27 May 2009

Grissel Grows Tired of eIrusk. Sends Hero To 'Deal' With Him.

"The Troll presence has become a nuisance," The Harbringer of Menoth pointed out to her audience. Feroa in her piety pretended not to notice her glare, or was she glaring at The Butcher by her side? "I will send Supreme Commander Irusk to do what others could not," the Harbringer said with disdain, "It seems the task of killing stupid Trolls is too much for some of the PKA's so called elite."

My Army
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
Dire Troll Mauler
Earthborn Dire Troll
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Trollkin Hero
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes [6]
> Stone Scribe Elder [1]
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Long Riders [5] (2 added)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

His Army (I think)
Supreme Kommandant Irusk
> War Dog
> Beast-09
Yuri the Axe
Great Bears of Gallowswood [3]
Greylord Ternion [3]
Iron Fang Pikemen [9]
> Iron Fang Officer and Standard Bearer [2]
Man-O-War Shocktroopers [4]
Widowmakers [4]
Winterguard Mortar Crew [2]
Gudrun the Wanderer
Kell Bailoch

We played on this map and decided the hills were just elevated and were not rough terrain. I rolled highest and opted to deploy and go first.

Troll Deployment - My deployment zone was on bottom. I put my Longriders along the right side spread out with my EBDT on the right side of the hill with the Mauler on the left. My Champs lined up to run the gap between the forest and the wall with the Heros, Fel Caller, Grissel, Gobbers and KSB behind them.

Khador Deployment - He put Gudrun, Yuri and the Manhunter in the forest with the Greylords on the side of the hill closest to them. Keil and the Widowmakers lined up their AD across from my forest with his Man-O-Wars Behind them, Irusk and the Bears were behind them. His Pikemen were on the other side of the hill from the Greylords.

Turn 1 Trolls -
Champs run for the gap with the Brick in tow, Grissel calling Hoof it to the Longriders and Gobbers smoking up the gap. Mauler moves up towards the back right of Grissels group. EBDT Runs right up the middle wall on the right side. Longriders Hoof it up and I use two of them to engage the three in the forest. KSB does the no blast aura.

"Keep your lines boys, we have more discipline than these Trolls could ever hope to gain" Irusk said with Pride, "Let our hard work and military training show them why they do not belong here." His soldiers cheering was enthusiastic, but paled in comparison to the song coming from the Trollblood lines.

Turn 1 Khador - Yuri kills the LR in front of him, thats about all those three manage to do. His mortar flings a shot at the EBDT missing. His pikemen move up to take away the middle lane his Man-O-Wars move up to block their side with the Bears running up along my forest side wall. Beast moves up towards the wall accross from my Champs getting into counter-charge position.

Turn 2 Trolls -
I can see that the bulk of my army is out of position and if I keep heading up the left side with my Champs it will be bad news so I feat with Grissel and run up the middle lane leaning right to force him down the left side or into my Champs, maybe a bad use of the feat just for Hoof It on everything but it seemed like a good idea. The Champs almost get into melee with the Pikemen but they have no charge. One of the Hero gets dangled out to Beast for Charge meat and my other Hero and Fel Caller get into countercharge position along with the Mauler. KSB again does the no blast aura. The EBDT gets a charge off on the Greylords killing two of them. The Longriders take out Yuri, the Manhunter, and Gundrun goes down the first time.

Yuri checked to make sure the huge buffalo riding cavalry of the Trolls was far away still. Maybe intimidating to others, Yuri was not impressed. He knew his job and did it well, today would be no exception. He looked down to loosen his weapon from its scabard as he looked back up he was face to face with a Buffalo and an Axe weilding Troll. Maybe they were a little intimidating after all?

Turn 2 Khador -
His Greylord hits the EBDT for no damage, the Pikement finagle around the EBDT hurting him bad and not doing much to the champs. His mortar nails my charge bait Hero but doesn't do much damage. Gundrun kills two Longriders. Beast takes the bait and charges the Hero killing it. The Widowmakers and Keil take some potshots missing most of them. The Bears and ManOWars move up to countercharge position behind Beast. My shifting right put his ManOWars and Bears out of position to do much else.

