22 October 2009

Steamroller 4 500pts Throw Down

Phoenix Games & Comics
Thursday, October 29th, 6pm - close.

We will be following Steamroller 4 rules with two small modifications.

Turn time lmit will be 7 minutes instead of 10, but the 5 min extension once per game will still be allowed.

Our point system will be as follows:
3pts for a Scenario Win
2pts for a Caster Kill Win
0pts for a Loss or Draw

Best Record wins, points will be used for tiebreakers.


  1. I still don't like the 2 points for caster kill. The finals usually come down to a battle for first and fourth place, which sucks. The final match should be the 2 undefeated players fighting for the win.

  2. Points are for tiebreaks in record at the end of the tourney. Otherwise best record will determine the placement.