28 September 2011

Hardcore Warmup - pMadrak vs Kromac

Ok so today I managed to get my second hardcore practice match in, and without further ado, the lists:

Madrak Ironhide (-6).......................Kromac the Ravenous (-4)
> Mulg the Ancient (12)...................> Feral Warpwolf (9)
> Dire Troll Mauler (9)....................> Pureblood Warpwolf (9)
> Earthborn Dire Troll (10)..............Max Bloodtrackers (8)
> Runebearer (2).............................> Nuala the Huntress (2)
Min Fennblades (5).........................Min Tharn Ravagers (6)
> Officer and Drummer (2)..............> Chieftain (2)
Min Krielstone and Scribes (3)........> Shaman (2)
> Elder (1)......................................Min Tharn Ravagers (6)
Min Pyg Burrowers (4)....................> Chieftain (0)
Min Bog Trog Ambushers (5)..........Lord of the Feast (4)
Fell Caller Hero (3).........................Tharn Ravager White Mane (3)
.......................................................Tharn Ravager White Mane (3)

The table had hills in opposing left corners (from each player's perspective), forests in opposing right corners and some rubble in the central area of the table.  Having won the roll I opted to go first, deploying the Fennblades on the right beside my forest, then the Fell Caller just to the left of them, Madrak's beast brick in the middle with him just behind and the Runebearer to the left, the Krielstone to the left of them and the Burrowers (eventually) advance deployed on my left on top of the hill.

My opponent (from my right to left) deployed the Bloodtrackers who picked the Fennblades as their prey, then unit of Ravagers without a Shaman with a Whitemane behind them, then the Pureblood, Kromac and Feral, Lord of the Feast, the second unit of Tharn Ravagers with the last Whitemane behind them.  His beasts advanced moved (effectively leaving only Kromac and the two Whitemanes in his deployment zone) and the game began.

Turn 1
Standard pMadrak turn 1 here, beast brick ran forward and riling for a total of 5 fury between them, Runebearer used mini feat to cast Sure Foot on Madrak who in turn dumped all his fury into the Krielstone which in turn ran without using the aura as I didn't foresee anyone getting hit this turn.  Fell Caller gave the Fennblades pathfinder before running behind Madrak, the Fennblades ran only 10 inches instead of 12 (a decision which proved wise) and the Burrowers went underground.

Bloodtrackers thought they might have had a bead on the Fennblades so advanced and threw their javelins, only to find that they were a mere 1 inch out of range, so they reformed back to relative safety before the right hand tharn unit ran forward to screen the bloodtrackers with the Whitemane sitting just behind them.  The other unit of Ravagers just advanced forwards with their Whitemane behind them and the Lord of the Feast to my right.  Pureblood and Feral just advanced and riled and Kromac dropped Inviolable Resolve on the unit of Ravagers in front of the Fennblades.

Turn 2
Crucially my opponent has clean forgotten about the Bog Trogs who I decide to bring on this turn behind the Bloodtrackers while the Burrowers also pop up in range to charge the Tharn and Lord of the Feast.  Bog Trogs kill Nuala and three other Bloodtrackers (two missed needing 4's) and engaging the entirety of the rest of the unit.  Fell Caller walks over and gives War Cry to the Burrowers who charge two into the Lord of the Feast and three into the Tharn with one staying back in CMD range of Madrak, though they pass their terror test on their own CMD.  The two kill the Lord of the Feast and two other Tharn fall to the berserker Pygs and their guns.  Runebearer discounts Madrak's first spell and he casts Rage on a Fennblade, choosing to keep two fury just in case of an unexpected trick.  Mauler another Fennblade and maintains the beast brick.  The Fennblades charge the Tharn but miss a lot of attacks, killing only the Chieftain and one Ravager.

Kromac drops Inviolable Resolve and leeches up to maximum.  The first Whitemane charges the Fennblade Officer, killing him and two others before tough ends his killing spree.  Tharn manage to kill another one while the Bloodtrackers kill half the Bog Trogs who pass their CMD check.  The other Whitemane charges into the Pygs, but the very first one makes his tough roll denying him any heart token shenanigans.  The other Tharn manage to kill only two Pygs while Kromac casts Bestial and his beasts edge forwards slightly.

