28 June 2012

Dire Bracket Challenge ~ Last Call

Today is the last day to get in your Brackets for a chance to win $50 at Battlefoam, $15 at Discount Games or a Trollbloods Faction foam topper.

Click on the following link, goto Files and Download to edit the Spreadsheet.  Then follow the instructions in the spreadsheet. Dire Bracket Picker
If you do not have excel and open office doesn't work then email direbrackets@trollbloodscrum.com with your picks and we will manually enter them.  If you choose this option be warned, we like bribes.

Round 1 Matchups have been finalized

Mercenaries Press Ganger Half Foam Tray

We ask for it and they deliver.  Battlefoam has released foam tray that I am very very excited about.  Doing a lot of demo's and having most of the battlebox makes my Small Battlefoam bag cluttered to say the least.  With these trays I can now bring my demo bag in full of battleboxes that are neatly seaprated and easy to find.  Below is the Merc tray, go check them out at Battlefoam.com.  Currently I'm ordering Mercs and Cygnar today (probably two mercs :)

Mercenaries Press Ganger Half Foam Tray (PP.5-2.5) - Battle Foam

27 June 2012

Go get'em: Sluggers by Hellectic Mojo

I'm hardly the most competitive guy on the table, and hence my starting warlock for this faction was Gunnbjorn, starting unit? Sluggers. Since I appear to be the only guy in the world who haven't packed them up after the first game, I'll try to justify them and explain how I manage to make these guys work.

How to set up full auto
Number one complaint about the Sluggers are the necessity of aiming to get the most of their shots. As I played them however, I found them to be not really hampered by this. They are one of the few trollblood models with adequate base RNG for their guns. After the first turn of running, the enemy should be coming to your guns, not you chasing after them with it.

26 June 2012

LEVEL 7[ESCAPE] Developer Diary: Gameplay pt. 1 - Privateer Press

Scrumcast Episode 10

This episode we talk about the superior painting skills of Goris, Sid and Dallas and how you can get them to paint a model for you.

We have information on Dire Brackets

AND an interview with somebody totally awesome.


23 June 2012

Trollblood Speed Painting by nosrek

So I have been working on a few ways to cut down on painting time and put something on the table that I don't absolutely hate. I have tried a few different speed painting tricks, but I feel this one is the strongest because it allows you to move into a higher level of detail at any point. When doing the bare minimum steps I can knock out one model in 30 minutes of painting time. My painting sessions are generally around an hour unless I really get in a groove. So for me it works best to knock out two models at at time. However, if you have the stamina you can probably do four or more since this technique caters to an assembly line style of painting. Of course you can stop at any point in the painting process, but I like to have something to show for at the end of a painting session.

So lets begin. First off here is what I am using brush wise.

Citadel large dry brush
Hobby lobby brush (it says number 2 round on it)

I prefer using bigger brushes. When I first started painting I was using tiny ones and I hated it. Ghool is always going on about using a bigger brush, he explains it well so look him up on the privateer press forums. Basically a larger brush carries more paint and you can almost always complete one coat before needing to load up with paint again. Using a larger brush has helped me learn brush control and good brush control helps you paint faster since you won't be going back and touching things up.

Next up paints, I prefer P3 paints, but they are not sold locally. I stock up on P3 when I am out of town. Most recently I was in Nevada and petegrrrr directed me to a great local shop. So I am stocked up on the basics but had to use Citadel and Vallejo for some things.

Pirate Quartermaster


Through a historical oddity, pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy elevated the rank of quartermaster to much higher powers and responsibilities than it had aboard any merchant or naval vessel.
Pirate quartermasters (quarter deck masters), like pirate captains, were usually elected by their crews. It was the quartermaster's responsibility to lead the pirate boarding party when coming aboard another ship. This was usually done from the quarter deck which was the place where two ships touched during the boarding attack. The quartermaster ranked higher than any officer aboard the ship except the captain himself, and could veto the captain's decisions whenever the ship was not chasing a prize or engaged in battle. The quartermaster also was chiefly responsible for discipline, assessing punishments for crewmen who transgressed the articles. Several quartermasters, notably Calico Jack Rackham, became captains after the previous captain was killed or deposed.

20 June 2012


Make your pics on the Dire Brackets in our double elimination Trolls vs Trolls bracket challenge.
Whomever picks the most correct picks will win a $50 coupon for Battlefoam.
There will also be a $15 prize and a Trollbloods foam topper for two lucky participants.  Each Player may do up to three brackets.
All donations will get Goris to a convention to get tournament information, spoils and other goodies for our audience.

Get your brackets in no later than Thursday June 28th at 12PM MST.  Then join us on Vassal and Skype as our players battle for supremacy.  Who will be the most dominant Troll,  one of our teams of two, or one of our guys flying solo?  The battles will be fast and furious, AXE TO MOUTH BABY.

Click on the following link, goto Files and Download to edit the Spreadsheet.  Then follow the instructions in the spreadsheet.
If you do not have excel and open office doesn't work then email direbrackets@trollbloodscrum.com with your picks and we will manually enter them.  If you choose this option be warned, we like bribes.

