22 October 2009

Steamroller 4 500pts Throw Down

Phoenix Games & Comics
Thursday, October 29th, 6pm - close.

We will be following Steamroller 4 rules with two small modifications.

Turn time lmit will be 7 minutes instead of 10, but the 5 min extension once per game will still be allowed.

Our point system will be as follows:
3pts for a Scenario Win
2pts for a Caster Kill Win
0pts for a Loss or Draw

Best Record wins, points will be used for tiebreakers.

04 October 2009

Mule Painted

So I finally painted something after a long time of painting nothing... well I have been concentrating of playing after all. Actually this piece is something of a commission AND I blew it when I sealed it, though I don't know if this picture shows it. You can see little white flecks all of the front of it giving it an 'Ashy' look to it. Well that is why you ALWAYS give the sealer a little test spray first, then you hit the model with it. So you only get one pic of this one.