30 April 2012

And your leader is....

The Poll for leadership of the Kriels has closed and we are left with some very interesting result.  It wasn't quite the landslide you might expect and it has garnered some very interesting coversation among the Troll community.  Below are the results and then we'll go itno the community's reactions and thoughts on it.

Total Votes: 168

Madrak Ironhide: 37 - 22%

Grissel Bloodsong: 32 - 19%

Borka Kegslayer: 31 - 18%

Captain Gunnbjorn: 26 - 15%

Hoarluk Doomshaper: 19 - 11%

Grim Angus: 12 - 7%

Calandra Truthsayer: 8 - 4%

Jarl Skuld: 3 - 1%

So, some things we can gather from this:

Actual in game power level seems like it has absolutely NO bearing on how people voted. 

The story, flavor and fluff made the biggest difference and clearly the most prominent Trolls in the story are well represented here.

We have a very strong block of leadership in our factions ad the numebrs are very close for the top 5.  After that though the number drop off dramatically with the Warlocks that are clear loners.

People really like Borka.  He has no aspirations of power, but rather just wants a good fight, which is why he follows Madrak around.  So, this means the players who voted for him clearly want nothing but good times while Borka leads.

29 April 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 15

Well folks I have been miscounting all this time and we actually have 11 intrepid painters still in the Challenge.  We are 15 weeks into the challenge and the few folks left have showed no signs of stopping, so keep those models coming!

25 April 2012

Scrummer Sid, Runekeeper

Though old and bent Sid has traveled for many years uncovering the secrets to Dhunia's power.  He is relatively unknown as he has devoted almost the entirety of his life to his work in solitude.  Though occasionally a report or story comes down of an old albino Troll wiping out small pockets of people or creatures who are causing harm to others.

On his most recent journey to an old shrine to Dhunia he claims to have felt her very presence and his path was forever changed.  Immediately changing the course of his life he found Calandra, or rather Calandra was waiting for him, and offered his services to the Trollblood cause.  With Calandra and Janissa's help Sid continues to recover runes and relics of Dhunia's power, but now he shares what he finds with the Trollblood leaders.  He also uses his vast knowledge and experience to aid the younger Trollblood Warlocks fight the battle to secure safety for all Trollkin and the Trollblood people.  Sid is old, very old, even considering Doomshaper to be young, but his advice is usually solid and his ability at wielding Dhunia's power is fearsome.  

Sid is often found in the company of the newest Warlock's in the Trollblood army that Grissel has begun to call Scrum Captains, and has taken upon himself the title of Scummer.  Nearly all who fight for Scrum Captains proudly call themselves Scrummers and have shown resolve and fight unmatched even among Trollkin. 

When Sid engages in battle the earth tears itself apart amidst his enemies and surges of power turn them to dust.  Younger Runeshapers flock to him and their abilities seem to magnify in his presence as they make the ground beneath the battlefield roll and rock like an angry ocean.

Scrummer Sid, Rune Keeper
Trollbood Warlock (Albino Sorcerer)
~If he know's Dhunia's secrets what makes you think yours are safe?~ Maro, Elder Thornwood Runeshaper.

SPD - 5
STR - 7
MAT - 5
RAT - 5
DEF - 14
ARM - 12
CMD - 7
FUR - 8

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 6
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 15
FEATSecrets of Dhunia - Friendly Faction Warrior model's gain tough on a roll of 4,5,6.  All magic attack rolls originating in Sid's CTRL and cast by Friendly Faction models are automatically boosted.  Sid immediately gains d6+1 Fury, this fury can exceed Sid's fury Stat.  Sid takes damage equal to the number of Fury gained as a result of Secret of Dhunia, this damage is not transferrable.

