27 June 2011

Greetings from the Sid!

Hello all! I am SlapHappySid, and I am new to the Scrum. I will be heavily involved with the new painting service that will begin soon. Stay in touch, and we will release more info on how you can make use of it. I will also be blogging about modeling and painting not only Trolls, but also other factions, and what techniques I use to make it happen, and look extremely well.

Speaking of extreme, the extreme mauler that you see in the Painting Service page was painted by yours truely. I would like to actually take a moment and write about how this extreme mauler came to be.

STAGE 1: My first obstacle I had to overcome was whether I was going to paint the base and the rocky platform, then mount the mauler afterwards, or attempt to paint it all after assembling everything. I decided to paint the mauler after the base was done. So I began painting the base first, and I wanted to have it stand out. I started with P3's Battlefield Brown for a base coat, then I dry brushed Bloodtracker Brown over it, the next layer of drybrushing was Rucksack Tan. The final coat was drybrushing Citadel's Bleached Bone very very lightly, to make it stand out a little more. I knew the runes in the rock was not going to get much attention, but I decided to make them glow a bright green anyway. Paint progression was as follows from base coat to highlight: P3 Ordic Olive, Citadel Goblin Green, Citadel Scorpion Green. The final part of the base was to apply static grass wherever I felt would look good.

STAGE 2: My next obstacle was to know when to glue the mauler onto the base. I knew that I needed to have the feet done before I attached it to the base. The skin of the mauler began with Sanguine Base, then did a purple wash over it. Then I drybrushed Liche Purple and progressed to an orange/yellow to the fists of the mauler. This was a little difficult to decided what areas were going to progress to the final highlight, and I debated whether it was going to work or not. The Loincloth started with Ordic Olive, and highlights of Goblin Green, then washed over with brown ink to give it that dirty-look. After I had completed painting that I attached the mauler to the base. This was the most difficult stage of painting, because the only things going through my head was, "All these spiky bits," and, "Don't drop the damn model!" The moments following the attachment were quite relieving, and it became a lot easier to paint it.

STAGE 3: The next step was to paint the rocks jutting out of the skin and the mane along its back. This was not too difficult to do. I did the brown rock similar to the base with the exception of the final Bleached Bone coat. The jaws were done with Rucksack Tan, Brown ink over it, and highlight with Bleached Bone. The inside of the mouth was done with Snakebite Leather and a Brown wash. The eyes were done with Golden Yellow, and Highlighted Cygnus Yellow and Morrow White. The mane base coat was done in Exile blue and progressive highlights of the following respectively: Cygnar Base, Cygnar Base/Bleached Bone mix, Underbelly Blue.

That is it! The final product of my hard labor. I am very proud of how it turned out, and has inspired me to do the same skin color for all my trolls that I will be getting. Let me know what you think, and ask anything you like about the model or anything! Enjoy!



  1. Anonymous29 June, 2011

    Wow Sid, that looks really good. That figure is one of my favorites in the game.

  2. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    It's mine too. I saw TheGreatBlah's when he got his painted, and I just fell in love with the model. I had to get one!