Turn 3 Trolls -
KSB goes first doing the +2 Str aura. Grissel hits the pikemen with her upkeep and calls the lone remaining hero to give him another attack and keeps one fury for transfers. The EBDT tramples the last Greylord missing and eating a free strike then stuffs the Mortar Crew in his mouth with some bought attacks. The last few LR try to kill Gundrun reducing him to one wound. Fel Caller Charges Beast rolling friggin awesome on damage and giving much of my army +2 attack. The Mauler rages on the Hero. And then Charges Beast finishing him off. The hero takes advantage of boundless charge +5 Str and +2 Mat to take out two of the three Bears. The Champs kill all but three pikemen including their standard. Pretty good turn for Trolls.

Turn 3 Khador - Seeing an opening and having lost quite a few troops he goes for the caster kill. Feats with Irusk casts the stupid cloud over my Champs and Charges Grissel with the Pikemen leaving her with 5 wounds. He tries to snipe her to death but cannot hit. Gundran kills another LR the ManOWars move into the Champs killing One, and the Greylord charges Grissel missing her. Moves Keil up to block the charge lane from the Hero.

Turn 4 Trolls - KSB does +2 Str again. My Champs kill all but one ManOWar, the scribes Mauler and last LR surround Grissel. The Hero misses Keil and the EBDT snacks on the Wardog.

Turn 4 Khador -
Sensing he is near done he uses Irusk and the Widowmakers to kill three Champs and Gundran charges the last LR hurting him.

Turn 5 Trolls - KSB +2 Str aura, Rage on the Hero, War Cry from the Fel Caller, and three dead Champs = Mat 13 PS 21 Hero. The Hero moves around Keil and Beats Irusk to a pulp. Game Over.

The Hero tried not to show off for Grissel. He knew she would no longer take a mate since the unfortunate loss of her last one. But he could hope coulnd't he? He saw the Human commander and knew he could get to him. He could feel strength pour into him from their sacred stone and then felt the rage of a Mauler coursing through his veins. That coupled with the loss of some of his friends told him it was time to do what he did best. Live or die, he would impress Grissel by putting that Human leader into her stewpot.His axe carved deep into the human's side, but his backswing came up flat knocking the human out cold instead of killing him. Upset that his axe did not finish the job he risked a glance at Grissel to see her smiling of all things, "The Mauler's Rage served you well, I am glad you showed enough restraint not to kill him." Gaining courage from her friendliness he decided to ask her to share some Whelp ale with him...

26 May 2009

ETTIQUETTE: Friendly Games VS Tournament Games

You are playing a tournament game that took just a few minutes longer than everyone else. Your game, being close, can hinge on catching or missing something small. Those that have finished their games start wandering over and begin to crowd around your table. Invariably it happens, somebody points out something your oppoenet missed, and though seemingly small, it was enough to grant him that little bit he needed to give him the win.

How about the second or third game you played when you were just trying to get a handle on all the rules. Your opponent being a seasoned vetren beats the poo out of you without taking the time to explain what they are doing. Railroaded you feel almost hurt, not becuase you lost, but becuase your opponent knew so much about the game and he didn't take the time to explain even part of what he did.

You head to your local LGS on game night and play a random player, you both know the rules well enough but are no expert. Wanting to play the game right you being asking a more seasoned player to clarify so you both can learn to play by the rules, and more accurately. Instead you get the reply, look it up in the book, or roll the dice and look it up later.

Now all of these can go both ways, AND, you can easily argue both sides. So to keep it short here is a list of a few things that I would consider good etiquette during both Friendly and Tournament Games.

Good Tournament Etiquette:

  • Do NOT help other players or even make suggestions or help with any oversights. If you see something that needs attention notify the tournament organizer and let them take care of it.

