30 April 2013

The Scrum Cast Ep.21

New Musings are up, go check it out over on our Scrum Cast Page.


26 April 2013

The Hunters Grim Challenge

With the advent of The Hunters Grim, we are looking for a small handful of people to joing an ongoing study of him and his crew.  
The Rules: 
  • We will be starting with a 35 and 50 point list.  All of the 35 point list must be included in the 50 point list.
  • Each item included in the list must be played in a minimum of three games before it can be changed out.
  • When making Changes to your list you may only Change up to 15 points at a time UNLESS that change is to make room for or to drop the Mountain King then it can be his points cost.   This is variable, but the idea is to maintain the general feel of your list as you play games.
  • Each participant will be required to send in their lists and report their games.  That doesn't mean we need battlereports but we want who you played against, what you used, and some of the highlights.  We're talking a few lines for each game.
  • What you get for participating:  All particpants will have their progress documented for approximately 20 games, each will receive something for their participation.  Some of the rewards are: a package of whelps, eGrissel, Scrum Patches and Dice among others.  Participants will also be invited to the Scrum Cast to disucss their success and failure.
Those interested in participating must be committed to playing out at least 20 games and be willing to report what you use, what did well, what you played against and the results.
To join in this study prospective Trollbloods should email TheGreatBlah@trollbloodscrum.com with 'The Hunters Grim Challange  <Forum name or name here>  in the subject line.   With a brief explanation of why you should be included.

 Once participants are chose you will be given access to a private forum to discuss your lists, strategies, as well as report games.
The final number of participants will vary but we expect to have 4 to 8 of us.
Bring the pain my Trollblood friends and game on.

17 April 2013

A Mountain King Tactica Guide

A Mountain King Tactica Guide

Our Gargantuan is the Mountain King. The model is awesome and he has a silly nickname which some people hate utterly, but it seems to have stuck. It's because he dies hard and he spawns lots of sequels. Credit to Professor Lust for the notion.

One of the purposes of this thread is to help stop the millions of threads about the Mountain King which are doing some damage to the community. My aim is to approach the topic in a "work-with-what-we've-got" mindset, going on the presumption that the reader has already decided to use this fella - totally ignoring any consideration of his actual quality, whether in isolation or in comparison. There's lots of other threads to have those discussions.

15 April 2013

Scrumcast Delay - Boston Tragedy

The Scrum will not be making any posts today including the Scrumcast in light of the Tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. I encourage anyone who lives in the area to go and give blood to help out the victims.

- Goris