24 April 2012

Scrum Captain: The Great Blah, Beast Caller

As a young Trollkin it quickly became apparent that the gifts of Bragg flowed in Blah's blood.  He would hop and sing to the older Trolls and the few Full Blooded Trolls in his Kith and Kriel as they toiled and worked in their various dutites.  Whily many enjoyed his abilities it quickly became apparent that the Full Blooded Trolls had a special affinity for his song.  It was not uncommon to find the young Troll with their Axer or Impaler sitting calmly listening to his music.  It also unnerved the elders that such a youth would have so strong an effect over their Full Blooded kin.

Wanderlust overcoming him Blah began to travel down the coast working his way through areas more populated in the Kahdoran lands.  He hired on early as a laborer in a small village loading wagons.  It was during this time that a group of drunken Kahdoran men decided Blah needed to be reminded of his lesser stature in their world.  Small for a Trollkin, Blah fought back as beast he could as the men began to beat him.  In desperation he let out a Call of Anguish as they continued their assault on him.  It all changed in a instant though when a cough and a belch had two of the men engulfed in caustic liquid.  Blah looked up to see an ornery looking Full Blooded Troll pick up a third man and throw him into a nearby building, the man's body falling lifeless to the ground.  Beaten and bloodied the last thing Blah remembered from that day before he passed into unconciousness was looking into the eyes of a very scary looking Troll with peices of metal pushing through it's skin.

It was during this time that Blah connected to the mind of the Slag troll that saved him and the two actually began to travel together. Chomp and Blah began wandering looking for work but it was difficult to hide a Full Blooded Troll or keep it from chasing off the humans or keep it from eating their wagons...  Through these travels Blah sake out Grissel Bloodsong to find out if he could learn to harness his growing ability to connect to his larger Full Blooded cousins.

Grissel is amazed at Blah's Fel Caller abilities, though you won't hear her say it to him.  She is hard on him but uses him and his Trolls for some of the more daring strikes on outlying enemy camps and supply lines.  With his ability to control his own beasts over distances unthinkable for most warcasters Blah and his troop of elemental warbeasts descend on enemies like a pack of wolves.  Notoriously hard to control the elemental beasts follow him around like puppies and seem to enjoy the destruction they cause to enemy warjacks, wagons, and other smaller camps.

Blah and his mace are formidable  indeed, but what makes him strong is that he is never alone. Where Blah is there is always a Slag Troll, or a Strom Troll, or a Swamp Troll, or any number of beasts that follow him.  Whether his gifts come from Bragg or are a unique gift from Dhunia is up to the Elders to decide.  Blah knows he has found his place lending his talents to Grissel and the Trollblood nation.

Scrum Captain: The Great Blah, Beast Caller
Trollbood Fel Caller Warlock
~He sings to the beasts like a parent to their children, and they obediently do his bidding~ Grissel Bloodsong.

Mountain King Rehost - Republish

All I can say is holy shit... This is going to be the most impressive piece of Troll since Mulg.  I have goosbumps and i can feel my wallet getting lighter as we speak.

EDIT: Also the folks at Privateer Press have been so kind as to add the Mountain King as today's insider HERE  also below.

EDIT2:  Lost Hemisphere posted the full diorama HERE, many thanks to our big brother's over there for tasty sweet goodness that is the Mountain King.

EDIT3: More Mountain King Shots from the diorama taken from Ritides pics on the PP forum

23 April 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 14

Week 14 has rolled around folks and those 10 intrepid painters are going strong. Closer and closer we get to the goal.  Keep thos models coming guys, the prize is right around the corner!

22 April 2012

Who would be YOUR leader?

With the recent talk of Madrak for President, it got me thinking.  Who would you choose to lead if given the chance to vote.  I personaly think the Doomshaper is the way to go, but let us know what you think.

Vote on the poll on the side of the page, let your vote be heard and tell us why you voted!

21 April 2012

Tenacious Techniques #3

  A New Tenacious Techniques post is up and ready for reading! Take a look at what Sid does with airbrushes.