  • DO be courteous to your opponent and fellow players, these are timed matches usually and every distraction hurts gameplay.

  • DO watch the clock, taking too long is just too much, if you have lost then lose already.

  • Do NOT manipulate the rules in your favor just because you know them better.

  • BE Gracious, some gloating and crying is expected... but to much is too much.

  • Do NOT expect your opponent to let you do things wrong and take it back. When you screw up in a tournament you have screwed up, that's part of the game.

Good Friendly Game Etiquette:

  • MULLIGAN's or TAKE BACKS are okay, to a degree. Freindly games are supposed to be fun AND be a learning experience. Some take backs are expected lots of them are not.

  • SHARE the rules and your cards freely. Yes you do this in a tournament game, but in friendly games you even volunteer information.

  • SPECTATING is encouraged, as long as gameplay isn't slowed too much the peanut gallery may point out rules errors and such.

  • DO NOT help players play unless both parties agree to it. After the fact suggestions are perfectly fine. But helping a player win while the other is in the bathroom is just plain rude.

  • Do leave people alone if they ask for it.

  • Do expect suggestions from others, these are learning games so expect others to piont out when you cheat on accident.

I had a game where I was playing a newer player, my strategy was against the newer player and so my army placement was more reckless on purpose. I had to run out for five minutes to pick up my son and when I walked in a more experienced player of the same faction had analyzed the situation and showed him how to caster kill me that turn. Yeap even in a freindly game that is not OK in my book.

Please post suggestions and I will add them to the lsit.

21 May 2009

Sparring Match: Borka vs rMadrak

"I'll bet you my latest keg of Whelp Ale, we can take ya down" Borka boasted over to Madrak... again.

Wednesday night game was against a newer Trollblood player.

My Army....His Army
Impaler....Fel Caller

We played anything goes 350. The board had a low shrub wall right down the middle and two small hills also in the middle that were not rough terrain. My Borka Army rolled highest and I chose to first.

Turn 1 Borka - I run my full distance 10" bringing Borka and Gobbers up and drop some smoke and cast mosh pit.

Turn 1 Madrak - He does a 3/4 run, Surefoots, smokes and waits for me to come to him.

Turn 2 Borka - My Imapler runs to the hill on the right side Mauler runs right down the middle by the bush wall and Slag halfway between the two, Borka upkeeps mosh pit and casts bum rush and I take away the charge to Borka with gobber smoke.

Turn 2 Madrak - His first Impaler hurts my Mauler and his second one Crit Slams him taking the charge away from the Axer. He moves Madrak over Borka's direction behind his Imp and the Fel Caller gets up close to the Axer. He Gobber smokes in front of my army best he can.

"Go get em boy," Borka says to the Mauler, who promptly ran up to Madrak's Axer trying his best to look scary... "I knew we should have brought an older Mauler," Borka shook his head and grabbed a pint from the keg carrier.

Turn 3 Borka - I misjudge the charge distance on my Mauler and so end up 3" short (yeah I know it was a big misjudge) The Impaler throws at the Axer but misses on three dice. Borka Farstrikes himself and bounces the bomb off the Axer and into the Fel Caller killing him and the AOE takes out both gobbers as well. Mosh Pit and Bum rush are both still up and Gobber smoke in front of Borka again.

Turn 3 Madrak - His Axer charges my Mauler and hurts it good real good, then gets mosh pitted for a little damage. Mosh pit ends up killing the Mauler since he is no longer in melee with the Axer both Impalers unload on him finishing him off. Madrak throws at the Slag hurting it a little, nothing in range to ricochet.

"That's how we do it boys," Madrak said approvingly, "Let's see what he can do without his Mauler."

Turn 4 Borka - Borka feats, upkeeps mosh pit and casts bum rush then circles back around behind his army, kenny follows. Slag Troll charges the Axer hurting him a little and slamming him back to knock him down. Impaler throws at the other Impaler also crit slamming him and knocking him and his other Impaler down... yeap he forgot surefoot that turn.

