23 November 2009

Wanted -- Trollblood writers.


Looking for a few good Trolls.  This blog needs more Trollblood goodness.  I need someone to help me with a complete listing of MKII caster and Trollblood tactics.  Co-Authors will assist in helping me write a more complete set of tactics, lists and impressions on how to use each Trollblood model to its fullest.  Things I want to accomplish in the upcoming months.
  • Complete a set of tactics with the new MKII models.
  • Help maintain and update statistics of performance versus other armies.
  • Post battle reports from your local leagues.
  • Post events and results from your local leagues.
  • Other random impressions on Trollblood stuff.
  • Even a little bit of other faction items.  But mostly Troll stuff.
If you are interested please send me a PM on the Privateer Press Forums to theummhmmguy. Or send me an E-Mail  If you do want to post to this blog as a co-author there are a few things I will require.

  • Try to post once a week
  • Trollblood Battlereports
  • Any fluff or imaginary models you might have made.
  • Trollblood model tactics.
  • Upcoming events from your local meta
  • Event results
  • Game statistics from when your Trolls play including the caster you played, the caster you played against, and the model that achieved the killing blow.
  • No adult content PG-13 or better please. 
As a final note, any co-authors that do want to post I will do my best to implement any ideas and suggestions you might want added to the blog but I will maintain Chief-Editor status.


  1. Hey tugh! It's Mael from the forums. I'd love to help you out with this project as I plan on doing quite a bit of my own blogging over at http://warpainter.wordpress.com.

  2. If I do this, I might have to acutally start playing.... :D

  3. As I said you can feel free to post any of the stuff I write sir (This be Stomphoof on the Forums).