20 April 2012

Scrum Captain: Bakaryu, Master Tactician

Where Warlock's like Goris rely on overwhemling force and strict discipline Bakaryu relies on exploiting the weakness in others.  Having a uncanny ability to see the gap between armor plates while fighting with his sword or the flaw in an opposing armies strategy Bakaryu knows when and where to strike using whatever resources he has whether is be a unit of Champions or hard to manage Winter Trolls.

Not much is known from Bakaryu's history though many have linked stories of a wandering Trollkin Warrior seeking out the best warriors in Immoren and deuling them, resulting most often in their death.  Master of countless entanglements Bakaryu's skill with his Dhunian Forged Runeswords is breathtaking to behold.  His skill is unmatched among Trollkin and possibly among the whole of Western Immoren.  All who have faced Bakaryu have fallen before his blades.

Currently Bakaryu fights for Grissel Bloodsong but has kept his reasons to himself.  Grissel is grateful for his unerring ability to achieve the most difficult tasks and winning against unsurmountable odds to aid in securing safety and a new homeland for his Trollkin brothers.  Grissel suspects him to fight for the enjoyment of the challenge more than any other reason.  His future a shadow even to Calandra they all agree that whatever his motives Bakaryu is a master of his art.  Those few Trollkin Bakaryu picks to fight by his side achieve glory and victory beyond their wildest dreams... though for most of them that glory is only written on the Kriel Stones as they usually do not return alive.

18 April 2012

Scrum Captain: Goris, The Death Claw

Goris grew up in a small Trollkin community that was part of a small Cygnarran Fort Town SouthWest of Armandor near the Eastern Borders of the Thornwood forest.  Though part of a human settlement Goris' Kriel was a tightknit community steeped in tradition while simultaineously aiding in the defense of the town alongside the mostly Ordic and Cygnarran people.  Learning at the foot of his Grandfather Elder Shaman Gartok, Called the Death Claw, Goris quickly became bored with shamanistic studies and leaned more towards working for the town cutting and trimming lumber in the Thornwood and spending many evenings with the other Lumberjacks in the pubs.  As Goris grew in age he also grew in stature and became famous for being able to hew larger trees in a single swing, catching the eye of the local garrison recruiter who was able to persuade Goris to join up with the 'irregulars', an informal set of volunteers, allowing him to train in the defense of the town.

As time passed the relative peace of the town began to crumble as Kahdor moved through Ord and Cryx began to invade clashing frequently with each other and any inhabitants caught in the middle.  Goris' world changed forever one night when he awoke to the sound of walls splintering, rifle fire, and men screaming.  Grabbing his axe Goris ran to the defense of his town.  As he sprinted to his appointed spot with the other irregulars he and his fellows were beset by the walking dead.   Before he could even help with meaningful defense the garrison leader was caught in a blast of caustic spray as a smaller undead creature exploded into shower of deadly goo.  His fellows faltering and his home in danger Goris took charge of the defense with his booming voice while swinging his axe at the shambling undead monstrsities hewing them down like trees.  The men and Trolls rallied around Goris creating an island of resistance amongst a wave of monsters allowing many of the townfolk to escape.   Through Goris' aptitude with his Axe and his newfound ability to lead and inspire the men around him Goris was to lead the survivors to safety. 

16 April 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 13

Sorry for the procrastination this week folks, but here are the submissions for this week.  As usual some fantastic work and some greatly developing painters.  Keep them coming guys, you are in the home stretch.

14 April 2012

The Scrum TV - Rök and Dire Troll Heavy Hit Unboxing

Check it out folks I unbox the new Heavy Kit and Rök!  Please like the video, leave comments and help us grow our channel so that we can continue bringing the action to your computer screen.

