21 August 2009

Grissel vs Seige Summer Rampage kickoff battle

Grissel sat looking at the small Pyre Troll with her, suprisingly it was a female and had been with her since her mate had been taken from her. Smoke and ash rising off her skin the Pyre Troll was in a small island of clear air while the rest of Grissel's army lay shrouded in the cold mist. "We must take the ridge," Grissel grimaced at how well even her most muted commands seemed to carry through the air. Without question her handpicked Champions and their hero's jogged quitely towards thier objective.

For Once Trolls had priority so we played in IOS as per our battleplans. We rolled the Ridgeline scenario and the global effect gave everyone stealth for two rounds. Our map had a small forest and some ruins on his side of the board and a house and hill on my side. He rolled highest and elected to go first.

My List
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller Points: 70
Pyre Troll Points: 68
Trollkin Hero Points: 38
Trollkin Hero Points: 38
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes [4] (0 added) Points: 34
[*]Stone Scribe Elder [1] Points: 18
Trollkin Champions [5] Points: 106
Trollkin Champions [5] Points: 106
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2] Points: 15

His list
Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane
Journeyman Warcaster
Sword Knights
Sword Knight Officer and Standard Bearer
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

Deployment and Turn 1
Cygnar - He ran his gun mage into the ruins his sword knights up the middle to the ridge with his caster, squire, jack and journeyman up the side of the ruins. The B13 took the other side with A&H.
Trolls - My Champs all ran up the middle with a Hero on each flank. Grissel hoofs the stone and move up behind the Champs with the Pyre on her heels. Gobbers drop smoke on the Champs and stone pops armor.

In a puff of cold smoke the Gun Mage reported to Siege, "The mists obscure their adance, we cannot see them well enough to target them." Un-Impressed Seige stepped up and made the Ground all around the center of the Troll army erupt killing a few and suprising the Troll witch leading them.

Turn 2
Cygnar - Seige moves his battlegroup up a bit and pounds Grissel doing seven damage and killing a couple scribes. Gun mage shoots a scribe who toughs. B13 tries to flare a misses and so cant hit my stealthed stuff. A&H move around the house. Knights charge the Champs but have some really bad dice. and don't do much damage.
Trolls - Grissel feats one unit of Champs kills many many knights. The other units runs and then hoofs it to surround two of the B13 while a Hero charges the third killing him the hoofs towards Holt but is out of range to engage him. The other hero charges up to the defender and kills Reinholdt but misses the gunmage on his backswing. Scribes move up and Gobbers attempt to block A&H with smoke.

Seige made eye contact with Grissel and held up his hands to indicate she had missed him. Watching Holt go around the house and shoot her in the back he had a feeling the Troll witch would soon be dead. As he moved up on them he watched the normally competent Rian blow up her unit along with a few Trolls. He flung a spell at Grissel and watched in unbelief as it sailed wide, and scoffed as the Gun Mage fumbled so badly out of the ruined house he couldn't even get a shot off at Grissel.

Turn 3
Cygnar - Rian toasts three Champs and the rest of her units. Holt goes around the house and gets a bead on Grissel hurting her a little leaving her with seven wounds. Seige halfs everyones armor and tries to kill Grissel but misses rolling three ones. the Defender kills the hero and the Gun mage tries to finish off Grissel but comes up short on range. the last few knights kill a champ and he is done.
Trolls - Pyre Troll frenzies into a couple of sword knights and the champs finish them off securing the objective so I end my turn for the win.

Having taken the ridge Grissel made eye contact with Seige and held her hands up to indicate he had missed. True to form she allowed the remaining Cygnar army to withdraw. It was time for a drink afterall.

Even though Seige could no longer see the Trolls or even the ridge he could still hear the faint song from the Troll witch and had to admit that it entranced even him.

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  1. Did you roll deviation on the Flare from Lynch? Even if it misses it will still have an effect on the board assuming that the deviation doesn't go to far off.