16 August 2010

Grim Angus Tier 3 vs Lord Carver

Grim had to admit he was liking his new Swamp Troll.  He and it seemed to have the same ideas about how to track and capture prey.  Much to the frustration of his long time Impaler who repeated attempts at making dinner out of the Swamp Troll failed.  As he chuckled at the Swamp Troll taking another shot at the Impaler with its tongue one of the woodsman appeared at his side.  Grim had to respect them, not very many things could get that close to him without his notice. "We found him," said the Skinner, "Gudrun and Alten both seem to be working for them."  Grim chuckled, "their man posing as Alten is our bounty, we will hold them off as long as possible while you help sucure him."  Blythe and Bull are here to help as well, Alten is sparing no expense for the capture of his would be doppleganger.

Lord Carver, Master and Overlord of all Western Immoren... no, that might be too grand... he would come up with something.  Carver was almost amazed at how much ale Gudrun could drink before he passed out.  It was truely impressive.  It was the Human that bothered him,  he was supposed to be a legendary monster hunter and tracker but had thus far been near useless, that and Gudrun kept calling him Jim.  No matter, Carver and his Hogs were about to secure some fertile ground to begin training with more gunboars.  The only problem of course, was that the whole area reeked of Trollkin.  Carver hated the way Trollkin smelled, though he had to admit they were the most rewarding to work with... and their ale was fantastic.  It would be unfortunate to kill too many of them, he would settle for just a few of them.

His List
Lord Carver -6
*War Hog 8
*War Hog 8
Farrow Bone Grinders (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2
Farrow Brigands (Leader and 9 Grunts) 8
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter 2 Gudrun the Wanderer 3

My List
Grim Angus (Tier 3) -6
*Swamp Troll 4
*Troll Impaler 5
Dannon Blythe & Bull 4
Pyg Bushwackers (Leader and 9 Grunts) 8
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter 2
Skinner 2
Skinner 2
Skinner 2
Skinner 2

Scenario ~ Process of elimination  using the newest steamroller rules.  Our Board was symmetrical having two 6" hills on my left side, two 4x8" forests angling in from left to right starting in the middle going to my right and a 4x4" buliding in the middle of the board on my right side.  Grim rolled highest and opted to deploy first.
Grim ~  Grim in middle behind trees on his right Skinner, Impaler, Skinner on his left Skinner, Skinner, a few inches then Swampy.  Bushwackers AD on the hill on my left, Bull out in front of the Swampy and Blythe over behind the forest.  Alten by Blythe.
Carver ~ Brigands in the forest accross from me with Alten on my far right.  Bone Grinders accross from Bull and some on the hill.  Gudrun on the hill, Carver behind Grinders with a hog a few inches on each side of him.
Grim had to admit that Carver was an imposing sight.  He had never seen him before but had gotten a full report from the Skinners with him.  Usually confident they could take large game down they seemed respectful of the Giant Warhogs.  Impressed again by how they melted into the forests Grim set to work, he didn't want to kill anyone if at all possible so he fired a shot across the brow of the small farrow shaman posturing in front of Carver.  Alten swore at Grims restraint and put one shot from bucking Jenny right into a Shaman's head.  Grim was reminded by the stern look that Alten gave him that he was on the job at the moment. Signaling to the Pygs, Gudrun looked up from accross the battlefield an nodded that he understood and appeared to go down in a hail of bullets.

Turn 1
Grim ~ Grim moves up into the forest and puts Farstrike on himself and Bull, casts return fire on himself and Bull then shoots at a Grinder missing by 1/4".  Blythe moves up into the forest, Bull moves up to shoot at Grinders rolls 3 shots and kills the first Grinder missing the other two.  Bushwackers step up onto the hill better and all 10 combine on Gudrun KDing him.  Skinners are all out of position two run to the forest in the middle, the other two swing around behind Bull and the Swamp Troll.  Impaler moves up and Farstrikes Alten who then plinks another Grinder.
Carver ~ Brigands move up through the forest and shoot at Alten and Blythe missing them both, Gudrun stands up and moves forward. Last two Grinders move up and form a wall in front of Carver who moves in behind them putting up mobility.  Hogs get up in to counter charge range by Gudrun and Brigands.  Alten moves up to be within 5" and shoots a Skinner for 4dmg.

Did Carver just hear the human cry out in fear? This could not be the famed Alten Ashely he knew. His doubts were confirmed when a man fighting for the Kriels made what looked to be an impossible shot into one of his Bone Grinders. It really was a good shot, that a Carver didn't like them much anyway. "We eat well on Troll tonight, go get them hogs... though for some reason their advance seemed to slow to a halt as Carver himself wondered why his legs wouldn't move faster.
Turn 2 ~ Bull, Blyte and Alten take out the two Grinders in front of Carver.  Impaler moves around forest to Farstrike Swampy.  Bushwackers take a full CRA into Carver hitting him for a few.  Grim moves up and feats, tries for Lock the Target but is out of range... barely.  Shoots him and boosts a little doing a few damage. Swamp Troll moves up and hits carver dragging him up to himself and Grim. Punches him once boosting damage for a few more Carver is at about 10 wounds.  Skinner charges Carver and leaves him with 3 wounds.  Everything else is out of range.  One Skinner Charges Alten melting him, another runs to engage the middle warhog while the last skinner runs to block the open lane to Grim behind carver.
Carver ~ Carver feats and unloads on Grim, 4 damage first hit, 17 damage pushed to impaler second hit, 11 damage third hit pushed to Swampy.  Kills the skinner in front of the Hog and the Brigands.  He concedes.

Carver knew he had underestimated the Trolls tried to free himself from the gooey grip of a long tounge.  Finding himself standing now in the midst of the Trolls and his hogs woefully far away.  After taking a few good swings at the Albino Troll he realized it was time to admit that this battle was a def... no a draw.  Sheathing his weapon he looked over at the Albino, "You have work? My pigs will work for you" Grim nodded amused, this Carver was brash and bold, that and he did have a job Carver could do, "I'll pay you enough coin to transport this imposter human to wherever Alten wants you to take him." Carver disagreed and said, we have sport with him now, he is for my hogs.  We can discuss work over some Whelp Ale?  It is a good Ale."   Grim Chuckled again and they setup a table with some ale to discuss potential jobs for these most interesting Farrow.

 Synopsis ~ I like the Skinners ability to get whever they want to be and was impressed by the damage output of their little POW 8 knifes.  Too bad I didn't get to see what a pair of them could do against the War Hogs.


  1. Wait, someone who said something positive about the Skinner?! Amazing. :) I don't play Trollbloods, but all I hear about is how much the Skinner sucks. Glad to see something positive about it.

  2. I knew you would get the swamp troll! After all that hate talk about how ugly it was and how you would never play it because it was so ugly! Congrats. I wish I was there to get a few games in with you guys. I haven't had a good game since I left. I am hoping to be back sometime in September for a wedding. I will bring the models if I come. Who is fielding Lord Carver?

  3. Excellent report. I love the story you came up with.
    And dragging the enemy caster with the swamp troll is priceless.