an amended field test document online on January 2, 2010. This document will be adopted as official for all Privateer Press organized play events that include HORDES. The amended document will not be the final version of the rules, but will include some changes made from field test feedback to provide HORDES players with the best rule set possible until HORDES Primal Mk II officially releases in summer 2010.

September 25, 2009

18 September 2009

Arc-Nodes! Part 1

Being a Trolls player my desire for arcnodes are huge. Seeing as how Hordes players don't have them. As a Trolls player an arcnode of anykind would be downright fantastic with some of our shortrange and pretty awesome spells, ManTrap with an arcnode... yes please. So in my first of two posts about arcnodes I will make a spreadsheet comparison of all the MKII nodes. My primary focus stats will be DEF/ARM/SPD/COST and secondary focus stats will be MAT/RAT/ATTACKS assuming zero buffs outside of what they give themselves, throwing in caster buffs is far more than I can handle at this point, maybe its something for in the future. I will not conjecture and theorize specific situations but will focus on general ability to function as designed. For now I will leave you with a poll on the left.