18 July 2011

Goris' Borka VS TheGreatBlah's Gunnbjorn

Borka stared long and hard at the Captain sitting across the table from him.  He had never been fond of Cygnarrans especially those that were a part of the Cygnar military, but Calandra had sent word ahead and that had kept him from attacking the Captain outright.  Borka continued to size him up trying to decide if this so called 'ex' Trencher was worthy to be considered as kith or kriel.  Gunnbjorn was big for a Troll if a bit lanky, with a jaw chiseled right out of stone, that and his eyes showed intensity and intelligence he could only find among the leaders of Madrak's new united Kriel.  All that and the cannon he carried looked like it should be mounted as an artillery peice instead of being toted about like a Pyg Rifle.  As they drank Borka also had to aknowledge that he could hold his own having consumed nearly a whole keg of whelp ale and still not yet wavering.

Gunnbjorn had to admit that this Trollkin from the Frozen north was fearsome indeed.  Having served in the trenches of many Cygnar battles he had seen his fair share of warfare, but this giant Trollkin was downright terrifying.  Besides making him feel small, which didn't happen to Gunnbjorn often, Borka looked like he could crush steel with his bare hands, and that mace... according to the Pygs Borka could smash a Warjack to pieces with a few good hits.  Yeilding to Borka's cold stare Gunnbjorn decided he had better lay down his plans before Borka's whelp ale had him on the floor, "My vision is a Trollkin nation to rival anything the humans could ever dream of.  This can only be accomplished with the united Kriel heading to Horthol and assisting in the efforts of creating our own city in our own land."  Borka drained yet another tankard and smashed the now empty mug to pieces in his bare hand and looked a Gunnbjorn with a chuckle, "I live for battle and will leave city building to those too weak to fight... unless you can prove to me you can fight that is."

Goris' Borka vs TheGreatBlah's Gunnbjorn

- Pyre Troll (5)
- Earthborn Dire Troll (10)
-Mulg the Ancient (12)
Kriel Stone Bearer & Scribes(3)
- Stone Scribe Elder (1)
Trollkin Champions (6)
- Skaldi Bonehammer (3)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3)
Trollkin Long Riders (7)

Horthol, Long Rider Champion


- Earthborn Dire Troll (10)

- Earthborn Dire Troll (10)
- Trollkin Fennblades (8)
- Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer (2)
Trollkin Champions (6)
- Skaldi Bonehammer (3)
Fel Caller Hero(3)
Janissa Stonetide (3)
Kriel Stone Bearer & Stone Scribes(3)
Troll Whelps(2)

Deployment ~
Board Setup had four forests in each corner about 12" in and 12" over with two small ponds right in the middle about 14" up from the board edge. I rolled highest and opted to go first.

Gunny - Fenns Across the front bracketed by EBDT, Janissa on my left Fel Caller on my right. Champs and Gunny up the middle with KSB behind them.

Borka - Champs on my left of the pond w/Horthol wide on the left side to flank.  Longrider take the right gap with KSB behind them toward the middle.  Mulg behind the pond, Borka in between Mulg and LR.

Gunnbjorn was still uncertain if Borka and his crew could play wargames without actually killing his men but offering up a mock battle to Borka seemed to wet Borka's whistle.  Borka's words still echoed in Gunnbjorns mind, "You want me to play games with ya eh? I think I can handle that"  The gusto in which Borka jumped into the plans though, made him nervous as they arrayed themselves into battle that and he wasn't quite sure if the protection stone Borka talked about would actually keep any of them from getting hurt.  Gunnbjorn readied his rockets already seeing an opportunity as Borka began passing out whelp ale to his army... those Long Riders needed a rocket blast to the face.  He had no idea on that other hand, what he was going to do with Mulg!  How in the heck did Borka get Mulg on loan from Doomshaper?

Turn 1
Gunny - I run forward, Gunny Snipes himself.
Borka - he moves up to gain position while trying to stay out of charge range, it works.

Turn 2
Gunny - Couple of Fenns run to engage the champs the rest move into countercharge position.  Champs move up.  Gunny shoots a LR and crits devs them doing 4 damage to Borka and KDing the three LR, and killing a scribe.  right side EBDT moves into position casts EC on the Fel Caller who hangs by him in the trees.  Janissa walls and hangs by the left EBDT who casts EC on her.  AURA
Borka - He proceeds to kill some Fenns, due to some unlucky dice and some tough rolls only 4 die.  Pyre shoots the Fenn officer for 3 damage and lights him and a Champ afire.  Borka shimmies around then Bombs a Fenn to open a path for his EBDT to charge mine that moved up then casts wind wall which covers the stone and Mulg.  Dice favor me again and my EBDT is left at half health with all columns open.  His LR move to engage my FC and to hide Borka. AURA