Turn 4 Madrak - Madrak casts surefoot and moves back towards the corner, the Axer stands up and moves up into the slag and gets mosh pitted to death. His Impalers stand up and stick the Slag full of spears killing him.

Turn 5 Borka - Upkeep Mosh Pit, Kenny LQ's Borka. Borka Charges the closest Impaler killing it. My Impaler gets yet another crit on his Slamming it an inch knocking it down..

Turn 5 Madrak - He Charges Borka and comes up short by half an inch then gets Bum Rushed by Borka for it. Madrak does minimal damage on the next few attacks then gets Mosh Pitted for around ten more damage. His Impaler tries to hit Borka but misses.

Turn 6 Borka - Borka hits Madrak on the Head showing him why Trauma is named as such.

"Yeah, you owe me a mug Madrak," Borka said clapping him on the back, "But it was a close one wasn't it?". Madrak said nothing and walked with him to the makeshift Bar the Pygmies had setup. He would get him next time for sure, but more importantly some of their troops both got some needed practice in.

18 May 2009

Caine bites the big one to Grissel, Cryx on the horizon.

So that teleporting weenie is a big homer. After killing most his army with all of mine, Caine took out most my army before I finally got him... He is officially on my hate list. Because the game took sooooo long there was no energy left for even a snippet until today.

This Wednesday however, eMadrak or the currently undefeated Grissel army will face off against Cryx. As you can see from my record, they have been previously hard for me to beat.

11 May 2009

Grissel and Dhalia list ideas and Strategies.

So I have been tinkering with Grissel lately in my attempt to learn all the Troll casters and found a combo that seems to be working in my local LGS.

Grissel's Grissle vs Warmachine
Points: 743
Model Count: 20
Victory Points: 24
    Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
    Slag Troll
    Earthborn Dire Troll
    Fell Caller
    Trollkin Hero
    Trollkin Hero
    Trollkin Champions [5]
    Trollkin Long Riders [5] (2 added)
    Dahlia Hallyr
    • Skarath
    Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

Grissel's Grissle vs Hordes
Points: 746
Model Count: 30
Victory Points: 25
    Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
    Pyre Troll
    Troll Impaler
    Fell Caller
    Trollkin Hero
    Kriel Warriors [9] (3 added)
    • Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper [2]
    Trollkin Champions [5]
    Trollkin Long Riders [5] (2 added)
    Dahlia Hallyr
    • Skarath
    Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
I tuned each list slightly different depending on who I was playing against mostly with the beasts but the idea is the same in either one. Use the Longriders on one flank push the Champs and Hero's up the other flank but hug the middle and plant Grissel in the middle leaning on the side of the Champs with the beasts. Dhalia and her snake are the first wave of the assassination attempt and should line up where they can use cover from any part of your army to find a lane to get to the caster.

Going first is ideal so you can do a 2/3 run or full run depending on your enemy. Then feat turn 2 and get your Champs and Longriders engaging their whole front line and as much of their secondary as you can, hopefully getting some attacks but hoof it to move right past and engage everything you can since you are immune to freestrikes. Keep Grissel back and use beasts and even Heroes for support if needed. I found that other than her feat turn and a Hoof it/War Cry she is much more suiting to support until end game.

With the leap the Snake will almost always get the first attack on their caster and most enemies will be scrambling to deal with 84 wounds worth of Champs and Longriders. The Snake should get one or two good hits in and will paralyze the caster making them lose their movement and will most likely hurt them roughly 80%, at least thats how most my games have gone so far (all four of them) The snakes animus is fantasic here as they will have to ensure hitting it unless they want to get hit back. The Beasts in the WM army are there to take out the jacks that deal with your front line. The ones in the Hordes army are there for support to boost damage on a Hero or a nice Crit Slam.

