21 July 2010

35 Point: From all side.... and below you - by Vash1318.

Calandra (5 Beast points)
Dire Troll Bomber-10
Dire Troll Blitzer- 9
Min Pyg Burrowers-4
Min Fennblades-5

quick switch is drop the fenns, max the burrowers and grab a champ hero.

So, how to utilize what you see above, ill go over the jobs of each models and show how it comes together.

Calandra- she is gonna make everyone in the army roll the nuts on her feat turn. Your job is to spot the turn when you can get the most in position to wreck and pop that feat. Befuddle is well used to clear sight lines they might try to block with big models, or even little ones. In short, if something is in the way, use befuddle or forceblow if need be to get it out of the way. Forceblow is also a good decision if you can get a shot on the caster, making your beasts hitting inevitable. Bullet dodger is best used on calandra to keep her nice and safe, as there isn't much in this list to protect her, star crossed only helps that out and will keep your army alive once they get engaged (im looking at your burrowers.... you cute little monstrous blood hungry murderers). Finally, if you can, try to hold 1 or 2 fury each turn, be it for transfers or if a bad roll warrants a fate blessed.

Impaler- along with befuddle moving models, and forceblow knocking them down, the impaler is great at doing both at once, find good angles to get great slams, in games with calandra more than anyone else you will see crits. And of course, that wonderful far strike, come on, you have a bomber and a blitzer in your list, give em some range!

The Bomber/ Blitzer- Their job on the feat turn is one of two things. 1) if you can find a shooting lane to the caster, take it, calandra should make their rolls so solid, that 2 pow 16s should be enough to do in most casters, and if not, a possible 1-3 pow 13s should clean up any left overs. 2) if you cannot acquire a shooting lane to a caster, decimate the army. This list works in two ways, and the bomber and blitzer are the real transition units. On her feat turn the bombers AOEs become amazing at outputting large damage, start wiping out infantry, jacks, beasts, anything. Find a target (that threatens you, be it unit, jack, beast or solo) your burrowers have not. The goal is to remove and target that they can use to come back, if you can strip their army of their best units, it doesnt matter how much is left, you know what you are scared of and what you are not. Then, just throw on the damage, these two guys should kill enough along with the burrowers, that even if you didnt kill the caster on a turn 2 feat, the army will be so decimated and you will have so much that it will assure you a win in the next few, or maybe even the next turn.

The Burrowers- the fact that these guys are on the table almost makes you feat turn 2, (YOU WILL BURROW TURN 1) though this isnt a bad thing, thanks to far strike you will have range with your bomber and blitzer most likely on turn 2, look for the bomber and blitzers targets before you place these guys back on, what ever the bomber and blitzer look like they won't touch is the burrowers target. you will have roughly 3-4 units covered now (or jack/beasts depending on whats on the board) and in a 35 point game thats alot of army covered. Watch as your turn 2 feat shreds their front, and even most of second line apart, and watch them cry as they realize any tools they have to recover have already been killed. On the off chance you do not see great targets for your blitzer and bomber, send in the burrowers fell called anyway and dont feat, they should still be able to eat an important infantry unit, or put heavy damage on a heavy. Most likely the enemy army will need to condense to deal with this horrifying 4 point threat do to their def 13 and star crossed making them very frustrating to kill.... and condense is a wonderful word when you can throw out 5 AOEs and a spray per turn, your turn 3 feat will be amazing with our without the burrowers.

Runeshapers- any turn you feat is a turn you will see these guys do wonders. Clear out light infantry who are in the way of your bomber or blitzers shooting lane, wreck a light, throw some heavy damage on a heavy, hell, if you can get to it, ive gotten an assassination with these guys. You have to remember, nothing in our faction really gives these guys a boost, calandra does, if you will ever see these models at their best, it will be on her feat turn.

Fennblades- im still in testing with these guys. Currently i have used them to basically shut down a side of the board, i prevent flank charges with a tough unit that is hard to hit thanks to starcrossed and can tarpit rather well thanks to vengeance. They can go toe to toe with a max infantry unit if they get a charge, and they will roll good enough on her feat to total most lights and even some of the less armored heavies. They are good for keeping calandra safe in a list that doesn't have many models to keep her safe. If you find that they aren't doing anything, drop them, max the burrowers and buy a champ hero, its an even exchange. You know what burrowers do and a champ hero's thresher on calandras feat turn is a very scary thing.

Fell Caller- he is there for your burrowers but that isnt to say he won't kill anything. This guys has the highest rat spray in our army, and though it doesn't seem like thats saying alot, it is, his spray without calandra will do very good in a game, but on a turn where an infantry unit has moved in to try and take out your unburrowed burrowers (and they probably won't take them thanks to starcrossed) actived the burrowers, dig away, and then have your fell caller douse an area of condensed infantry. He is especially good if you are forced to feat turn 3 instead of 2 since he will be closer to the front and have better spray range.

Enjoy, get some testing in, ide wish you luck but well... your playing calandra, luck is on your side.

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  1. Hiya I LOVE your tacticas on calandra!! I'm new to trolls and would like to know whether this would work :D

    Calandra= -5

    Pyre troll= 5

    Slag troll= 6

    Mauler= 9

    Farrow Bone grinders (min)= 2

    Farrow Brigands (min)= 5

    Stone Scribe Chronicler= 2

    Would that list work for her?