Turn 3
Madrak leeches up to max and upkeeps Sure Foot.  Vengeance knocks the Whitemane down to 1 hit remaining.  I opt to go for Madrak's feat this turn while also casting Carnage and throwing my axe at the Pureblood boosting attack and damage and inflicting 11 damage.  The Mauler casts Rage on the Earthborn and kills one of the Ravagers, the Earthborn charges the Pureblood and kills it with only two fury points spent while Mulg walks over to help the Mauler screen Madrak.  Fennblades fail to finish off the Whitemane and it is down to the Krielstone Scribes who charge and hit, killing him off and the last Ravager as well.  The Bog Trogs kill two more Bloodtrackers while on the other side the Fell Caller War Cries the Pygs and sprays, hitting two out of three Tharn and killing them both from full health.  The Burrowers kill the Whitemane and one more Ravager in an impressive showing of hit and damage rolls.

Kromac is swiftly losing his force, the Bloodtrackers finish the last three Bog Trogs and the Tharn manage to kill two more Burrowers.  Kromac wastes a lot of time trying to figure out if pMadrak is in pouncing range but I am certain he is safe, and in the end he concludes the same so just moves him away a little from the Earthborn after casting Wild Agression on the Feral.  The Feral charges the Earthborn but fails to kill it due to running out of time, and worst of all didn't get past the initial attacks, leaving it with no Fury for reaving.

Turn 4
The game is pretty much in the bag now, even though the Earthborn (with two fury) and Mauler (with one fury) both frenzy.  Mauler does a paltry 4 damage to Mulg while the Earthborn smacks the Feral for 11 damage before ditching his fury points.  Madrak casts a discounted Carnage and sits back while being well protected by his brick.  Two Burrowers charge the Feral in the back at an effective MAT8, taking him down with some excellent damage rolls with one attack to spare.  Fennblades move across to screen line of sight to Madrak.

Kromac is in big trouble, he has 4 fury and no beasts with only six bloodtrackers and one Tharn Ravager left on the table.  The Ravager charges and kills the Fell Caller while the Tharn kill all the Fennblades except the Drummer, denying them the chance to change their prey though they also manage to kill the Stone Scribe Elder.  Seeing little else, Kromac beasts out and charges the Earthborn, killing him thanks to his feat while also killing the two Pygs, leaving him unengaged.

Turn 5
The game is pretty much over so I just finish the match off.  Rage on the Mauler and Carnage plus an unboosted axe throw which hits Kromac for 6 damage.  Mauler charges him and boosts to be sure, leaving him on 1 health after the charge attack but finishing him off with the second attack.

pMadrak - Orchestrated the battle safely from behind his brick, threw his axe a few times but generally had little to do and was never threatened.  Did what he was in the list for and did it well.  7/10

Mauler - Primarily a Rage battery, killed a Tharn Ravager and Kromac.  Like Madrak did not let me down on the occasions when he was needed.  7/10

Mulg - Absolutely nothing to do the entire game, though he served as a constant discouragement to anyone trying to get to Madrak.  6/10

Earthborn - Pathfinder and Elemental Communion allowed him to get the drop on the Pureblood, taking him down with a minimum of fuss while also then eventually baiting both the Feral and Kromac.  Excellent game for the Earthborn.  8/10

Runebearer - Not much to say here, did his job with a minimum of fuss allowing Madrak to keep his spells ticking along.  6/10

Fennblades - Spent the majority of the battle duking it out with the Tharn and Whitemane, also baited out the Bloodtrackers and generally made a nuisance of themselves.  8/10

Krielstone - Not much in the ways of damage came in here, conveniently in the right place to polish off the Whitemane and Tharn Ravagers and had the aura around all the time when it was needed.  7/10

Burrowers - Their best performance for me yet by far, taking down more than five times their points worth of models.  A constant thorn in my opponent's side and finally I got to see what has everyone else raving so much about them.  10/10

Bog Trogs - The opportunity to charge the Bloodtrackers in the rear (and kill Nuala) was too good to turn down.  Held up a unit twice their points cost for almost half the match, another excellent showing from them.  8/10

Fell Caller - As excellent as the Burrowers were, without his War Cry they wouldn't have killed anywhere near as much as they did.  Also killed two Ravagers on his own, so a good game for him.  8/10

Overall Thoughts
Another excellent showing by the list, effectively tabling my opponent while losing only six fennblades, the officer, the Fell Caller, the Earthborn, the Bog Trogs, the Elder and five Burrowers.  Effectively losing only the throwaway elements of the army without Madrak (or his brick) ever being threatened.

The list runs quickly and continues to be hellishly difficult to kill.

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