30 May 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge Week 19

Well folks, it has been 19 long weeks and I have 12 people who have completed the Challenge.  Below are their Forum and real names so you guys can recognize and give them praise.

Patrick Burdine - Somnicide
Brian D - Phreaker187
Justin Crockett - JustINCREDIBLE85
Kevin Cornell - Kamahin
Seth Peterson - Noghannan
James Stevenson - Ikras
Sheridan Plunket - s0ule55
Andrew DuPuis - JackTesla
Chris Suhre - Dvader
Rimantas Černiauskas - Batma
(These 2 Jerks haven't given me their names)
Robert Lawson - Lawso42

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