After the Dhalia assassination run there will be something/anything free to finish up the caster unless the dice gods have been unfavorable. For me this has been whats left of the Champs and/or my beasts along with Grissel herself. Once Grissel enters the fight they get no more spells and she increases everyones chance to hit and damge if she can land the spell. If the gobbers are still around most casters will have -2 Mat, and -2 more mat if Grissel has hit them (two games I pulled this off). If the snake is still alive the caster will also be paralyzed and unable to move. It should be game over at this point.

Like I said its a work in Progress, but this latest incarnation of my Grissel lists is actually winning. Something I have struggled in the past to do with her.

10 May 2009

PKA Tries to stop Grissel with eFeroa, Grissel Sends Feroa home trussled and tied.

"Madrak's bad luck seems to be our own," Grissel commented to the young Fel Caller. She had sent the young Caller ahead with the unit of Kriels and the two beasts just two days ago and already he had returned with a particularly nasty Slag Troll and an Earthborn that was just a little too smart for a Dire Troll. "We saw a contingint of Menites heading straight towards you on our way to Madrak so he sent back some firepower for you," the young Fel Caller grinned as he pointed over at the Earthborn, "He has been teasing the Slag Troll the whole way here, he keeps pouring seasoning on the Slag every time it isn't paying attention." Grissel was always amazed at the antics of the big beasts, but she remained wary of all the Dire Trolls preferring some of the smaller more intelligent beasts over their larger cousins. Where were the Imaplers, Axers, and Bouncers when she needed them?

Dhalia appeard at Grissels side, "It is Feroa as pompous as ever, she intends to make you pay for taking down that Butcher fellow last week." Grissel Grimaced at the thought, first they had a whole section of the Cygnar army trying to prove themselves by wiping out her race and she keeps running into these PKA folks. Why Khador and Menoth would ally themselves might be of concern for Victor next time she saw him, for now she just wanted a long drink from the newest brew out of Borka's Pygmie brewers. They called it Whelp Ale, and though she was reasonably sure they didn't acutally make it out of Whelps, she had taken a liking to it.

"Longriders take the flank to the East when the ground is more open for your Buffalo the rest of us will take to the Trees and hit them from the other side." Grissel grinned inspite of herself, her primal instinct to fight coming out after this errand had become one battle after another. Even though she didn't want to kill them for no reason, she did enjoy battle. She saw the Menites arrayed in standard formation accross the field and so begun her advance singing to lighten the feet of the Longriders as they went. The Menites looked suprised at her speed, but did not seem to be caught off guard. She heard Dhalia call out from her right and saw her surrounded by some very dangerous looking Menite women while her pet snake seemed affixed on a big big Jack in front of him. As Grissel and her beasts moved to deal with them her own beasts began advancing on the jack immediately after killing them all. "Go get em boys," she sang loud enought that her whole army surged forward to smash the Menite front lines

She sang a song of Battle to her Champions as two large explosions erupted in front of them spewing fire all over them. Truely those were the best of the Troll crop as they continued to fight even as they burned to death. Her Longriders seemed to be bogged down with some particularly crazy looking Menites, but they were killing them hopefully fast enough to help on the flank. Through her bond she found the Slag and Earthborn actually egging each other on and competing with each other to see which one could take out the Menite steam jacks the fastest, she encouraged them on watching the Eartborn rip the large jack apart with his bare hands that looked shaped like giant swords while the Slag Trolls Spittle dissolved the rocket firing jack. She let out a chuckle that seemed to mirror that of the Earthborn as they all turned their attention on Feora and the big jack in front of her. She was proving to be difficult stepping into fire at one place and emerging from one a small distance away lighting everything on fire as she moved away from it.

True to form the burning Champions were already hacking away at the lone remaining Menite jack while one of thier Hero's went after a unit of tough looking well co-ordinated Menites that had caught the Eartborn's attention. "Time for us to put this fool caster down," Grissel said to Dhalia as a stray rocket knocked her out of the fight. Grissel began a song of hope to her army that seemed to buzz in Feroa's ears.

