21 February 2010

Grim Angus vs Mohsar

Grim had grown fond of the Earthborn he had named Cannonball.  Though most of the Dires that Hoarluk had brought were somewhat unpredictable and hard to control, Cannonball seemed to be more intelligent and intuitive than normal.  He hoped Cannonball would return soon, at least his Impaler and Alten were still with him.  As Grim scanned the landscape through his scope and warlock enhanced senses,  he noticed two things.  First off was the familiar twinge of another warlock nearby, the second was a small tribe of yellow skinned pygmies rushing around excitedly preparing for a fight, and it looked like one of them had learned how to ride a Dire Troll.  His Impaler put his hand on Grim's shoulder, and through the link they both shared the same thought... these little guys might be in trouble.  As the three of them walked past the Swamp Gobbers he had hired, Grim tossed a small bag of coin their way, "Extra payment for your trouble," was all Grim said.  Without complaint, the Gobbers followed and started prepping their tank with fog juice.

This game actually started out as a team game, but as the game began there was almost no interaction between teams due to terrain and threats.  So really it was two 25pt one v one games side by side.

My List
Grim Angus -6
Troll Impaler +5
Dire Troll Blitzer +9
Pyg Burrowers (Leader and 9 Grunts) +6
Pyg Bushwackers (Leader and 9 Grunts) +8
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) +1
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter+2

His List
Mohsar the Desertwalker -5
Feral Warpwolf +9
Pureblood Warpwolf +9
Druids of Orboros (Leader and 5 Grunts) +7
Druid of Orboros Overseer +2
Tharn Ravager White Mane +3

Setup ~ Our part of the board had a house to my left with a pond beyond it, his side of the board had a small hill in front of his deplyment diagonal from the house and a low wall directly accross from the pond.

Deployment ~
Trolls ~ I rolled highest and opted to go first putting Grim the Gobbers and my Blitzer up the right house edge and the Impaler behind the house.
Circle ~ He put Mohsar right in the middle to the side of the hill with both wolfs in front of him. the Whitemane across from the pond and he did not to AD the druids (an oversight on his part) putting them on the hill.
Trolls AD ~ Bushwackers to my right across from the druids and the Burrowers behind the house with Alten almost to my right house corner.

Mohsar was more at home by himself, but the group of druids that had found him had been insistent.  They had told him that a Troll warlock was traveling nearby and that it was an opportunity they couldn't pass up.  Mohsar of course agreed, though it irked him a little that he hadn't noticed the warlock before the druids did.  What he did noticed before they did was that it was Grim Angus he faced... again.  Though the last time they met he had been able to drive Grim off it was at great cost, Grim had nearly killed him and had mortally wounded or killed all the beasts that were with him.  To add insult to that injury, as a direct result of that clash Mohsar had also had to withdraw from battle against a Cryxian force during the same engagement.  This time that albino troll would not have the luxury of Mohsar's attention being divided.  "You will keep those annoying Pygmies off of me while my beasts and I deal with Grim," Mohsar orderd the druids, with some satisfaction he noticed that they were all suprised that Grim knew their opponent and they did not.

Turn 1 
Grim ~ Impaler moves to move around the left side of the house.  Burrowers go underground and move up the right side of the house, Alten gets behind the house, Grim and the Blitzer move up close to the right side of the house as well with Gobbers in tow.  Buswackers run but try to stay an inch or so out of move and shoot range of the druids.   Grim also crosscountries the Bushwackers.
Mohsar ~ Druids move up on the hill with the overseer waay in the back and they drop smoke clouds. White Mane heads over towards the Impaler both Warpwolves move up with Mohsar behind them.  Mohsar drops his stupid column to block the lane for Grim. (After our first game together he didn't want me to shoot him early again.)

Turn 2
Grim ~ Burrowers pop up four of them go after the White Mane and hurt him a little.  The rest shoot at the Warpwolfs doing little.  The Pygmies kill a coupld druids then a farstrucj Grim steps up and nails the Overseer in the back. Blitzer hits nothing but moves in front of Grim with the Gobbers and their smoke. Alten stalks up the right side of the house and manages to do nothing missing a druid wide.
Mohsar ~ Druids start shooting Pygmies killing four but two of them roll tough.  Mohsar blows one apart killing three but one of them tough and takes out both Gobbers. White Mane decideds to kill down the line of Burrowers and rolls double one's to hit on the first one. Pureblood steps up and sprays down the Burrower line killing five of them but two tough and two Bushwackers one of them toughing again. Warpwolf heals and gets into countercharge position on the Blitzer.

