26 November 2012

The Scrum Painting Challenge II: Week 2

Well folks things keep on rolling her at The Scrum and the painted models keep rolling in. The themes are really starting to show and and the painters have started to show some really great work.  Bellow I have detailed some of their themes for the contest.

Anthony Winter sends us photos of his "Badlands" themes Mountain King and Whelps.

Batma will be sending us a list of "Blockade Runners" for his theme.

Crashwest has sent us the beginnings of his lave based red Trolls. Don't worry Brian your Bouncer is on the way!

DocSmith42 with his blue themed Trolls.

DocEther with yet another Borka theme.  We'll just call this one drunk...

ObsidianLily sending in her Tarot Card theme. Nemo here is the Magician.

Quelg give us his Reaching for the Keg" theme. There are kegs on there, we swear.

Svirfneblin bring us his Azul trolls and their very pretty tartans.

Taodark's theme is Celebration gone wrong.  So far it's off to  good start, can wait to see what's next.

That's it for this week folks, stay tuned for more awesome models next week!

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