23 November 2009

Grim's Gunners

Grim could feel something different in the world around him but couldn't quite pinpoint it.  He of course had bigger issues at hand, with two separate Cygnar armies approaching.  He looked through is scope at one of them lead by a very old, very capable looking man. He knew Nemo instantly though he had never met the man.  His army was co-ordinated and very precise though they looked more relaxed, "Nemo would surround himself with veterans," Grim mumbled under his breath.  He swiveled his scope the other direction to take a look at the other group of Cygnar's warriors.  A mounted man he had met and barely defeated in battle only once before.  He had with him a handful of jacks including one that made Grim shiver just a little.  Though he couldn't place the casters name, he knew a Hunter when he saw one.  As he watched the two separate armies array themselves against him he caught a glimpse of something in the mounted caster's eye... yes he saw it in Nemo's almost saddened expression.  One of the two Cygnar caster's was a fake.  Some dropout journeyman with some potential, but unable to pass the final tests to become the leader Cygnar wanted.  Grim nodded to himself and decided which one of the two he thought was a phony and set his army in motion. "Cannonball," Grim said to his battle-hardened Earthborn, "I found some jacks for you to smash, you wanna go get em?"  Cannonball grinned and started off in anticipation of one of his favorite games... Beating up on Warjacks.

In what will probably be our last MKI match ever, only three people showed up for game night so we decided to play 500pt armies against each other.  I rolled highest with Grim and opted to go first, Nemo went second and Kraye went third.  Our armies to the best of my knowledge.

Faction: Trollblood TR
Points: 495
Model Count: 9
Victory Points: 18

Grim Angus Points: 76
Troll Axer Points: 72
Troll Impaler Points: 75
Earthborn Dire Troll Points: 125
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter Points: 32
Rorsh Points: 100
Brine Points: 0
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2] Points: 15

Faction: Cygnar CG
Points: 499
Model Count: 9
Victory Points: 17

Captain Jeremiah Kraye Points: 87
Hunter Points: 88
Lancer Points: 76
Ironclad Points: 103
Gun Mage Captain Adept Points: 32
Journeyman Warcaster Points: 25
Major Katherine Laddermore Points: 59
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Points: 29

Faction: Cygnar CY
Points: 498
Model Count: 26
Victory Points: 19

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo Points: 75
Squire Points: 18
Thorn Points: 93
Gun Mage Captain Adept Points: 32
Journeyman Warcaster Points: 25
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team [3] Points: 77
Sword Knights [6] (0 added) Points: 56
Sword Knight Officer & Standard Bearer [2] Points: 27
Alexia Ciannor Points: 52
Thrall Warrior Points: 0
The Risen [6] Points: 0
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt [2] Points: 43

Okay let me stat of by saying that I made these pics a few days after the game, so exact distances and movement may not be totally on.  At least you can get an idea of the flow of the game from them.  I will put some blurbs in but will for the most part only put in deaths and some pivotal attacks in the turn listings.

Deployment - Trolls went fist and I deployed in the middle of my side with Nemo to my right and Kraye to my left.

Turn 1 - DeathsAlten Tr KILL pEiryss Cg

Alten turned an winked a Grim, he knew of course that he couldn't normally shoot that far and that Grim had likely helped him.  They respected each others ability of course, and both of them could handle themselves, but that didn't stop them from competing one with another.  Not to be outdone by that wiley Troll ablino he set his sights again on the next target sensing Grim's help again he still knew hitting his target was all up to him.
Turn 2 - Deaths
Alten KILL Tr Journeyman Cg
Holt Cy KILL Laddermore Cg
Lancer, Ironclad CG KILL Brine Tr
Gun Mage CG KILL Thrall Cy

Eager to help as much as Alten did, Rorsh sent Brine running in.  No matter how hurt his big friend got he always seemed to survive when the battle was over, "Let us make Cannonball wish he got there first eh Briney, go take a hit and then take him down."

Turn 3 - Deaths
Brine Tr 2-Shots Ironclad Cg
EBDT Tr 2-Shots Lancer Cg
Kraye Cg HITS Alexia KILL 3 undead Cy
GunMage Cr KILL Thrall Cy

Cannonball did think too much, but he did think that stupid pig deserved to be out of the fight while he finished off the other jacks... They were his to smash, but he would let the pig have one at least.

