24 June 2009

Grissel vs The Coven

Grissel found herself to be grouchy and angry at... she supposed it was the Hero that had showed off for her soo long. Why was he with Marak anyway? More importantly why did she care, though she longed for companionship, she knew in her heart she could not replace what she had lost. As she glowered looking for someone to take out her anger on one of Horthol's riders moved towards her, "We have found a gathering of Cryxian Witches worshipping, do we go around them?" Grissel almost smiled as she snapped at the rider, "Today we crush anyone who gets in our way."

Grissel vs The CoveN at 500 points, yet another prep game while our wives were off doing what they do. I rolled the highest and opted to go first. Our map looked something like this one.

My List
Points: 498
Model Count: 9
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller Points: 70
Pyre Troll Points: 68
Slag Troll Points: 70
Dire Troll Mauler Points: 111
Horthol, Long Rider Champion Points: 66
Trollkin Long Riders [4] (1 added) Points: 113

His List (I think, all his nodes look the same to me)
Army Points: 494
Model Count: 24
Witch Coven of Garlghast 85
Cankerworm 75
Bile Thralls (6 pts.) 65
Withershadow Combine 70
Defiler 45
Deathripper 38
Deathripper 38
Deathripper 38
Skarlock 16
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor 24

Trolls - I spread my Longriders between the forest and hill with my beasts and Grissel behind the forest and Horthol on my far right.
Coven - He evenly spaced his nodes across the middle with Bile Thralls and the combine mixed in evenly behind them. He put his Coven on my left, with Orin and the Skarloc on my right. He Advance Deployed the Cankerworm up in the forest on his side.

Turn 1
Trolls - I moved up and to the left putting the four Longriders spread out diagonally in front of the forest using Hoof it to get where I wanted them. Grissel and the two lights went behind forest to my right while the Mauler did the same to my left. Horthol moved his normal movement straight up the right side.
Coven - He positioned his whole army similar to mine diagonally by his forest leaving them all about how he deployed them putting his prison right in front of my LR. He moved Orin out to flank on my right side. We pretty much positioned across from each other diagonally not doing much on Turn 1.

Their minds linked they acted as one, and had the same thought nearly at the same time, "She is ugly isn't she!" Cackling they began to prepare to sacrifice the ugly Troll woman and any of her companions they did not kill on accident.

Turn 2
Trolls - Grissel moves up to the right of the forest and feats hoofing it onto the hill. The Slag and Pyre move up in front of her. The Longriders run, then Hoof It engaging all of his nodes but the one on my far left. Horthol runs up to engage Orin. Mauler runs up the right wedging himself between two Longriders.
Coven - His puts Ghostwalk on the Biles and moves a them all out of melee and purges about half of them, putting corrosion on everything except the Mauler Horthol and my Far right LR. Then Sprays a few into the my left two LR. He moves the Cankerworm up to finish the one on the far left then scuttles back towards the forest. He then uses his node to blast the one next to it with a Sygian Abyss. He kinda messed up here moving all three witches but forgetting to finish spell casting. The Skarloc and Combine hurt the Mauler a little along with nearly killing the far right Longrider. Orin Zaps Grissel and my two light beasts for a few damage each.

Feeling the burn of the small human's lightning bolt only stung a little as Grissel took her rage out in the mind of the Pyre Troll. The beast really did seem to want to please Grissel in any way it could. Not even caring that Horthol was right next to him it moved up and belched fire right onto the human burning him to ash immediately. Horthol unhurt glared at the beast and then over to Grissel, who glared right back at him so hard that Horthol decided he would rather face the deadly Cryxian's than be caught in her gaze again.

Turn 3
Trolls - Pyre Troll moves up and shoots Orin. Grissel Heroic ballads the last two LR casts rage on the Mauler and +2 from the Pyre on the LR leader next to the Mauler. Slag Troll moves up and beans a bonejack taking out its node. The LR leader does the same thing to the bonejack in front of him while the other LR moves around his flank to try and hit a Wich, whom he misses. Horthol Charges in killing a combine member with a slam and uses followup to get in range of the Skarloc killing it as well. The Mauler Tramples a few Bile Thralls and ends up basing one of the Witches who he promptly eats.
Coven - He decides it time to go all or none for my caster who is sitting on two fury and has three beasts with roughly 50% or better health. He hits her with the last two combine members, then again with a few ranged attacks but cannot get the Cankerworm in close enough. He tosses a few Stygian Abysses at her with his last arcnode but misses one, that miss probably kept her alive as she had five wounds left and has just transferred to the Pyre leaving her with one fury. He then feats killing my los. After looking the board over instead of ending his turn he conceeds seeing that Grissel will take away the spells and that Horthol the Slag and the Mauler all have lanes to his two remaining witches.

Having to take solace in seeing the boils and burns all over the Troll wench would have to suffice as the remaining Witches retreated. Losing one of their sisters always seemed to give them headaches... of course there was always another willing to take their place when they fell. Training new Witches was nevertheless time consuming and frankly boring, they wondered how many would die before they found a suitable replacement. Killing that Troll wench would happen eventually, she might even make an excellent Thrall. Dispassionately they left with the Cankerworm leaving the rest of their army to perish, it mattered not, they would begin restoring what they had lost in short order.

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