26 May 2009

ETTIQUETTE: Friendly Games VS Tournament Games

You are playing a tournament game that took just a few minutes longer than everyone else. Your game, being close, can hinge on catching or missing something small. Those that have finished their games start wandering over and begin to crowd around your table. Invariably it happens, somebody points out something your oppoenet missed, and though seemingly small, it was enough to grant him that little bit he needed to give him the win.

How about the second or third game you played when you were just trying to get a handle on all the rules. Your opponent being a seasoned vetren beats the poo out of you without taking the time to explain what they are doing. Railroaded you feel almost hurt, not becuase you lost, but becuase your opponent knew so much about the game and he didn't take the time to explain even part of what he did.

You head to your local LGS on game night and play a random player, you both know the rules well enough but are no expert. Wanting to play the game right you being asking a more seasoned player to clarify so you both can learn to play by the rules, and more accurately. Instead you get the reply, look it up in the book, or roll the dice and look it up later.

Now all of these can go both ways, AND, you can easily argue both sides. So to keep it short here is a list of a few things that I would consider good etiquette during both Friendly and Tournament Games.

Good Tournament Etiquette:

  • Do NOT help other players or even make suggestions or help with any oversights. If you see something that needs attention notify the tournament organizer and let them take care of it.

  • DO be courteous to your opponent and fellow players, these are timed matches usually and every distraction hurts gameplay.

  • DO watch the clock, taking too long is just too much, if you have lost then lose already.

  • Do NOT manipulate the rules in your favor just because you know them better.

  • BE Gracious, some gloating and crying is expected... but to much is too much.

  • Do NOT expect your opponent to let you do things wrong and take it back. When you screw up in a tournament you have screwed up, that's part of the game.

Good Friendly Game Etiquette:

  • MULLIGAN's or TAKE BACKS are okay, to a degree. Freindly games are supposed to be fun AND be a learning experience. Some take backs are expected lots of them are not.

  • SHARE the rules and your cards freely. Yes you do this in a tournament game, but in friendly games you even volunteer information.

  • SPECTATING is encouraged, as long as gameplay isn't slowed too much the peanut gallery may point out rules errors and such.

  • DO NOT help players play unless both parties agree to it. After the fact suggestions are perfectly fine. But helping a player win while the other is in the bathroom is just plain rude.

  • Do leave people alone if they ask for it.

  • Do expect suggestions from others, these are learning games so expect others to piont out when you cheat on accident.

I had a game where I was playing a newer player, my strategy was against the newer player and so my army placement was more reckless on purpose. I had to run out for five minutes to pick up my son and when I walked in a more experienced player of the same faction had analyzed the situation and showed him how to caster kill me that turn. Yeap even in a freindly game that is not OK in my book.

Please post suggestions and I will add them to the lsit.


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2009

    Here Here....for being a troll player you are very insightful.


  2. If it is the game against me you are referring to I figured that one out on my own. When you leave for 30 minutes it gives me a lot of of time to analyze the table. :D

  3. That is not the game in question sir, I did not preface it with Stinky new Cryx player.

  4. Oh come on now, no need to resort to pre-middle school insults.

  5. I always resort to those. I will forever be 12 years old, just ask my wife.

  6. I'm not sure if that says more about you or your wife, whichever it is I don't think I wan to know the details.

  7. Not a bad list of suggestions if I do say so myself.

  8. I know it was me that told the player how to kick your troll arse. I just don't remember the occasion. :)

  9. I really agree with everything said here sir! Here here!