11 April 2012

New Church League Round 9 & Finals

With EvilFuzzyDoom

These posts document the NEW CHURCH LEAGUE (named after our regular gaming venue, affectionately nicknamed "the Church"). The NCL has eight participants, and will take place over nine two-week, Round Robin rounds with elimination finals for the top four players. Each player picks two casters for the duration of the League. The match-ups, scenarios and any special rules are posted at the outset. Scenarios are from the PP Official Steamroller 2011 Rules. 

My Warlocks for the League are pMadrak & pGrissel.

This post covers Round Nine and the Semi-Final.

09 April 2012

Hello Trollblood Scrum!!!

Hmm, lets see... how to start?..

Err.. My name's Frank and I have a Trollblood addiction, currently I am making little to no attempt to work on this problem, I only come to these meetings because of a court order.

Right anyway, I wanted to give a little background on how this whole mess got started. I blame my dad. I was visiting for the new year holidays about a year or so ago. He had been playing a new game so I went with him on his game night to watch some games. After looking at some models and seeing a game I was hooked. I will admit I was drawn to some were wolf goodness at first, but I like to over-think things so I figured I would mull it over and look at everything then choose. After some internet reading I was digging the bloods, we picked up a deck and I proxied some battle box games against him. I quickly learned that our battle box sucked and after getting smashed a time or two by his Cryx so I switched it up to Grim Angus 15 pt games, the rest is a boring tale of multiple loses and an ever increasing investment in pewter.

I am a tactician at heart, I enjoy pulling together a plan when my back is against the wall. Playing Warmahordes and trolls in particular has provided me with many opportunities to watch those plans fail miserably. This has forced me to adopt some strategy which turns out to be almost as fun as tactics. Since tactics are so situational in this game it is my hope that through some incoherent articles I can help some poor soul out there learn some different strategies he or she can employ to challenge their friends and gaming buddies.

First order of business will be cleaning up some of my strategies that already live here on the scrum. I will attempt to break down the walls of text and abstract some things out into their own articles. So many times when I was starting I turned to the scrum for tactics, strategies, list building advice, and much more (Sid's Shenanigans are awesome!). I hope others will do the same and I hope my tacticas and strategies will help them in their Warmahordes journey.

Well just text is pretty boring, next time I promise some pictures..

Until then,


Trollblood Names: A guide for Role-playing or naming your models!

In order to provide a resource database of names of Trollblood Kith and Warbeasts (just for fun), I gleaned through as much literature as I own to find the following names. I hope you find them helpful in your IKRPG or when you are considering names for your model's bases!

Let the word go forth, we recognize these Trollblood Kith and loyal beasts of war that even now defend our Kriels and lands. May their heroic deeds be so numerous, the very mountains must be inscribed to honor them.*