Mohsar frowned, those ugly little Pygmy Trolls should have been dieing in droves.  Though a few had died, many of them were dusting themselves off unhurt. The normally composed druids were a little shaken when their overseer died so easily but they seemed to recover.

It never ceased to amaze Grim at how resilient the Pygmies were, he knew like Borka he would always have a strange soft spot for them, that and their Whelp Ale was pretty good. He felt satisfaction through his bond to the Impaler and saw the more intelligent looking wolf get pinned to the wall behind him.  As one, because of the bonds of course, the Blitzer and Grim took aim.  Alten turned to face Grim already smiling, "Your starting to shoot slower you old Troll, good thing your Spear chucker and I softened it for you eh?" Grim smiled at Alten and set his sights on Mohsar only to see a trio of his pillars block him from sight as the other Wolf moved in on the Blitzer and his Pygmy rider.

Turn 3 
Grim ~ Burrowers go underground and move towards Mohsar.  Impaler steps up and throws into the Pureblood crit slamming him into the wall. Alten steps up and hits the Pureblood for a good chunk and Grim knocks him down a little too and Farstrikes the Blitzer who moves up a few inches in from of Grim and rolls three attacks on the Slug Gun finishing off the Pureblood and almost doing damage with the third shot at the Warpwolf.  The remaining Bushwackers manage kill a couple more druids reducing the unit to two and bushwack up towards them getting one in melee.
Mohsar ~ Maxes out the Warpwolf to kill the Blitzer and finishes off a few Bushwackers then drops three colums all around him to keep burrowers off him.  The two druids also kill a few Bushwackers reducing their unit to four.

Seeing the Pygmies lose over half their tribe was disheartening but watching that Warpwolf tear apart a Dire Troll and then eat its rider made Grim frown and grizzled Alten even blanched a little.  Setting his sights in the area of Mohsars pillars Grim noticed a small periscope poke out of the ground near them and made up his mind.  Moving forward the energy around Grim crackeled, the remaining Warpwolfs druids and Grim hoped Mohsar all seemed to start moving a little slower and come into focus better.  Grim fired off a spell taking down one of the pillars.  Alten and the Impaler unable to do so with the other two, Grim fired a shot off into Mohsar...

Turn 4
Grim ~ Impaler and Alten both dont do enough damage to take down a pillar.  Burrowers pop up.  Remaining Bushwackers are tied up with the last two druids and dance with them a little, two of them shoot at Mohsar but miss.  Grim moves up and Feats, then uses his spell against a pillar taking it down, he then shoots at the now visible Mohsar nearly killing him.  Burrowers move in for the kill needing sevens to hit but only four of them will have a chance.  The third burrower hits and finishes off Mohsar.  Game Over.

Mohsar felt Grims shot sink into his shoulder nearly dropping him to his knees.  Through his link the Warpwolf felt the pain also and howled turning towards his master.  Thinking that was all Grim has Mohsar barely noticed the little Pygmies dig out of the ground all around him.  In a hail of bullets Mohsar fell to the ground.  The last thing he remebered seeing was a dirty grinning pygmy troll standing over him.

Grim and Alten turned on the now wild Warpwolf, seeing its danger the feral wolf turned and bounded into the hills. The Burrower who had knocked Mohsar unconcious was being carried by his jubilant brothers.  The Burrower Boomer who was also the tribe chief walked up to Grim, "Most of our brothers will grow back, but the Ace and his Dire Troll are gone for good," a tear rolling down his cheeck, "we raised the Blitzer from childhood you know, he rarely ate any of us."  Barely understanding the relationship the Pygmies seemed to have with their gigantic brethren Grim put his hand on his shoulder.  Just then Cannonball appeared from the forest edge, Grim had felt him coming for some time now, through the bond Cannonball sent the image of a young motherless Dire Troll he had found on his way back.  Grim looked at the Boomer, "what say you to raising another one?"  The Boomer looked at Grim questioning then he noticed the Gigantic earthborn walking up with a young dire troll behind him.  Before the Boomer could answer a few of the Pygmies were already romping and playing with the young beast.

Mohsar awoke alone in a clearing his wounds dressed and a small skin of water next to him.  Grim sent a clear message to him, what that message was Mohsar would have to figure out.  Mohsar wondered if this Troll was actually honorable...


  1. That is a tight looking Blitzer! Is it yours? The yellow strikes me as being very trollish. :)

  2. Yeap my Pygmies all have a yellow/green thing going. Since they Blitzer is with them I made mine the same colors.