Something that does not get mentioned too often but is implied a lot here on the boards is the concepts of 'opportunity cost and benefits' . We discuss is a lot but it is not often given a name. When theorycrafting it is very easy to use the hard numbers, abilities, spells, etc. that we see on the cards of our beloved models and compare them to the other given items on the other models' cards; "This fellow does what this fellow does only this one has more armor and this one has more defense.". This is a natural and right aspect of the conception and construction of any wargame force. We as players decide how we want our particular force to function and we weigh the pros and cons of each figure relative to our primary idea. High armor, high defense, fragile-but-potent, etc. are all examples of lists that most experienced wargamers have seen and likely played, in these cases leaning toward skew lists that make your opponent answer their riddle; 'How do you deal with all of this thick Khadorian armor?' or something similar. Other lists are balanced, often containing a decent ranged game, some melee punch, solo hunters, etc. and these lists tend to be answer lists. They offer their players answers to as many possible questions as their opponents' lists can ask; "You have stealth and here is my answer. Over here is my answer to your infantry. My caster has Purification to answer your debuffs.".