Belkord Elder Sorcerer
Evolution, p9
Belkord albino Sorcerer and Scout for Madrak No Quarter 5, p31
Beltun Juln Scattergunner SGT No Quarter 37, p9
Benlor Saddleborn Jelkilar Kriel Longrider Evolution, p38
Benlor Saddleborn Longrider Forces of Hordes (TB), p82
Beremen Fensword Champion Kithkar (anti-Skorne) No Quarter 10, p49
Bloodthorn's Dirge Band of Champions No Quarter 10, p47
Bontur Irongullet Krielstone Bearer Primal MK I, p93
Bortas Helgin Kith Elder No Quarter 22, p12
Bortas Helgin Kith Elder Forces of Hordes (TB), p90
Bron Axer Primal MK I, p6
Brothan Quillvan Kriel Warrior Primal MK II, p118
Claysoil Wash Kriel name No Quarter 10, p49
Craggen Runewalker Stone Scribe Elder No Quarter 10th Anniv., p31
Dursul Female Slugger SGT Forces of Hordes (TB), p5
Elken Fallentree Kithkar Primal MK II, p112
Gallum Thornwood Krielstone Bearer of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Ganthar One-Eye Champion Kithkar No Quarter 10, p46
Ganthar One-Eye Champion Kithkar (anti-Legion) No Quarter 10, p49
Genlas Gnarlheard Elder Fell Caller Primal MK I, p72
Gnarls Kriel name No Quarter 10, p49
Goland Stonefist Trollkin Shaman Primal MK I, p140
Goland Stonefist Trollkin Shaman Primal MK II, p171
Golmfar Kriel name No Quarter 10, p49
Gorkalis Elder Runeshaper Forces of Hordes (TB), p83
Gorlash Scattergunner SGT Primal MK II, p122
Gosarn Elder Primal MK II, p9
Granitesong Runebearer of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Grimhand's Bloody March Band of Champions No Quarter 10, p47
Grivyl Runebearer of the Gnarls Forces of Hordes (TB), p81
Gylys Riverheart Stone Scribe Elder No Quarter 21, p44
Gylys Riverheart Stone Scribe Elder Forces of Hordes (TB), p75
Haggran Bilebreath Scarsfell Forest Kriel Evolution, p102
Haglin Moorborn Kriel Warrior Evolution, p40
Haglin Moorborn Krielwarrior Forces of Hordes (TB), p71
Haltor Chronicler Primal MK II, p9
Harga Stonebones Champion No Quarter 34, p32
Hartol Runebearer of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Hasset Trollkin Elder Primal MK I, p72
Herg Stonejaw Skinner Forces of Hordes (TB), p92
Horspar Kithkar of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Horthol Haleblade Champion Kithkar No Quarter 10, p49
Hurgid Molok Fell Caller No Quarter 10, p60
Jata Lorgash Kriel Warrior War Shaman Primal MK I, p91
Jatarak Kriel Warrior Evolution, p66
Jolias Scout Forces of Hordes (TB), p4
Jor Impaler Primal MK I, p10
Jortor Kriel name No Quarter 10, p49
Kald Bouncer Evolution, p8
Kargess Madrak's mate Evolution, p8
Kartol of the Bloodsmeath Stone Scribe Chronicler Evolution, p41
Kortu Axer Primal MK II, p9
Krasmar Jaggedscar Elder Shaman Evolution, p15
Krasmar Jaggedscar Shaman Forces of Hordes (TB), p44
Kreundar Nord Kith, Scarsfell Primal MK I, p158
Kruendar Kith Primal MK II, p195
Lethral Halfhand Stone Scribe Primal MK II, p119
Lethral Halfhand Krielstone Stone Scribe Forces of Hordes (TB), p74
Loknor Longrider Kithkar No Quarter 23, p15
Margor Kriel name No Quarter 10, p76
Mortor Chief Forces of Hordes (TB), p80
Mudwound Kithkar of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Murok Scattergunner Kithkar Primal MK I, p72
Nargath the Scarred Chieftan (vs Deathjack) No Quarter 35, p55
Nargol Pyg Bushwhacker No Quarter 14, p47
Niolor Midwife of Lorgash Kriel No Quarter 9, p63
Noral Stonemapper Krielstone Bearer (league model) No Quarter 30, p64
Rathlok Fell Caller No Quarter 2, 26
Ravsa mate Primal MK II, p6
Redhand Kithkar of Grissel's Irregulars Forces of Hordes (TB), p23
Tassek Bloodthorn Champion Kithkar (anti-Cryx) No Quarter 10, p49
Thornwood Kriel name No Quarter 10, p49
Toln Canngrave Kithkar Forces of Hordes (TB), p81
Toreth Kellsweaver Fell Caller Primal MK II, p123
Torkar Stonecarver Primal MK II, p8
Torush Fennborn Champion Primal MK I, p89
Torush Fennborn Champion Primal MK II, p121
Truk Dire Troll Bomber Forces of Hordes (TB), p4
Varkos Chronicler Evolution, p15
Varok Champion No Quarter 34, p32
Warden Blades of Horthol Band of Champions No Quarter 10, p47
Yorin of Nartol Longrider Forces of Hordes (TB), p7

