21 September 2011

Round 2 Beginning Results.

The first few games of Round 2 have been completed.

pDoomshaper and his Fenn Blades held off Jarl as he tried (and nearly succeeded) in taking him by scenario, giving Doomy an upset win and knocking our newest caster out of the brackets for good.

Borka and Calandra went back and forth, tough rolls were a flying, but Calandra left Borka Star Crossed in the end.  Borka will be looking for revenge as he tries to climb his was back to the top in the losers bracket.

Current Standings

Runner Up  
3rd Place  
4th Place  
5th PlaceBorka (2)1L
5th Place  
7th PlaceeMadrak (1)1L
7th PlaceGunnbjorn (9)1W 1L
9th PlacepMadrak (8)1L
9th PlaceJarl (6)2L OUT

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