30 October 2011

Paint and Model Like You Got a Pair!! Part 3

Another weekend stuck at work = another painting/modeling blog post! This time I want to get into something a little less general and a little more specific: Priming. Priming a figure properly is actually one of thee most important steps to painting any model. So here are a few tips for priming a model.

Part one can be found here.
Part two can be found here.


Tip # 7) Follow the Directions. This may seem a little obvious, but it is very important to follow the directions on the spray can. Amount of time shaking the can, distance of spray, ventilation, temperature, drying time, etc. These are all important things to keep in mind when priming a figure. For example, not shaking the can enough and holding it too close to the miniature can cause the primer to pool on the figure, obscuring some of the detail, (yes this has happened to me before).

29 October 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #6 - 10/29/2011

Welcome back to the Shenanigans! This weekend I was able to get things rollin' with the Scythean. I have the basic idea of what colors are going to be for the chitin and skin, and now I just need to get the table top quality done, so I can move on to the details.

This is just going to be a quick post showing some WIP pics that I have. I am sorry, that I won't be able to go into details. Today is going to be a very busy day for me and my fiancee. I will try to get more done in the next issue of Shenanigans.


We'll see you guys next time!


27 October 2011

Breast Cancer Brawl ~ Phoenix Games & Comics

Phoenix Games & Comics in Logan, UT
will be hosting a Breast Cancer Brawl Tournament for Warmachine & Hordes players to kick off our Breast Cancer Brawl!!!
Thursday January 5th at 6PM MST
All proceeds will benefit the Huntsman Cancer Center in Logan, UT

Warmachine & Hordes Events
Raffle - Pink Magnus Battlebox - fully painted by our own Sid will be raffled using BCB tokens $1 per token.
Silent Auction - We have found a Breast Cancer Surviver that wants to fight for you.  Pink Thrullg to be auctioned online at Trollbloodscrum.com painted by Skywise.
Prizes - 'Pink' Warlock/Warcaster cards, Pink Paint and other prizes for those participating in the tourney.
Paint em Pink - Paint a 'Pink' themed peice from your army to enter in the painting contest. 
Brawl - Play Games, Save Boobs!  25 point Steamroller Tournament $10 entry.  $1 BCB tokens for in game benefits.
All this and much more will be available.  Who knows, it might even be a Pink Pyre Troll.

Constance and her warjack Gallant not only fight for the might of Morrow, she also leads the battle against Breast Cancer.  Keep and eye out for her appearance.

Take it big ~ Our Brawl is being extended to most of the big games being played in our lgs so players from all walks can participate.  From Magic The Gathering to Warhammer to the Board Game Club we're going all in.

Stay Tuned here at The Scrum for more info.

24 October 2011

Jarl Skuld Paint by Marie; A Step by Step guide. Part 2

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lovin' Leather

Leather has got to be my favorite thing to paint. It is quick and easy to make it look fabulous. To see what the leather looked like previous to the first step here, just look at any of the previous "Jarl" posts. First I mixed some mixing medium and water with bloodtracker brown. I applied this on all areas except in the deeper crevices, blending it in a bit as I went along. I should note that I used some straight paint to get the richer color and then used the mixture to blend it.

20 October 2011

Jarl Skuld Paint by Marie; A Step by Step guide. Part 1

Marie over at Phoenix Games in P3 Color (formerly known as Jorganic Burger) has painted some pretty sweet models for us over the years.  Her current project is Jarl Skuld and she has done a step by step guide on her paint job of him.  These posts are compiled below from her chronicles of painting him. (lots of pics and a long post here)

19 October 2011

Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood Tactics

While updating an old tactica thread on the Scattergunners called Make Them Scatter it really got the cogs turning on how they can be effectively used with certain casters.  This inexorably moved me to our newest cast Jarl Skuld.  "The Devil" might look like Caine at first glance, but he couldn't play more different.

Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood

15 October 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #5 - 10/15/2011

Welcome, Welcome Scrum Bums to another edition of Shenanigans! I have finished the Drakhun, and am itching to show you the final product of this awesome Khador model. However, before we get to the pictures, I need to talk about my appearance on the Scrum Cast!

As you may or may not know. I will be doing a little section on painting during the cast, and will be answering some questions about how to make a showcase model for master quality. To give you an idea of what I will be discussing, I will give you an outline of some steps to a master quality paint job. Please be aware, that this helps me to get that quality, and there are other ways to go about this:

14 October 2011

On Learning Trollboods from Cygnar: Blue to Blue ~ by Sardonic Artery

Repost from Sardonic Artery over at the PP forums

Figured I’d start a thread since making the leap to Trollbloods in the last couple of months. Originally a Cygnar (and therefore Mercs) player, I came in to Hordes via the Blindwater Congregation, with “no shooty” Barnabas being the opposite of the True Blues. Thing is, I’m the type of Warmahordes player who, as fun as they are, keeps Merc and Minions minon. I still love Cygnar—the combined arms approach, board control and how, even if you’ve got stealth and you’re hiding on a forested hill behind a rock wall, I’ll probably still shoot you—but I wanted an army that can take axe to face, play attrition, and run a decent level of synergy. In the end, Trollbloods seemed to fit best, though not without some swift competition from Skorne.