As is written in our hearts, so be it written in stone. These are the names of our historical and/or heroic fallen Trollblood kith and warbeasts.*

Agnar Stonebones Champion Hero, father No Quarter 34, p41
Alanda Kaleeh Chronicler for Haymor Nine-Maker No Quarter 41, p56
Anmay the Deep-Forged Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Baleface Beman Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Balind Ashwalker Chief? No Quarter 41, p50
Belgarak the Younger Champion No Quarter 41, p56
Bloodsul Horfar's (female) War Captain No Quarter 41, p50
Borthas kith Primal MK II, p6
Cortol kith Primal MK II, p6
Felken Horfar's Blood Brother No Quarter 41, p50
Felltongue Rothnor Rothnor kriel Chief No Quarter 41, p55
Gelfas famous son of Grindar Evolution, pg41
Greyfist War Chief No Quarter 41, p50
Grindar General, Tolok Kriel Primal MK I, pg74
Gritt Pyre Troll Forces of Hordes (TB), p8
Gunit Pyg bushwhacker with Grim vs. LOE No Quarter 14, p49
Haymor Nine-Maker Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Highstream Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Hilfagorn Gronnek Champion, later Hilfagorn 'the Bloody' No Quarter 41, p56
Hoarluk Doomweaver originally 'weaver', not 'shaper' No Quarter 2, p64
Horfar Grimmr famous Chief, 3000 yrs ago Primal MK I, pg9
Horfar Grimmr Kalmieri Saga - Unifying leader of Trollkin No Quarter 41, p41+
Hrod Impaler Forces of Hordes (TB), p5
Hyelda Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Jelema Krosslen Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Jendek Champion No Quarter 34, p38
Jorvak Champion Kithkar Primal MKII, p9
Kallel Maroth (female) Chief of the Stonepalms No Quarter 41, p55
Kartol Stone Scribe Chronicler No Quarter 20, p15
Kollock the Great Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Kollock the Red Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Lars Trollkin warrior? Primal MK I, pg110
Lokan Champion w/ Ogrun Chief Stonemet recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Lokan Stoneheart gains 'Stoneheart' No Quarter 41, p58
Madrack Ironhide originally 'rack', Skarre has exclusivity No Quarter 2, p64
Maks Grissel's Pyre Troll No Quarter 23, p14
Margalla the Firewolf Chief? No Quarter 41, p50
Modr Chief, 2nd Trollkin War 262AR, Colossal Killer! Primal MK I, pg76
Pokrul Chief, traitor to Madrak Primal MK I, pg10
Rathrok first appearance of AXE from Old Witch?! No Quarter 41, p52
Rolund Kriel Chief recruited by Horfar No Quarter 41, p55
Runefinger, the Fierce Fox Champion No Quarter 41, p56
Sor Impaler Primal MK II, p9
Tarr Pyre Troll Forces of Hordes (TB), p8
Torfal Mortigarrh Chief? Band of Threetrees Skinners No Quarter 41, p50
Turgol Redeye Grissel's mate Primal MK I, pg82
Vok Impaler Primal MK I, pg6
Vurl Impaler Primal MK II, p9


*As transcribed by Trollblood Historian JoedJ as of April 9, 2012.

May be additional Trollblood names in NQ 1, 3-5, 11-13, 17-18, 24, 26, Metamorphosis (I don't own them…)
No additional Trollblood names found in: WM Prime Remix MK I, Escalation, Legends.
Some names are redundantly listed, found in multiple sources.

08 April 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 12

10 WEEKS LEFT!  Your heard me right.  We only have 10 more weeks until we finish our challenge and our painters are still going strong.  Great work from all of you and I can see improvement in a number of painters here.  Keep them coming guys!


Colossals and Gargantuans - Game Changers?

So it has been quite some time since my last blog post here on the Scrum, and even though I have always had ideas about to write about, I feel that I owe it to the Scrum followers out there to put out a post that not only gets across certain opinions of mine but also brings up food for thought, makes people think and hopefully sparks debate.  After all there is no such thing as a right or wrong opinion.