Ready to use her fire to retreat, Feroa began casting the spell when for some reason it wouldn't work. She shook her head to clear her mind but found herself unable to do so. Looking up to get her bearings she found herself face to face with Grissel and the very large Troll beast responsible for tearing her Avatar apart. Still pious to the end Feroa glared at Grissel, "You will pay for my destruction you sub-human whore." As Feora brought her staff to bear, Grissel's own hammer resounded from Feroa's skull knocking her unconcious.

When she awoke she found that she was in a secluded clearing with Grissel and her big Troll. "Do your worst my God will protect me," Feroa spat at Grissels feet.

"Your God does not save you this day woman, I do,"
Grissel spat barely able to keep herself of smashing in this woman's skull and making it into a soup bowl. "I seek only the survival of my people, not the murdering of anyone in the Iron Kingdoms. Know this, if you attack my people again you will pay for it with your life."

At that Grissels song lifted and Feroa stepped into her fire to get as far away from this Troll woman as possible. Feora would have to rethink her position on the intelligence of the Trolls, she did not think however, that she would rethink her feelings that they were an abomination that needed to be rid of from the Iron Kingdoms. She would see this 'Grissel' again, and the next time she would make her pay with her life for her insolence.

07 May 2009

Skarath Eats Nemo... reports that he does taste like chicken.

"Why are these humans so eager to spill Trollkin Blood," Grissel wondered aloud to nobody in particular. This errand to find Dahlia Hallyr and her snake Skarath had been dangerous indeed, as it seemed every endeavor for Trollkin Survival had been. Dahlia's strange music was akin to her own and had already been pivotal in their survival. As they prepared to head back they came upon a small band of Kriel's, Longriders, and half a unit of badly damaged Champions being led by a young Fel Caller. "We have been set upon by a Cygnarrian force with them emblem of the 4th flying among their standards. Their leader is a warcaster that looks like the one Cygnar calls Nemo and even Pendrake fights with them," the young caller reported to Grissel as they joined with her force. "I know Victor well," Grissel sighed, "it would be an unfortunate loss to us and Cygnar if he forces us to deal with him."

His army and mine listed below.

Faction: Cygnar
Army Points: 743 (I Think)
Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo 75
Squire 18
Thorn 93
Centurion 113
Sentinel 72
Long Gunners (7/10) 74
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (3) 77
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6) 90
Professor Viktor Pendrake 28
Captain Arlan Strangewayes 32
Gun Mage Captain Adept 32
Ogrun Bokur 39

Faction: Trollblood
Points: 750
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
Pyre Troll
Troll Impaler
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Kriel Warriors [8]
> Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper[2]
> Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Long Riders [5]
Swamp Gobbers [2]
Dahlia Hallyr
> Skarath

The map was identical on each side with a 3" rough terrain hill to our rights and a halfsquare low wall on our lefts. He rolled highest and opted to go first. Jacks, strangeways, and Nemo in the middle with his gun mages and the B13 on the right longgunners and gun mage solo on the right. Trolls deployed with the Kriels on my left across from the longgunners. Champs, Beasts, Fel Caller, Hero and Grissel in the middle left with Gobbers, Snake chick and longriders on the right.

Turn 1 Cygnar - He advances at a partial run casts a few beneficial spells and waits. Thinking the best I can do is get into countercharge range on my turn.

Grissel knew Nemo had much more experience on the battlefield and winning than almost anyone else. The Battle had just started and already Nemo had made a mistake? That seemed unlikely but Grissel had to do what should could to gain an advantage. Singing a song to lighten the feet of the Kriels they ran to meet the guns of Cygnar.

Turn 1 Trolls - Kriel warriors get the prayer of +2 speed and run, the piper hangs backs to give them all one more inch and hoof it gains them five more ending them in melee with the front ranks of the LGs, Banner minifeats. Main force advances to the wall. Longriders run up and spread out towards the B13 and gunmages and the snake heads for the Bokur.

Turn 2 Cygnar - He feats and Kriel warrior killing commences tough rolls were not on my side all but 3 die. B13 takes down a longrider and the Bokur slams the snake prolly saving its life. His jacks advance up towards my main force with Thorn killing a longrider. His turn ends.

