12 March 2011

13 Pyre Trolls... LIT also They're called Gobbers

So the latest in the installment of 13 Pyre Trolls is one that has been eagerly awaiting his final touches... every time I get ready to finish him something else takes his place.  So here he is, the ever incomplete Pyre Troll I have name Finishe.   Yeah I know its a lame name but whatcha going to do.  He is sitting on the window by my desk wanting to play outside with the other Pyre Trolls.  For the record 11 of the 13 Pyre Trolls are now painted to completion and one of them has hit the table.  Six of them were done as a painting competition at our LGS so they will all be shown at the same time, hopefully next week.

Also, last week six of us decided to spend the night painting instead of playing.  In homage of my pDoomshaper that we have been passing around painting a little on here and there for the last month or so we decided to each pick a model.  The rules were simple, paint on it for 20 to 30 minutes like it was your own (it was the first round) and pass it on.  By the time the night was over most of our models looked pretty fantastic and all of them were about 90% complete.  Here is a pic of the ones I brought to the table, my Swamp Gobbers who have yet to earn a name.  I started them and went with a really ugly puke yellow color that was a mix of bloodstone and moldy ochre for the skin.  All I had time for was the skin before I passed them and didn't see them again for the rest of the night.   All that is left for me to do is mark the bases and drybrush a few spots and they're done.  All in all a fun way to paint models and like I said almost every fig turned out great, just don't ask Adam about Strakhov.

3-Scrolle Monster
4-Finishe  a.k.a. Lit

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