I had been brewing on the idea of the topic of this particular post for quite some time, but it was not until I basically walked Goris through my thought process that I was convinced that I was onto a winner.  Essentially this post will be all about why I think that even though Colossals will be well balanced by PP, they will still be game changing pieces on the battlefield for anyone who can afford them.

Essentially if you want to prevent an opponent from killing a valuable piece in your army there are three ways to do it: prevent him from targetting it at all (block LoS, stealth, keep it out of range, etc), buff up its DEF to a value where most enemy models will find hitting it to be extremely difficult, and finally buffing up its ARM to make damaging it just as difficult.

We know already that the first method will be impossible for Colossals (and Gargantuans but I will continue to use just Colossals for the rest of this post) thanks to the most recent NQ explaining that they have the same targetting rules as battle engines (ignore clouds and forests, can't benefit from cover or concealment and no penalties to shoot at them in combat) but in addition they also cannot benefit from stealth.  It remains to be seen if the Choir for Menoth will actually work on the Adjudicator to protect it from non magical shooting, technically however they are Warjacks so this might be the only such protection I can think of that will actually work.

It remains to be seen whether or not Colossals will be any harder to hit than Battle Engines (which are universally DEF10), but even if they are and have typical warjack DEF stats that isn't much to work with especially considering that they can never benefit from cover or concealment.  Actual DEF buffs that can be directly (or indirectly) cast on them are largely restricted to Cygnar, Menoth, Retribution and Skorne through spells such as Blur, Defender's Ward, Deceleration, Krea's Animus and Force Barrier.  These range from +2 to +3 and only Skorne have the ability to stack two of them.

ARM buffs on the other hand are widespread and available to every faction.  It is common knowledge that the more damage boxes a model has the more effective an increase in ARM becomes.  There are several factions out there as it stands who struggle to take down an ARM26 Centurion for Cygnar (easily possible with eStryker, pNemo and eHaley), especially at range before it can be delivered into melee combat.  Some factions (and warcasters/warlocks in particular) are extremely reliant upon their ability to decimate an army at range before it can get into melee combat with them.  I will spell out a couple of scenarios:

eLylyth vs Trollbloods:
Often this is a matchup that Trollbloods massively struggle with, they are not quick enough or have a high enough DEF to close the gap on eLylyth before she either obliterates the battlegroup or just opens up a hole and assassinates the warlock.  The only weapon that Trollbloods have against this is the Pyre Troll who can give immunity to fire to one model within 6" as his 2 fury animus.  The problem with that animus is casting it on several models immediately becomes a massive strain upon the warlock's fury resources (something that Trollbloods are not great at under the best of conditions).

Now let us introduce the Mountain King: judging by the teaser video's glimpse at the damage boxes on the Galleon we are talking at least 50 damage boxes and I cannot possible envision him having less ARM than a regular Dire Troll, so we are talking at least ARM18 (but for the purpose of this example we will use ARM18 as a conservative estimate).  I would seriously consider assuming unlimited resources a list with two Mountain Kings, eDoomshaper, a max KSB with Elder, Runebearer and a Pyre Troll.  We know all colossals will be in the 18-20 point range, so worst case scenario we have spent 41 points, still leaving enough points to add in a unit plus another solo or two for contesting objectives.

The traditional eLylyth lists with 2 Ravagores, 2 Nephilim Bolt Throwers will suddenly be left facing two blocks of 50+ health which are immune to fire, can't be pushed, slammed, thrown, knocked down, etc with an ARM of 20 and immunity to fire.  There is simply nothing that eLylyth (who typically is more interested in assassination than scenario victory) can do to take the Mountain Kings down before they can get into melee combat, and in eDoomshaper the Mountain Kings have access to all the warbeast support they need in the form of his feat, Wild Aggression and Goad, and will almost certainly have a STR even higher than Mulg, turning eDoomshaper into a perfectly viable spell assassin.