Turn 2 Trolls - Grissel feats the remaining KW kill a few LG and hoof it to engage the ones in back. Pyre buffs the Hero and The Impaler gets a good crit hit taking out the Cent shield leving him open for a charge from the Hero who almost disables him. Champs Charge thorn taking him down. Snakes hops the Bokur and eats Lynch. LR kill the Bokur a few gun mages and hoof it to engage as much as they can. That is all.

"Grissel knows me too well," Pendrake sighed in relief to himself, "she keeps her beasts far out of harms way where my knowledge can help this Cygnar deal with them."

Turn 3 Cygnar - Longgunners and bad in melee only one more KW dies. The Longriders lose one to the B13 and another to gunmages and the Champion on points nearly dies. Strageways repairs the Centurion and it beats on the hero but doesn't kill it, the Hero returns the favor disabling it. Nemo moves up a bit to finish a Longrider and his turn ends.

The song of that Trollkin whore and the eerie flute music of the Iosian buzzed in Nemo's ears making it hard for him to concentrate... not something he was used to having problems with. He shook his head to clear it and as he looked up the biggest Serpent he had ever seen was snapping at him...

Turn 3 Trolls - Snake boy runs up and leaps into Nemo's face almost killing him... almost. The Impaler throws at him but misses then Farstrikes the Pyre who's luck is better and he hits boosting damage a finishing off Nemo.

"Bloodshed ends for today," Grissel called to her force, "We do not murder even our worst enemies." Grissel knew that Nemo's loss would surely only strengthen Cygnar's position to defend and kill her own kind and hoped the old warcaster survived. She also knew she had no choice, it seemed that every turn brought her kin close and closer to their deaths. As her force began to depart Hallyr and her snake came up to her with a human in its mouth and deposited him at her feet, the snakes venom leaving a ruffled but very alive Pendrake paralyzed at Grissels feet. "Ahh Victor my old friend, you place yourself into precarious places more and more of late," Grissel chuckled.

"I have never seen a snake of that species so big," Pendrake panted, "When this paralysis wears off we have much to discuss about how you can avoid some of the other Cygnar contigints on your way back home. It must be quick though, they will miss me and have the wrong kinds of questions for me if my return is too far delayed..."

01 May 2009

Grissel Beats Down The Butcher...

Grissel wasn't expecting to see any Khadorians let alone 'The Butcher' himself. She had never seen him on the battlefield but knew his reputation well. Not only did she not expect to see The Butcher, she did not expect him to have with him one of the biggest Warjacks she had ever seen. Having only two small Beasts with her she could only hope her small unit of Champions and the pair of Heroes would be able to take care of business.

Grissel had thought Madrak sent her on a fools errand to meet yet another hireling to help their cause, now she felt this errand foolish indeed. As she picked up a rousing song for her troops an eerie melody joined in and compimented her song. As the large jack opened fire she saw a large Snakelike creature flanking the Khadorians and knew she had found not only a hireling as Madrak had suggested but a much needed ally in the upcoming fight. "Those big jacks cannot hope to catch us, get around them to the living and take them apart," As always Grissels voice carried over even the sounds of fire coming from Khadorian guns.

Their suprise at that shadowed only their shock at the speed in which the Trolls were on them.

"No matter the loss of the Troopers," The Butcher mumbled to the hound next to him, "My Behemoth and Beast-09 will show these wretched Trolls why they do not belong in the Iron Kingdoms"

CerealJon over at Getting Small took pity on me and scheduled in a quick 500pt match earlier today. Grissel vs The Stupid Retarded Butcher of I can kill whatever the heck I want to in one hit.

Okay really Grissel didn't do much. It was dieing Champs and Charging Heroes that took care of Business. I will p0st a battle report detailing the futility of playing Khador when you are really a Menite. Sorry CerealJon... after the whooping you gave me last week, payback feels great.