28 March 2012

Player Spotlight: ~ Vash1318

From time to time here on The Scrum we like to highlight a Trollbloods player.  This time we decided to pick on the player known in the PP forums as VASH1318.  There are many reasons why we pick a player for a spotlight, in this case that reason is largely due to the fact that Vash claims that Stubbs cannot beat his way out of a wet sack with his Cryxian army...

25 March 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 10

Well folks we are 10 weeks into the challenge and I am back on the horse with real progress mad eon my War Wagon.  I'm still getting amazing submissions from everyone and I am proud to say we have all produced 10 painted models towards a complete army so keep them coming guys!  I am privileged to have you guys contributing to The Scrum and hope you all make it to the end.

19 March 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 9

Well folks, I have failed you this week, I have made no significant progress on my War Wagon this week as I have been swamped with work and life.  However, I can see that I have kept you all motivated and that's important, especially as I can't win the prize anyway :)  You'll have my submission for next week which will hopefully be a mostly completed War Wagon.  Good luck guys and keep those models coming.

17 March 2012

Tenacious Techniques #2 - Bases!

  I have seen some awesome bases, that people have done over the years; I have always wondered how they did that. Hardcore hobbyists have put a lot of time and effort into making their scenic bases. I wish I had the time to practice sculpting and basing techniques, but life would have me take care of the more important things in life.
  Today I am going to go over how I do bases for my minis. It saves a lot of time, but it is in no way a masterpiece winning technique. So let's get started:

Click the link to get to the page


This post can also be found on Privateer Press Forums at http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?95452-Epic-Madrak-Your-guide-to-Madraking!!


So Epic Madrak, what's he good at? lets take a look at the old

Stat Line

One of our more solid stated casters he comes in with the fastest speed trolls have on foot, as well as the highest mat in our faction. His Rat is also nothing to joke about being the same as our fell callers, and we will make use of this rat but that's for latter conversation . He has the Defense of most heavy armor casters, same as borka. Finally his fury is the same as his old self and though low, I have found that I never need more fury on him.

So what do we actually get from this line of numbers, well, to start he is a finely tuned killing machine, a bolstered mat and solid speed means he can move in and kill if he needs to, he has a solid chance of hitting and getting caster kills, though I find most of the time I end up simply killing infantry with him that the rest of my army might have trouble with.

14 March 2012

New Prices at Sid's Painting Service

New prices are to be found at the painting service page.
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Grissel2 A Song of Love and Hate - Guide by Somnicide

This Guide can also be found in the Privateer Press Forums

 Grissel2, A Song of Love and Hate - a guide to epic Grissel

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels is, at the time of this writing, seeking to lead her people to safer lands. We all know that no such thing exists in the Iron Kingdoms but this article will aim to at least give you a map to smash your opponent's teeth in with Resounder.

No other Trollblood warlock has garnered the controversy that she has. Love her or hate her she will seldom inspire indifference. The purpose of this article is to help you get the most out of her when and if you do decide to put her on the table. I will not be comparing her to her previous incarnation other than as a frame of reference for her stats.

Just the stats, ma'am

eGrissel is rocking pretty solid offensive stats with her MAT and RAT getting a bump or one each from her prime incarnation. She is still carrying her war (sledge)hammer, Resounder, and hasn't been hitting the gym any extra so it hits the same. Defensively, she adds a point of armor while keeping the same DEF and Speed. Her command and fury are likewise the same though she does have an extra warbeast point.

She no longer has Fell Calls but rather has Fell Blasts. The Fell Blasts give her up to 3 different shots a turn - a 10" spray, a knockdown 3" AOE, and a 4" AOE that remains in play and acts like a pow 12 covering fire template. A cool little thing about this 4" AOE is that it only affects enemy and nonfaction models so feel free to move into the AOE. It also bears mentioning that the knockdown AOE only triggers on a hit of enemy models, so don't run up next to your target and shoot your own model expecting to put the other guy on the ground.

She can fire each of them up to once per activation, but if she wants to she can fire all three. Situationally good.

Grissel2 A Song of Love and Hate - Lists & Batreps by Somnicide

This is the current 35 point list that I am running with her and have had a great deal of success with - If you want you can hot swap janissa and the krielstone as desired and character restrictions will allow. I really like Janissa in there for all the reasons everyone loves janissa in every list. I pulled her out because my 2nd tourney caster needs her more.

Another variation with is dropping the stone scribe elder and the feralgeist and adding the stone scribe chronicler. I have had a lot of fun and success with all the above.

The bump to 50 simply drops the feralgeist and adds horthol and max longriders.