13 October 2011

Dire Brackets pMadrak vs Grim Round 2

It was a hardfought slugfest that went back and forth in true Trollblood style, with each army whittling down the other, gaining and losing the advantage, tough rolls and snacking.  When the dust had settled out of 100 points of models all that was left standing was Grim Angus and a couple of his scattergunners.  Grim dodges a bullet eliminating pMadrak but will have to beat eMadrak to keep from being eliminated himself.  Only a few games left in this round with a couple Troll casters fighting to keep from being eliminated altogether.

12 October 2011

Random Caster Tournament

Being a Press Ganger has many benefits and drawbacks.  One of the drawback is that more often than not a Press Ganger doesn't get to play in very many tournaments and when they do get a chance to play rarely does it count towards prizes.  One of the benefits is that us Press Gangers get to make unique events and tournaments just for fun.  One of those tournaments that we have upcoming at Phoenix Games & Comics is our...

Random Caster Tournament

What if Haley decided that Cygnar wasn't rigid enough for he and she left them to join the Protectorate of Menoth?  How about if Rathrock corrupted Madrak to the point where Cryx looked more appealing than his home with the Trollbloods?  Or if the Old Witch decided long ago to stay with the Circle of Orbors and their dubious ways?...

08 October 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #4 - 10/08/2011

Welcome everyone to another edition of S^3. This weekend, since I have finished painting the Sluggers, I have moved on to other projects that I have in the works. First of all, the Man-O-War Drakhun. I am very excited to paint this model because, it is from my very first faction, and also it is a very beautiful model.

I will also be showcasing my battlegroup for the Journeyman League. I have decided to go with Trolls, since I have the battlebox and they need to be painted. You will get a glimpse of what my painting scheme will be like for the rest of the army, and some experimentation with different skin colors. Let's move on to today's showcase (and no it's not a showcase showdown like on "The Price is Right").

Adam wanted to have the tan-ish theme with his Khador, and he wanted me to paint accordingly, and he gave me some examples with his models that he himself painted. It gave me a great inspiration on how he wanted to have this particular model to be painted. I thought that I would have the model done by today, but it turns out that it's going to take me a little longer to paint due to it being a large base model.

06 October 2011

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels

Grissel Bloodsong stands as a bastion amid the storm devastating the lives of her people. Assuming leadership was never her goal, but she has proven worthy of shouldering the burden of Marshal of the Kriels in Ironhide’s absence. She gladly fights alongside her warriors and asks nothing of them she would not risk herself. They trust her to save them whether by shrewd words or the booming of her explosive voice and hammer on the battlefield.
You can find this article at Privateer Press HERE

05 October 2011

The Scrum Cast E.2

Once again we have toiled to bring you all another hour of Trollboody podcasting goodness.  In our quest to provide you with only the best we have fired our assistant writer 'Gobber Stoog Noodlepeck' for typing with his mic on.  Once we find out which Gobber brought his Bees and Dog to the studio they will be promptly fed to our Head of Security 'Dire Troll Gino Rageopoli'

In this Feature packed Pocast we have for you:
- A super special Guest!
- Pass The Keg
- Upcoming Events
- Warlock Spotlight - Gunnbjorn
- Sand Narrows & Trollbloods
- Power Level and Trolls
- Crackpot Theory - Sluggers
(Note Audio streams from both ears, if you have one ear you will only hear some of us... TrollbloodScrum, pushing the revolution to listen with two ears instead of one since 604 AR)

Download E.2
Alternate Download

Stay tuned for our next podcast where we will showcase our in house painter Sid and our new voice for random plugs the smoothtalking Charity.

04 October 2011

Journeyman League, Carnivore Style

Greeting from the land of the swamp pits!  Phreaker187 here once again moving away from Cygnar for a good 6 weeks and jumping on the back of Barnibus and friends.

Throw out a quick rundown of the league so far.  Standard rules apply, with an optional custom battle box for us old schoolers that have been playing for over 2 years.  Oh yeah, you can count your 4 best games of the week, this rule helps out us old timers that can't live at the LGS.  :)

Week 1:  Gator Battle Box (Barnibas, Wrasstler, Spitter, 11pts.)
Sorry about the pics, the lighting in my house sucks.

Psychological Warfare

Do you have 'that guy' at your local leagues that exhudes an air of confidence so strong that you have a hard time thinking you can beat that person?  Do you get so overwhelmed by certain models on the table that everytime you see them you will overcommit on it or avoid it too much.  These are just two examples of game 'Psychology'.   There are many forms of psychology deployed by players of our game, some of it is calculated, some it is organic, but the end result is the same.  That end result is, that their opponents start the game playing differently than they want to or should giving the player with the best psycology an advantage that otherwise doesn't exist.  This advantage is not built into the rules, yet it is employed by nearly every player that plays the game.  So how do you make sure you aren't being affected negatively by your opponents psychological warfare?