15 June 2009

Harmek the Bloodletter

So the Trollblood forums of at Privateer Press regualarly post stats for models they wish would be released including a trio of Pygmy Troll Grim Angus Wanna Be's and a Light Troll Beast that can call down lightning.

I have always wanted a focus/fury caster, so I came up with one. Here is what I posted on the Privateer Press Forums a few days ago.

Harmek the Bloodletter.
Old Champion Kithkar who lost his unit long ago do a particularly nasty Black Troll. As the Troll feasted on the remains of his comrades his mind connected with an old Dire Troll in the hills. Shortly before he lost conciousness he saw the form of an Earthborn carry him away. When he awoke he was alone and will never know why the Dire Troll saved him, but since then his Warlock potential was released. For a time he traveled kithless from clan to clan as a Hero performing what good deeds he could, but the nightmares of the Black Troll kept him on the move. As time passed he became absorbed with ridding the Iron Kingdoms of every evil menace he could, hopefully ending with the Troll responsible for killing his Troll Brothers. Early in his wanderings he hired on as Pirate mercenary and proved to be quite adept and ridding merchants of undesireables. As he sailed he immediately took an interest in the steamjacks that the merchants used. After years of picking up knowledge here and there he became Adept and fixing the jacks, being able to lift parts of them back into place with one hand to fix them he left his fellow human mercenarys in awe of his strength, though he never noticed how strong he had become. His devotion to his comrades always left them wanting to fight by his side. After the Skorne invasion he felt the tug to return to help the Trollbloods find peace but resisted for a time not wanting to leave the mercenary life and the jacks he had fixed over time. His mind was made up for him when the boat he was on was attacked by a Cryxian warship, he fought bravely but they were overrun and would all soon die when he stared at a Mule he had spent many hours working with and willed it to attack, it did by blowing up half the ship taking the Cryx with it. When the battle was over the ship was his but at a great cost, him and a small number of the humans with him, with that he took the ship to dock used all his savings to repair it and headed to his kith with everything in the cargo hold... it happened to be a delivery of steamjacks.

Fury 3, Focus 3

Harmek's armies may include
Any Trollblood unit.
Any basic Merc Jack.
Any Trollkin Mercenary
Celena Reyfall and her Nyss Hunters.

STR 10
DEF 15
ARM 16


Studded Guantlet PS 15
Studded Guantlet PS 15
Special Action Combo Strike PS 18

Fearsome - Enemy models in melee range must make a command check or flee.
Get em Boys - On a successful charge attack enemy Trollblood models in his command range gain +2 to Hit with melee or ranged attacks.
Mental Shift - Harmek may spend one Focus or Fury to make all remaining Focus or Fury become the same. Harmek can only do this once per round during the maintainance phase directly after leeching fury or gaining focus but before allocating focus.

*Note: Harmek cannot use Focus to Heal Warbeasts or Use Fury to Boost his jacks.
Courage of Friends Range 8 Cost 3 Upkeep - Target Unit gains +2 Def and Cannot be knocked down as long as they are in formation with each other. Effect lasts for one round.
Gale Force Range CNTRL Cost 3 - Harmek throws himself at his enemies with unnatural speed and vigor and gains boundless charge, The Ferocity of his attack gain him boosted attack dice for his first melee attack.
Tune-up Range 8 Cost FOCUS 1 - Harmek can repair d3 damage from any friendly warjack.
Beatial Protection Range 8 Cost Fury 2 - Target Warbeast gains counter-charge for one round against target enemy model that ends its movement within 6" of it or Harmek. Each model affected my Beastial Protection May only Counter-charge once per round.

FEAT: Return the Favor - Once per game Harmek may completely restore any Warjack in his battlegroup or Completely restore a Warbeast that began the game with him. Warjack or Beast must be placed within 3" of Harmek and cannot performs actions this turn.

A man can dream can't he? More confusing to play and the fact that a Trollkin Impaler and a Mule or Mariner would be downright nasty means probably never...


  1. A ranged repair isn't happening even if it is only d3. Mercs do have arc nodes you know.

  2. I don't play magnus, and there are no offensive spells so an arcnode wouldnt help him much anyway.