26 September 2011

Borka vs Calandra Dire Bracket Showdown

Calandra (Grimsnik)
Dire Troll Mauler
Earthborn Dire Troll
Troll Impaler X2
Fell Caller Hero
Janissa Stonetide
Kriel Warriors full
Kriel Caber Thrower X3
Kriel Warrior Standard and Piper
Trollkin Fennblades full


Borka (Skywise)
Pyg Keg Carrier
Dire Troll Mauler
Mulg the Ancient
Pyre Troll
Troll Axer
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
Fell Caller Hero
Kriel Warriors min
Kriel Bearer and Stone Scribes full
Nyss Hunters full

Skywise won the starting die roll and opted to go first. He advanced or ran most of his army, casted iron flesh on the nyss and dumped five fury on the Kriel Stone.
I ran the Fennblades, one Impaler and Feralgist to to contest the zone to my right. The kriel warriors stayed in the middle. Calandra placed bullet dodger on herself and moved towards the left zone with the rest of her army.
Skywise moved up the nyss and released arrows into the Fennblades taking out two. Alten shot the Earthborn doing a little amount of damage. The Mauler knocked the 1st objective closer to the the zone to Calandra's left.
I kept Bullet Dodger on Calandra. One impaler moved up and disabled Alton. The Earthborn entered the control zone failing a charge on Shane's kriel warriors. The Mauler failed to reach the 1st objective. The second Impaler hit Mulg with a spear and did a little damage. The fennblades charged the Nyss and killed a few. The feralgist entered the 2nd control zone. My kriel warrior caber tossers charged the 2nd objective and moved it a little.
Skywise's Mauler threw the 1st objective into zone 1. He charged the Earthborn with two kriel warriors, two other charged my mauler. The Nyss disabled a few fennblades while Mulg moved behind them.
Calandra popped her feat. My mauler disabled the two warriors he was engaged. The Earthborn disabled all but one of the remaining warriors in control zone 1 who kept making his tough roll. The 1st impaler moved in and disabled the last warrior in the zone. The caber tossers moved the other objective closer to the other zone. The 2nd impaler boosted to hit the objective rolling a triple 6 to hit and the a 6 for distance on the slam knocking the objective into the zone. At the end of the turn I was in control of both zones and had an objective marker in each zone score the two points to win.

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