Army Name: Grissel2
35+6 points, 29 models

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels +6 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll 10 points
* Swamp Troll 4 points
* Troll Axer 6 points

Fell Caller Hero 3 points
Feralgeist 1 point
4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes 3 points
* Stone Scribe Elder 1 point
10 Pyg Burrowers 6 points
6 Trollkin Scattergunners 5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard 2 points

Somnicide's Battle Journal can be found on the Privateer Press Forums HERE

His musings on Trolls and WarmaHordes can also be found at his blog Focus on the Fury

13 March 2012

Sid's Shenanigans are up!

Some new Shenanigans are going on at Sid's Painting Service! He has painted some Kayazy Eliminators and updating what he has painted from Boomhowler and Co. Go see what kind of trouble he's getting into!

11 March 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 8

Well we have our 10 contestants pulling strong and keeping up their workload.  Even Blah made his contribution from sunny California when he wasn't visiting Disneyland!

My Battle Engine is coming alone slowly and I have my replacement tuffalo in the mail so it'll start seeing some more completion this week.  I'd be lying if I didn't say this was a little daunting.  It's such a huge model with so much detail it's hard to get myself to sit down for more then an hour and work on the damn thing.  But, I will persevere!  Thanks to everyone who watched my unboxing video!  You'll be seeing more of them as time goes on specifically when I get my dirty Mits on the new plastic dire and Rok kit.

The Door Prize has been chosen.  Our lucky door prize winner will receive a Kilt Lifter Painted by your very own GORIS!  That's right, I'll paint something for you!  Keep those models coming guys!

05 March 2012

Tenacious Techniques #1 - Painting Ethereal

Welcome to the first ever Tenacious Techniques, where I pick a painting technique and attempt (sometimes foolishly) to use the technique or style on one of my models. These post are going to be a short series, and I'll keep posting as long as I have ideas(bah i'm such a noob)! Just a little disclaimer, though; Some of these are merely attempts at styles and techniques, to better my skills as a painter. If you have other ideas of what I could do for Tenacious Techniques, shoot me an email at slaphappysid@trollbloodscrum.com.

    This week I have been dabbling in two techniques, but I will only talk about one of them: Ethereal style.

Ethereal Painting Style

Read On over at Sid's page.

04 March 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 7

Well folks we are thinning out the herd.  There are only 10 contestants still in it for the battle engine.  People are still welcome to send me pictures all contestants who send me at least 5 pictures of models will qualify for the door prize!  Keep those pictures coming and good luck guys!

01 March 2012

Trollblood War Wagon Unboxing

Well folks it was only a matter of time before we branched off into video and thankfully it isn't of me....naked or something...  Some things I'd like to address.  There were some remarks about the mold and it's quality and I have been assured that all those protrusions are perfectly normal, can be clipped and sanded. So, enjoy my unboxing video, leave comments and check out The Scrum!

Parting the Red Sea ~ by Nosrek

Opening Strategy: Parting the Red Sea

General Overview:
Parting the red sea is an opening strategy implemented first during deployment and is continued through your first few turns. This strategy has one main purpose, to give a melee oriented army a way to safely deliver its caster and battle group to the enemy. Following this strategy will allow you to jam your enemy, cover your flanks, and give your battle group a certain level of protection. This strategy will also give you the most options possible in terms of order of activation. Trolls are known to pull off some amazing combo's, however it can be hard to achieve those combo's if your order of activation is thrown off.

Here is a picture to give you a visual of what your trying to achieve

The water is the enemy, your tarpit unit are the forces that hold the water at bay, moses and the
pilgrims are your battle group. However, in this instance your not running away, your carving your
way to the enemies core.

Parting the Red Sea ~ Lists w/Strategy by Nosrek

Example Lists

Queen of the Red Sea: Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller 35 pts



Janissa Stonetide
Full Bushwacker
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Full Fennblades +UA

I often tend to build lists with balance in mind, this list is fairly balanced but really lacks a way to deal with heavy armor easily. Its strengths lie in out of activation movement, large threat range, and numerous ways to remove a target. Many may look at this and say "nosrek, this isn't really a melee oriented army, how does Parting the red sea help?". My response would be Grissel's greatest spell is calamity, she needs to be within 8" of an enemy to make this happen. Grissel is queen for a reason, she controls the sea with amazing precision. Hoof it and hallowed avenger make it very hard for the waves to reach her and to top it off my tarpit has vengence.

The first question I ask myself when I run this list is, "What will I do if I go up against some arm 20+ heavies". The trick is, combo from hell. Fennblades can actually kill things, if you do something like calamity with some charge of the trolls. I really like our lights with reach weapons for this reason. It makes it easy to engage an enemy and still leave room for 2-3 (what i manage to do on average) fennblades to go charging in.