11 August 2009

350 Random Size Tourney Results

After having won the last two tournaments in our local lgs, I must admit that I went into this tourney a little overconfident. Due to a second turn caster kill that included me losing with Calandra in the first round, you would think my over sized opinion of my abilities would have been deflated a little. So going into the second round with my undeafeted Borka 350 list, my ego stayed large, that is until the dice failed me leaving his last jack and my victory four damage boxes away. With a spectacular performance on my part the last round earned me a big fat bye....

So without much further adu, here are the un-official final results

1-McCryx - Cryx
2-HaleyCastsTBYouLose - Cygnar
3-O'donnel - Cryx
3-Sephiroth's Kahdor - Khador
5-Awesome Sauce - Legion
6-LostHemisphere - MeniteJon
7-Trollblood Scrum

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