Turn 4 - Deaths
Grim Tr - Alexia Cy
Impaler Tr KD Officer and SK Cy
B13 Cy KILL Gobber
Gun Mage Cy KILL Gun Mage Cg
Kraye KILL Holt Cy

Nemo thought to outflank Grim while he dealt with what must be a Kraye imposter,  Nemo would let them beat each other up a bit before he fully comitted his forces to the fight. The Gun Mage next to him said in alarm just as Nemo himself noticed what was happening, "That Troll has literally crushed him and our forces are unable to engage him, we may be too late sir." Nemo just scowled at him, he had lost some initiative but his sword knights were more than capable of taking down those beasts of Grim's.  His respect for that Troll has just increased however, his reputation for being a true hunter of men was becoming quite apparent. "We will hold because we must, but when the Trolls spell fades we will cut him off from his support"  Just as he spoke those words though, Rian of his Black 13th was cut down from Grim's friend in the Tree's... wasn't he supposed to be a beast hunter?

Turn 5 - Deaths
Alten Tr KILL B13 Rian
Axer Tr KILL Sword Knight x2 Cy
Rorsh Tr KILL Sword Knight x1 Cy
Impaler Tr KD Officer KILL SK Cy
B13 Cy KILL Gobber Tr
B13 Cy KILL Rorsh
Hunter Cg BEANS Grim Tr xFer

Turn 6 - Deaths
EBDT Tr KILL Kraye, Hunter deactivates.
Impaler KILL Sword Knight
Axer KILL Sword Knight Standard Unit Flees
B13 Cy KILL Axer

Laying on the dirt wondered what had gone wrong, the imposter Kraye finally realized he was not whom he thought he was.  He had the vague impression of being in a Cryxian ritual in which they made him who he was... but if he was not Kraye, then who was he indeed.  As he choked on his last breath he almost thought he could remember training as a junior to Kraye fresh out of the academy.

Nemo's Gun Mage was bolstered by his own success against the imposter and Nemo's ability to command.  He turned his guns up towards Grim thinking to help put this Troll to an end. As he squinted down his sights he saw Grim's rifle pointed his way...

Having done all he could to help Grim, it quickly became apparent that his last kill would be the end of him. He hunkered down in the trees pretending to be hit by the last shot from a shooter whom he thought might be better than he was.  As he lay hidden in the uderbrush, he realized that his left arm had gone numb and could feel a pool of blood forming around his shoulder, maybe he was out of the fight.  As he drifted into unconsciousness his already high respect for Cygnar grew a little more.

Turn 7 - Deaths
Grim Tr KILL Gun Mage Cy
Impaler Tr KILL Journeyman
EBDT takes out most of Thorn no kill
Nemo Hits Grim for no damage
B13 KILL Alten
B13 Hits Grim xfer to EBDT
Sword Knight Rally
Nemo Flares

Grim still couldn't shake the feeling that something was changing in the very fabric of the world around him.  He shook his head, he was not used to being so easily distracted.  Cannonball roared from the side as he tore into yet another warjack and Grim refocused, this time on Nemo himself.  It would be unfortunate to kill a general of Nemo's ability but he would do what he must.  He leveled Headhunter and fired, watching Nemo stagger but not go down.  As he leveled to fire again lightning blasted into his side.

Nemo was hurt, more than he had been in a long time.  Sending lightning powered by his own invention into Grim he watched the damage melt off him and into his giant Warbeast.  The fight not yet being over, he blasted another bolt towards Grim but missed high.

Turn 8 - Deaths
Impaler misses Nemo
Grim REDUCES Nemo to 2 Damage
B13 misses Grim
Nemo hits Grim for no damage
Sword Knights x2 KILL Impaler

Losing another one of Madrak's Impalers was not going to make him happy.  It was time to end this, he leveled Headhunter at Nemo again and found himself looking Nemo in the eye.  Nemo nodded and signaled his withdraw.  Grim nodded, put down his rifle and used the bond to let Cannonball know the time for fighting was over.  He could hear Cannonballs' roar of protest but knew today's carnage would be enough.  The fight had been costly but he had somehow came up on top.  He saw that Rorsh and Brine though badly hurt were already gone and set off to find Alten.

Turn 9 - Deaths
Grim KILL Nemo

Alten awoke with his head pounding, his foggy eyes began to clear and he focused in on his rescuer.  It was Grim, smiling knowingly, "Good showing Alten, you did quite well today," Grim cuckled, "Have some whelp ale and we will discuss who had the better shots."  Alten grimaced and swallowed down some ale, he knew Grim would poke fun at him for having to rescue him, "sounds like all your doing is hiding in some trees when you should be shooting Cygnarrians.  Don't worry though, I got all the hard targets for you," Alten chuckled and grimaced again at a new wave of pain in his shoulder.  Grim, usually quiet, actually bellowed and then pointed at Cannonball who was wearing the top of a hunter's head for a cap while grinning widely.  They both chuckled at the hulking beast and the three of them set off for Madrak's camp, Grim would have to see if Madrak had felt the strangeness to the world.

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