19 June 2012

Dire Brackets ~ Player Cred

So without naming names, here are some of the reason our current player pool used when they signed up for Dire Brackets

 First off, I love trollblood scrum and have listened to all of your podcasts and follow your site regularly.  I have been playing trolls for a while and am fairly proficient with them, but I think an event like this will really help up my troll game. My resolution for this year has been to learn the hell out of trolls, I can't think of a better way. Playing trolls against trolls in a competitive setting will really let me see how the best of the best apply axe to face.  

I actually don't know if I am qualified or not. I have never had the chance to play in a big con or tournament event like others. My experience is mostly focused around my local meta (which is quite diverse). I am very interested in playing against as many people as possible and learning more, this event would give me an amazing opportunity to do so. I have plenty of free time at the moment so weekly games and reports would not be an issue at all. My expereicne with vassal is limited to only a couple games, but I do learn quickly 

I play to win always, I never give up, and I always have fun even when the dice fuck me over.
I play in one of the strongest meta's in the country and seek to expand my playing range and expirence other meta's.
I also play trolls what the fuck else reason do you need?

I'de like to think of myself as a pretty decent Epic Madrak Player. I have run my mouth quite a bit on the forums, t... I play test with one of the best play groups, but due to funds I have never played outside the Northeast. I'de like to put the training in my meta, and my gathered knowledge of the Great Madraker to the test.

Put me in Coach!!!!!

Dire Brackets ~ Caster Assignments

Teams and caster assignments have been set and games will begin Friday the 29th of June.
Prize updates.
Winning team $15 each and free shipping for use at Discount Games Inc.
Winner of the Brackets Pickem will receive a $50 coupon (purchase of $100 or more) at Battlefoam's Online Store
Two randomly chosen paticipants (players or bracket pickers) will receive a Trollbloods foam topper OR $15 at discount games.
some teams have two players while others will be flying solo. Games will begin Friday June 29th. Info to players will arrive via email shortly
Watch here for brackets in the next 24hrs to make your picks

14 June 2012

13 June 2012

Turn over a new leaf

A few months back I picked up a new faction, Khador, which means trolls have been left in the bag for quite some time now. This has been my first venture into a new faction (I don't count my early venture into Cryx since I only bought a battle box) and it has been a real eye opener. Since playing Khador I have had a growing worry that my Trolls just could not compare to my Khador army.

After playing Khador for a month or two I started playing some pick up games with the Trolls and had a really hard time building a list. Infantry, beasts, solos, I began doubting each piece in the army even our warlock choices. I decided I would need to go back to basics once again and try to re-learn how trolls play. So I deleted all of my old lists in iBodger and turned to the forces of Trollbloods book.

I found myself staring at pGrissel's theme force and I had a thought, Fell Callers are amazing 2 point combat solo's. So I began building some lists based on this theory and am very pleased with what I came up with. After playing the 25pt and 35pt versions I knew I was on the right track to understanding my Trolls in a new and possibly better way.

Blood Of Bragg T1 25 points

12 June 2012

ScRuMcAsT Episde 9

ScRuMcAsT Episode 9 is up for your pure listenening enjoyment Check it out.

Now with Working LINKS... yay.

11 June 2012

Dire Brackets SeasonII ~ Caster Seedings released

While the players have not yet been assigned to their respective casters, the casters actual seedings have been made.  Here is where Season II will begin.

1-Grissel Bloodsong, Fel Caller
2-Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood
3-Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls
4-Borka Kegslayer
5-Grim Angus
6-Grissel Bloodsong, Marshall of the Kriels
7-Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia
8-Captain Gunnbjorn
9-Madrak Ironhide, World Ender
10-Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftan
11-Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood

Based on last Seasons Tournament (including SoS), below is how this Seasons Bracket will look.

Already you can see some interesting matchups that will require some serious Skill by certain players to overcome some built in challenges. 

We are still looking for six more players so sign up  by Friday if you want in the tournament.  Sign up by following the instructions on this page.

For those of you interested in filling in a playing the bracket challenge those will be posted Friday for you to fill out.

Happy Brackets folks, we've got some serious Trollblood style 'Hunger Games' going on this time.

07 June 2012

Dire Brackets Season II ~ Players Wanted


The first Dire Brackets challenge was a blast and it only makes sense that leading up to our new book that we start another one.  This time though the fights will be furious and they will almost all be on vassal.  The question is, which Troll caster is the best at beating the other Trolls and which of you have what it takes to keep your caster from being eliminated?  The fighting will be fast and furious, starting with 22 players and 11 Trollblood Warlocks.  When the dust settles and the regeneration begins only one of you will reign supreme.

Blah's Lock and Load Recap

Day 1 - My Day 1 schedule was packed, last year I had a job interview the day they opened up signups and didn't get into anything but the Masters Qualifier (which I tanked) so this year I tried to get into all the classes I didn't get to do last year.

First order of business go to the store and buy Sons of Bragg. 

03 June 2012

Mountain King Unboxing

Ladies and gentle-trolls we here at The Scrum strive to bring you the finest in journalism(spoilers) and in this effort I have for you the unboxing video for the Trollbloods Gargantuan, The Mountain King.  I hope you enjoy because I am enjoying eating face with him as we speak!