21 July 2009

Big SLC Tourney

She looks like a Troll right?...

So a few of us from Logan went to SLC for a big tournament. I took my Trolls, McCryx came with Cryx of course, and as expected Cygnar Brian brought Cygnar. We played a Steamroller4 format and had four rounds.

It started off great for Trolls, I managed to roll over my first opponent who brought the new Skorne caster. It was a great game and the new Skorne caster is awesome, I managed to overwhelm his flank with my Longriders and Grissels feat ate up Molik Karn with Champs giving them a lane through his Shaman and then into his Krea and caster. VP of the Round, Champs for sure killing three times their points to bring.

Second round went badly but Grissel managed to squeeze one out by getting some extra fury from a dieing beast. Making Terminus fail his assasination run and dieing with a Mauler in his back. VP Grissel for being tough as nails.

Third round was epic, it was against Saeryn with Typhon and all that Legion crap. I brought Caladanra and a mess of troops and it was spectacualar. Giving and taking dice from Legion kept alot of my stuff alive much longer than it should have been. My minimum unit of Scattergunners did an awesome job of clearing out his swordsmen. I rerolled a hit against Typhon with my Impaler hoping for a crit slam that would have devastated him and probably won me the game. Instead he was able to clear a lane with a lucky throw distance roll of six from Typhon, which he needed a six to hit Calandra and knock her down. Close game and I don't think he expected Trolls to give him so much trouble. VP Scattergunners.

Fourth Round was against eGoreshade, the air was let out of my sails when Grissels first longrider died to a countercharge on my first turn. He outplayed me in everyway, and my list ditch effort to toss a hero into his caster failed from another countercharge taking out the Maulers Spirit and the Pyre missing a throw. VP Slag Troll for actually killing something.

Wins - Terminus and Mordikarr
Loss - Saeryn and eGoreshade

Fun tourney and it was nice to play some other people, I learned a few tweeks for my lists and also learned that I missed rMadrak horribly in Steamroller4.

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  1. Special request to model. Do not dress like Cami from Street Fighter if you are tubby.

    The Management.