18 June 2009

Horthol's Debut Match vs Lylth

Horthol rode into the small clearing to report to Grissel, "My patrol ran into one of the biggest denizon's of Everblight I have ever seen, it picked up one of the riders and ate him and his bison whole while we tried to escape. It is dangerous Grissel and the three headed beast comes right for us."

Last night I faced off against Typhon and Lylth. Needless to say, Typhon is a pig and scares my shorts off. We played 500pts, and the armies looked something like this.

My Trollblood Army
Points: 498
Model Count: 10

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller Points: 70
Pyre Troll Points: 68
Slag Troll Points: 70
Dire Troll Mauler Points: 111
Horthol, Long Rider Champion Points: 66
Trollkin Long Riders [4] (1 added) Points: 113

His Legion Army
Points: 496
Model Count: 8

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight Points: 62
Shredder Points: 23
Shredder Points: 23
Shredder Points: 23
Seraph Points: 80
Carnivean Points: 124
Typhon Points: 143
Shepherd Points: 18

Our Terrain had a large forest on the left side of the table closer to him. On my right side of the table there was a large rough terrain hill. I rolled highest and opted to deply and go first.

Trolls - I spread my LR about 4" apart in the middle left of the table with Grissel in between the right two, the Mauler and Slag spread in between the LR in the middle, Horthol back and left a little and the Pyre Troll behind Grissel.
Legion - His Seraph lined up behind the forest on his right side with the Carni in the middle and Typhon on his left middle side, the Shredders, Lylth and Shepard were behind the Carni.

Grissel thought she was even scared a little looking at what shew knew to be a Carnivean, those were bad enough until she looked over at the three headed monster with it. To make matters even worse a diminutive looking woman seemed to be in control of them meaning they had a Warlock to guide them. She found herself wishing for that Hero that had taking a liking to her, though she wasn't sure about his motives, he seemed to have a knack for taking out enemy leaders.

Turn 1
Trolls - I move my LR 7" straight forward keeping them spread out with Horthol 1 " behind the left two, my Mauler and Slag run 10", Grissel moves up regularly with the Pyre Troll right in front of her.
Legion - His Seraph hits the forest where I can't get to it, the shepard goes over to play with Typhon and the rest of his army walks up the middle waaaay out of range for me to charge him.

Turn 2
Trolls - Pyre Troll moves up to screen for Grissel, Grissel moves up behind him and Hoof Its the LR. LR run 14", then use Hoof it to move around him Putting one in melee with the shepard and just out of Typhons melee, another in melee with the shredders, one based with Lylth and the Leader back in counter charge range. Horthol runs up towards the forest and the Mauler and Slag move over closer to Grissel.
Legion - Typhon proceeds to throw the LR engaging his shredders but only rolls 1" so it doesn't hurt me, then proceeds to destroy the now KDed LR with spray attacks. All three shredders move around and paste the LR engaging Lylth putting their back to Grissel. His Carni charges Horthol making short work of him mounted, then does the same unmounted. Lylth hurts the LR engaging the Shepard a little and the Seraph wiffs his attack.

Lylth sneered over to the young Shepard, "Witness the might of Typhon and pray you do not get in the way or I allow him to do the things to you that are in his mind." The Shepard swallowed hard but steeled her resolve and stayed with the three headed beast to lend support to it when needed.

Turn 3
Trolls - Grissel moves up a little a feats, then casts rage on the Mauler and the LR leader, she shoots at the Shepard with her gun boosting to hit and gets her dead. The Pyre shoots at the shredders, misses and hits nothing on the deviation, so he runs crying back to Grissel. The Mauler moves up to the Carni and after pushing him to 4 fury kills him, he then hoofs it back towards Grissel. the last two LR slam Typhon using followup to lay down some pain, with rage on one of them they have just enough in them to paste Typhon. They then hoof it to engage the shredders and Lylth. The Slag runs into the forest and hoofs it towards the Seraph nearly getting to him.
Shepard, Carni, and Typhon all dead in one turn... "That'll do donkey, that'll do"
Legion - His shredders gang up on my LR, killing one but he tough rolls, they hurt the leader a little. Lylth feats moves away taking a free strike for 11 damage, hurts the LR leader for it but can't kill him. Seraph moves in on the Slag leaving one box in his spirit and body and his mind is unhurt. So here is where I noticed that Legion beasts are tough, but they don't have as many attacks as Trolls beasts, with 5 fury and two open fists my Dire Trolls really hurt enemy bigs.

Grissel perferred the smaller Pyre Trolls over the other beasts, the way hers seemed to almost fawn over her was endearing. Though she was uncomfortable around the Dire Trolls, this Mauler seemed to know exactly where to be and how to help his surrounding Troll brothers fight with barely controlled rage. She began to use her link to instruct it, when she felt... reassurance from the Mauler that it had things under control. With a wicked smile as the Mauler looked the Carnivean over, Grissel felt something so primal come through the bond it made even her shiver a little...

Turn 4
Trolls - Pyre frenzies into a shredder pasting it. Grissel moves up to Heroic Ballard the LR. The Mauler rages the Slag and moves to block los to Grissel. The LR kill a shredder and leave the last one hurting. The Slag tries in vain to hurt the Seraph but only lands one good hit in for about 11 damage.
Legion - Seraph turns the Slag into goo. His Shredder kills the near dead LR twice, but he tough rolls twice. Lylth kills the LR leader but he toughs, she moves away towards the middle back.

Turn 5
Trolls - Grissel moves up to hit Lylth with Calamity but misses, she does Cacophony her though. Mauler and Pyre do some defensive posturing to keep Lylth from getting to Grissel and the LR try to take Lylth down... they don't.

"I have had enough of this Troll wench," Lylth muttered under her breath. "I will personally present her head to Everblight" She hefted her bow and let fly a deadly barrage of arrows watching them un-erringly catch the Troll Whore in the shoulder, and another buried itself in her ribs. Un-cannily the Troll turned to look at her with a look that made her shiver... for the first time this fight Lylth though she might have underestimated that Troll.

Legion - Lylth moves around to shoot a Grissel and gets her twice reducing her to three wounds. The Seraph moves in on the LR Leader killing him but he again tough rolls. Not sure I got them all in there right, but that is two tough rolls on the LR leader and four tough rolls on the other LR.

Watching Grissel snap the arrow hafts off, spit and then glower at the enemy caster, the Longrider felt a sense of Pride. He knew that from this day on he was Grissels man as he turned to charge into the ugly woman of Everblight.

Turn 6
Trolls - Grissel Heroic Ballads the LR, Pyre Troll uses his animus on the reg LR. The LR then Bull Rushes Lylth beating her face in.

Synopsis - Horthol's Cohort abilities are friggin awesome.

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