10 July 2009

Summer Rampage Kickoff. You Got Paint Skills? ~Updated~

For anyone interested whether you play Warmachine or not, to kick off Summer Rampage, we will be having a Painting competition. There will be two categories. Best Paint for an un-modded fig and Best Paint for a modded fig.

Entry will be $3 per fig and your submission (or the beginnings of it rather) will need to be shown to myself by July 31st. The fig does not have to be your own, but you must do all the work yourself.

Winnings for each category will be
1st Place 70% of entries
2nd Place 30% of entries.

Judging by Myself, Paul and Marie.


  1. I personally am all sorts of interested in help with learning to paint!

  2. well if we do a modding painting event I will try a link a vid or photos on what works for us.

  3. You can record my painting tech then post it as a "How NOT to paint." I think it'd get thousands of hit a day.

  4. Same here. Look at my figs, don't do that. ;)