28 June 2011

The Gauntlet--Gunnbjorn at 50

If you haven't seen them yet, this post will be the third in my tactical write-ups regarding the battle between Goris and theummhmmguy/thegreatblah (TUHG); the general thoughts and inspiration are here, while the 35 point list and usage is here.

At 50 points, things get pretty interesting. One of the things I always struggle with at 35 points is that the warcaster/warlock selection has a very large impact on the game, and the army usually can't afford much support and so is forced to rely on one really good trick or gambit in order to achieve victory. If that trick fails, the army folds quickly. The Great Wall strategy detailed in my first installment of this series was a good example of that. It's basically a denial/attrition strategy with a warbeast assassination sucker-punch. It was also chock full of support to make that strategy happen, which always makes me uneasy. At 50 points, we're free to think a little bigger.

The main thing to note is that at 50 points, the utility of Iron Flesh drops because it's a single-unit spell. Now, that's always going to be on the unit that's likely to do the most damage or be the best skirmisher, but there's got to be something else in play to really make the army shine. It's this extra stuff that has me interested, because it can build upon the support-heavy base that's already in the list.

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