17 September 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #2 - 09/17/2011

Welcome back scrum bums to the second installment of Sid's Saturday Shenanigans! Where in this post I continue to paint the Trollblood Sluggers, and bring these models closer to finishing, and be table-top ready.Recently, I've been commissioned to paint more models, and I will be showcasing these models as well. The first being a Man-o-War Drakhun for Adam, A.K.A Sephiroth's_Khador, and then followed by a Legion heavy warbeast; the Scythean. It will largely depend on how much I will be able to paint in the coming week, but my goal is to have at least the Drakhun done by Saturday, then the following Saturday I will then have the Scythean painted and ready to be showcased in S^3 #4.
Well, that is all for announcements. Let's get down to it shall we.....

Trollblood Sluggers - Session 2

For the tartan pattern on the sluggers, I wanted to follow Grissel's scheme, in honor of the upcoming release of her epic model for Domination. I painted the gloves and boots Battlefield Brown, and the cords on the gun itself Bloodtracker Brown. Then to make things go quicker, I washed with a 1:1 Chestnut Ink/Water mix over everything except the skin. Going over different colors with the same ink, I think, will not only make it faster to paint certain areas, but also make each of the colors more distinct without clashing with the other colors.

I went back over and dry-brushed the gun with Pig Iron again, to make it less rusty, but still battle-worn and used. I did the same for the knee-guards and the metal plates on the boots. I also did a 3:1 Bloodtracker Brown/Rucksack Tan mixture to highlight the Kriel sash, and prepare it for the tartan pattern, which will follow soon after. I still have other parts of the model that aren't painted yet, but they will come with time. I also decided to base the model and get it ready for painting. I am not sure what theme I am going to make the base, but I am sure that I will look amazing.

Thanks again for tuning into S^3, and I hope that my new plan and schedule will help bring S^3 to you across the internets weekly. Next week, I will post the final product of the Sluggers and bring to you the Man-o-War Drakhun. And again, sorry for the late post and for not posting last Saturday. Thanks for your patience and support.

Until next Saturday! Good Night and Good Luck!


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