21 July 2011

Competitive Caster, we shall see?

Recently I have been pondering the quality of Trollblood casters.  While persuing the PP forums and other places on the net it has become apparent to me that my version of our best casters are skewed more than slightly from the vocal majority on the net.  So it's simple, I give you a poll, you tell us which casters are the least competitive and we pit them in battle against each other on vassal for all to see.  The game will be well documented and pasted all over the blog.  The glory and humiliation of the players will be great, hopefully revenge against Goris can be had for taking Gunny out of action the other night.  But we shall see.  Who knows, there might even be prized for those that can properly guess the outcome of the battle.

So who is the least competitive 'all-around'  in the Trollblood force.  Is there a clear bottom dweller or is it based more on preference and meta.  (Please see poll on the right of the page.)

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  1. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    Gotta say I'm a bit surprised that Gunnbjorn is getting so many votes. I don't play trolls (yet), but I didn't think he was THAT bad. But I guess that is the point of this thread.