02 May 2014

The Scrum and Handcannon Team Up for Beer and Justice

I am proud to announce a TREMENDOUS collaborative effort on behalf of www.Trollbloodscrum.com and Handcannononline.com ! Coming soon to a Lock and Load near you we will be pleased to deliver a new and exciting hobby tool. BEER!  That's right the Evil Geniuses of The Scrum and Handcannon have teamed up to enhance your hobby experience the best way we know how. So without further ado I would like to introduce you to our....


Have no fear folks the beer is in its infancy now but come four weeks time it will be bottled and ready for enjoyment!  Stay tuned both here and Handcannononline.com for updates on the brewing process including step by step instructions on how we will construct our delicious brew.


  1. IPA's aren't the end all be all that people seem to think so currently. If you can't keep the bitterness down ...... no reason to make another super bitter double IPA.

  2. This one should have a high ABV and a pretty moderate IBU with some nice Citrus and floral notes. Maybe even a little orange or grapefruit zest as well.

  3. Don't listen to the detractors. IPAs are delicious regardless of what's in vogue. Who knew the next gaming accessory I would need would be beer (I did, I knew that)