23 July 2014

The Art of Trollbloods War by TheGreatBlah

The following series of articles are a summary of the Trollkin Military treatise attributed to Horfar Grimmr, a high ranking Molgur general, bloodthirsty warrior, strategist and tactician, wielder of Rathrok and purportedly greatest Trollkin warrior to have ever walked Caen. 

These ancient runes were found and transcribed into modern Trollkin Runes in 482 AR by Stone
Scribe Elder Gron Runeknuckle and have become one of the foundations in Trollblood military strategy.  The Kriel Stones containing the body of this work can still be found in the heart of the Glimmerwood and many great Trollkin Chieftains have made the trek to study the work in its entirety.  The size and power of this collection of Kriel Stones are great as is the body of work contained within.  In these trying times it is the hope of the United Kriel that's it's location can remain secret to the Trollbloods and the work can be preserved for future generations.  It is purported that some of the greatest Chieftains of the United Kriel have studied it's work including; Madrak Ironhide, Grissel Bloodsong, Grim Angus, Horgle Ironstrike, Horthol, and Calandra Truthsayer.  Rumor persists that all United Kriel leaders have or will study from these powerful stones firsthand.

While studying from them directly is recommended for the power contained within the runes themselves adds much to the process, the runes themselves should be available to all Trollkin far and wide.  It is for this reason that I will attempt to provide a summary of each of the stones so that all leaders in the United Kriel can receive at least the knowledge contained in the runes if not the power of studying them directly.

This body work can be divided into three main categories

A) Positional Strategy
   Stone 1) Planning
   Stone 2) Battle
   Stone 13) Spies
B) Expansion Strategy
   Stone 3) Planning the Attack/Expansion
   Stone 4) Positioning
   Stone 5) Force or Momentum
   Stone 6) Weakness or Strength
   Stone 7) Armed Conflict
C) Situational Strategy
   Stone 8) Adapting to the Situation
   Stone 9) Enemy Intentions
   Stone 10) Field Position
   Stone 11) Terrain
   Stone 12) Environmental Attacks

This collection of stones was inscribed in the order by which the have been numbered by Scribe Gron and are typically studied in numerical order.  It will be through some effort, but each of the Stone Shards will be sent out as they are made available by my team of scribes.  Learn well my Trollkin brothers, there is much contained within the body of work Gron unearthed and truly Horfar's scribe must have been a favored child of Dhunia or more likely the Devourer, for with his runes Chieftan Grimmr's legacy continues.  Though we now sever the Earth Mother instead of the Wurm, we are Trollkin, and we will not be denied our rightful place on Caen.  May those who threaten our Kith and Kriel find themselves unprepared and on the wrong side of our axes.

Though some have started calling me an Elder Scribe, the ways of the warrior burn deep within me.  It is this warrior that has trouble sleeping knowing there are so many that need these words.

Kithkar TheGreatBlah, former Piper of the Glimmerwood Kriel.

NOTE: The First Stone is nearly ready for distribution and should arrive within a few days the Kriel Shard Bearers bear the distinctive mark of the Rocksong Family Mercenary Clan

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