13 March 2014

Grim Angus, Trials and Tribulations Part 1

One year when visiting my father for the holidays he introduced me to the great game of Warmachine & Hordes. I was instantly drawn to the hordes side of the house. The Grim Angus artwork and blurb drew me into the Trollblood faction instantly. After numerous defeats I shelved Grim and moved on to other casters. Now almost two years later Grim Angus and I have been hitting the dojo and it's time for his triumphant return.

First things first lets have a look at my Grim list. 
Grim Angus
 Gatorman Witch Doctor
Stone Scribe Chronicler 
-Scattergunner UA
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes
-Stone Scriber Elder
Min Farrow Bone Grinders
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

If I could define Grim Angus in one word it would be Versatile. I wanted to compound this strength by making his list as versatile as possible. I do run a great risk of having too much overlap thus making the list a heaping pile of shit. However, each model in the list is fairly proficient at multiple roles so the trick will be making the most of each piece. I am very light on armor cracking in this list which could also pose a problem. The list is meant to be paired with a beast brick and longrider caster though, so I can potentially avoid an armor skew match-up. If I find myself in an armor skew match-up (which I will do in a battle report) I hope the list has enough jam and denial to squeeze out a scenario victory before I am forced to deal with the armor.

I think the list has many strengths and I would sum them up as follows; jam, counter-jam, and denial.

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