24 January 2013

This Just In... I like EGrissel

It's taken a while for me to admit it, but she is fun to play and I have good success with her.

"Hi, my name is TheGreatBlah... and I like eGrissel."

Since the release of our Marshall of the Kriels I have been reluctant in my support of her.   Not even cautiously optimistic, I'd say my attitude has been one of feigned indifference.   Her base stats are great, fabulous upgrade from her original incarnation, unless you look at her spells very hard.  For the most part I envisioned an even better troop supporter than her original, especially with the name Marshall of the Kriels. 

My initial playtests were lackluster, finding her spell list less than optimal the struggle in how to use her effectively marred by how completely different in playstyle she is from pGrissel.   Try as I might she just wasn't doing it for me and I nearly gave up.  Then in the PG paint exchange the person painted for me a downright fabulous eGrissel.  So I tried a few more games with her just so such a beautiful model could be put on the table.   Small resurgence ended quickly as again she underperformed. So she hit my shelf... for quite awhile.

After recording our last podcast Hatred threw out some list ideas with eGrissel that sounded intriguing to me.  Unfortunetly his list has two war wagons and Bruce the Mountain King... which I do not currently own.  However, it still gave me the desire to try yet again with our beloved Marshall.  All that can be said is, she is great, once you get a handle on the fact that is more of a super solo rather than a troop supporter she is great.  My recent string of caster kills have all been met with the same question, "Her ranged attacks do what?"

Top tier, maybe not, but fun as heck.  Play eGrissel fast and loose and watch the enemy caster cry for their mommies... at least as long as they are within 8"

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  1. I just want to shave that chin of hers down a bit. But what kinds of lists are you playing her with? Inquiring noobs want to know!