Cygnar vs anybody but Retribution:
Straight away just by looking at the Stormwall we know not only that he has guns, he is positively bristling with them.  We know that he has at least four guns (2 chain guns and 2 cannons) plus the as of yet unknown funtionality of his super structure which fires Lightning Pod solos onto the battlefield.  So not only is he formidable in melee combat (all Colossals have reach and can make a quadrant based thresher power attack) but he has guns enough to almost certainly be just as dangerous at a distance.  Again working off the theory that there is no way his ARM will be less than a Cygnar jack, we expect him to be at the very least ARM18 and with roughly equivalent damage boxes to the Galleon.

Cygnar do two things brilliantly, shoot and buff.  Taking the humble pStryker for our example, we have a warcaster with access to Snipe, Blur and Arcane Shield (plus of course Jr who can throw up a second Arcane Shield).  First turn casting Snipe on a Stormwall giving his small army of guns +4RNG, second turn allocating him focus and leaving two focus free on Stryker to cycle Arcane Shield.  Your Stormwall (who presumably ran 1st turn) now has at least 4 guns who I am certain will all be at least RNG10 and focus to burn.  He walks up and fires away into your army, he may be close enough to counter charge in your turn but wait, Stryker now activates next and casts Arcane Shield on him and pops his feat.

Suddenly you are facing a massive block of ARM26 with 50-odd damage boxes and lets face it, not even Trollbloods (with the best melee buffing of any faction) can take down that level of ARM and health.  You can't move him, you can't kill him and in his turn you know he is either just gonna shoot you again or start churning his way through your troops.  And he is still at worst a mere 14 points out of Stryker's 50pt list.  The introduction of the Colossal gives Cygnar something that they have always wanted, something durable enough to make the maximum use out of the multitude of ARM buffs available to them as a faction.

Now I am not saying that Colossals will be the be all and end all of the game once they come out, I am certain that over time strategies will form that will help minimise the impact that a Colossal can have on the game until it has been slowly ground down and taken out.  However even if they were simply big jacks with more guns but statistically similar to for example the Ironclad, the very fact that they possess a literal half ton or more of damage boxes makes them game changers.

I am somewhat fortunate I feel in that my two factions are quite possibly the two factions best equipped to deal with Colossals.  Retribution have a widespread access to weapon master, blessed and arcane assassin (which eliminates most ARM buffs), and Trollbloods through their naturally synergistic playstyle are capable of buffing models/units to ungodly levels of damage which previously was simply overkill.  Now they might find themselves facing things where that insane level of damage output is actually required.

03 April 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 11

Welcome again intrepid painters to The Scrum's Painting Challenge.  11 Week and and we have had many casualties including Blah and myself.  Work and life just are pilling up.  Deadlines are coming up and Lock and Load is just around the corner.  Keep those brushes going guys.  Though I may falter you guys are still in the running.  Here's this weeks' submissions!

02 April 2012

Tarpit Tactica: Kriel Warriors

By Nosrek

A Foreword

For those who have followed "Opening Strategy: Parting The Red Sea", you know I have not been following through with my promised content. However I wanted to try to give you and other troll faithfuls a little something that will hopefully help you make better use of your Kriel Warriors. Somnicide is helping me refine/edit some of the original content I spewed on the subject, so this post will evolve a bit over the next week or two. My hope is that it will become a good bit of reference material for future troll players.

General Overview

I recommend players begin using a min unit of KW's with 3 cabers and the unit attachment. This is a much easier unit to marshal and all of my examples will be using this size of a unit. In the future I will update the post to include the full unit.

This tactica is based on 2 main theories;

1. Jamming 101
2. Caber Delivery System (CDS)

Combining these two strategies will help you get the most out of your KW unit, lets get into some basic deployment.