05 March 2013

Lock and Load List Building

I think it's safe to say now is the time to really start fine tuning your Masters Lists. So as an open conversation about addressing certain elements of the meta I will post and tune my lists here with Feedback from the community and play testing.  So here is what I am working with, with a little explanation on my thinking for it's list design.

List 1: Make the Mountain King Work

50+6 points, 22 models
Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels  +6 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll  10 points
* Mountain King  20 points
* Troll Impaler  5 points
Feralgeist  1 point
Janissa Stonetide  3 points
4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes  3 points
* Stone Scribe Elder  1 point
2x Troll Whelps  2 points each
Trollkin War Wagon  9 points

This list was adapted from a list developed by Hatred a while back and it has been doing good work for me since.  It has a simple gimmick with the feat and relies on the Mountain King being armor 23 all game and 25 on the feat turn. The reason I feel it works well, and Hatred and I have discussed this quite a bit is because the list elements mitigate the Mountain King's shortcomings through it's Knock Down. This list originally came with a thumper but I removed it as I had a hard time positioning it to be effective during the important turns of the game.  The War Wagon provides key infantry clear and can be just as hard to kill at arm 25 making this list VERY hard to remove from scenario.  Rounding it out is Grissel who has serious assassination potential. The moment your opponent over extends their caster to try and remove the Mountain King, be ready to capitalize on it with 3 boosted damage shots from her.

I take this list against anything with no access to pathfinder or debuffing.  So defiantly not against Cryx match ups or against some Cygnar.  Things like Ayanna and Holt are tell tale signs that your opponent will want to drop their armor busting list against you. As soon as they see the king in your lists you can expect a counter pick. This has happened with good regularity in tournaments for me so it's something to keep in mind. Lastly, with good positioning this list can make it a nightmare to win on scenario because ti can't be moved and without access to reach you can easily limit what can get on to the Mountain King who is there to face tank for your army. 

List 2 Calandra Shoots Your Face Off
50+5 points, 27 models
Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood  +5 points
* 2x Dire Troll Bomber  10 points each
* 2x Troll Impaler  5 points each
* Runebearer  2 points
Feralgeist  1 point
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew  1 point
Troll Whelps  2 points
10 Trollkin Fennblades  8 points
* Fennblade Officer & Drummer  2 points
Trollkin War Wagon  9 points

The intent of this list should be immediately apparent via t he title as well as it's competition.  I am going to destroy infantry at range and attrition the shit out of my opponent. I have a good melee screen that can do decent damage especially under the feat, I have potent ranged options that become very accurate and damaging, and lastly I have access to re-rolls that can really help with the low Mat/Rat of some models in my army. Also, with tools like befuddle, force blow and star crossed this list can attrition rather well.

In testing this list performed well for it's intended purpose but struggled slightly to break under outside of feat turn. This however was minor as targeted zone clear is something this list can do well because of the inherent strength of Bombers. So, obviously the picks you want are against lists with combined arms or little armor.  So, no Colossals or Jack spam for this list. It fairs well in attrition as well with the Wagon holding zones keeping things occupied. This is probably the most match up dependent list of the 3 and requires intricate play to work against a back match up. 

List 3: Opperation Deliver Weapon Masters

50+5 points, 22 models
Madrak Ironhide, World Ender  +5 points
* Pyre Troll  5 points
* Troll Impaler  5 points
* Runebearer  2 points
Fell Caller Hero  3 points
Horthol, Long Rider Hero  5 points
4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes  3 points
* Stone Scribe Elder  1 point
Sons of Bragg  6 points
3 Trollkin Champions  6 points
* Skaldi Bonehammer  3 points
3 Trollkin Long Riders  7 points
Trollkin War Wagon  9 points

So, in the RFP event I ran this list without the stone trying to trim the fat so I revised the list a bit to add it back in because the armor was really hurting me when I was fighting Colossals.  So, with the main idea for this list to being, "Kill All The Colossals" it was in need of tweaking.   With the stone I stand a better chance of the Champs getting to the lines a little healthier. It also gave me cheap infantry for Grim Salvation fodder late game rather then picking off 8 wound models.  Everything in this list can crack armor and it brings the beef needed to survive the trip across the table. It's Scenario presence is pretty good as well with Madrak himself being super hard to remove along side Tough, high armor targets.

So as stated above this list has a specific purpose, which is to crack armor.  It will do quite well at that and doesn't hurt my character restrictions too badly. I feel like it can play a strong attrition battle as well. I'd match this against a number of lists as I feel very comfortable with how eMadrak plays.

So, there you have ti folks.  It's not set in stone but it's good to get the ball rolling on ideas for what to bring ad how to bring it!  Leave comments below or on the forums.  Feel free to contact me directly with questions or ideas too.

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