Borka frowned at his own Earthborn's inability to take Cannonball out of the fight, then he snarled as he saw Gunnbjorn aim his giant gun at the Longrider just to his left.  Gripping his mace tight he drank deep of some ale from his keg carrier and held on tight.
Turn 3 - All my fired up guys go out.  EBDT reduces his EBDT to a couple of health.  Champs split up and charge a couple taking out a couple of his and the rest finishing off the EBDT.  Fenns do a little more damage but not much.  Janissa and Gunny drop some strategic walls to save three of the champs Gunny shoots the LR by Borka no crit and no damage then feats .  FC goes after a LR and wiffs then does 2 dmg.
BOrka - he feats to help get Mulg out of the Water who moves up to kill three Champs and a Fenn, thanks to some awesome tough rolling though only one champ dies.  Pyre kills a Fenn who toughs, his Champs take out most the rest of the Fenns.  His LR tries to kill the FC but fails doing only 3 damage.  BOrka wind walls and puts a LR, kenny and his stone next to him.

Seeing Borka fly through the air made Gunnbjorn smile a lot, at least that is until Borka landed on his feet.  At least all three Long Riders were on the ground but by the look on Horthol's face he would make him pay for it if any of them were actually injured.  Gunnbjorn loaded another rocket and took aim through his sights finding Mulg staring right at him with a very evil grin on his face.
Turn 4 - Neither EBDT of mine can get to Mulg so I decide to go for an assassination run.  Gunny shoots Mulg but no crit again... dangit.  rEBDT charges Borka taking a freestrike which takes out his mind.  So I regenerate and hit him a few times reducing him to half.  FC warcrys champs and tries again to kill the LR and fails.  CHamps charge in two on Mulg, one on Borka and one on the other LR.  Champ on the LR kills it and overtakes into Borka hitting for a couple damage.  Other Champ fails to damage him after hitting twice.  With some strategic wall and scribe placement Gunny should be ok.  EBDT charges Horthol un mounting him and punches the Pyre who I choose not to attack again to make Goris deal with having too much fury on the board.  Assassination attempt fails with Borka at about 6 health.
Borka - All three champs are engage by a single Fenn preventing them from charging the EBDT one takes a free strike and dies for his trouble the other two kill the fenn.  Mulg beats down some more Champs wiffing a few times and then I tough a few times.  Pyre eats a Champ.  Borka takes three free strikes to disengage trying to get out of his small circle of death since he cant kill an EBDT and two champs though he is capable of easily taking out two of them.  Lucky for Borka two of them miss and the one that hits does one damage.  Mulg Fits over and kills the champ that hit Borka.  He then clears the lane a little trying to get to Gunny but cannot so his turn ends.  His LR tries again to kill my FC and misses.

Borka had to give it to the Captain, his strategy was very good.  But Borka had plans that were above strategy and that was Brute force.  Mulg caught on through the link and got into position while Borka finessed his way out from under Gunnbjorns boys and began directing his men to tie up the beasts to allow Mulg a free run at Gunnbjorn.  The Captain had proved tenacious and had almost taken him twice now forcing him on his toes when he would rather be using his mace.

Turn 5
Gunny - Again neither of my EBDT can get to Mulg so I kill everything I can including a Pyre all but Skaldi and since my other EBDT frezies killing the Elder scribe who toughs.  THe Scribes position around Gunny to try and block Mulg and Gunny drops a wall for protections.  Janissa forgets to activate.

Borka - he Has to go for it and so he does.  Borka moves up and casts mosh pit and heals Mulg so all colums are free.  Mulg walks up to Gunny attacks over the wall and KDs him.  First hit I take, second hit I transfer and last hit I fail to roll tough.  Game over.  Tight game all the way across the board and Goris' eeks one out in the end.  Its been a long time since I played a game that was so back and forth as that one but that is why dice are the great equlizer.

The Protection stone did indeed keep Gunnbjorn alive but being pounded into unconciousness by Mulg's club was not something he would like to experience again.  As he shook off his dizziness Borka walked up chuckling, "You fight a good fight Captain, my keg bearer will be by shortly to take some sting off your loss" Gunnbjorn was a little dejected as Borka walked away until he noticed the slight limp in his step and the large lump on the back of his head.  Just then Borka turned, "now don't be too eager to build yer city boy, we still need your help clearing those Skorne out of our new home."  Smiling at the compliment Gunnbjorn took a long deep draft of some whelp ale courtesy of Borka.  It was nice to be among Trollkin, it was very nice be drinking Trollkin made ale, but it was nicer indeed to feel like he had found a home worth fighting for.  His life in Cygnar was fading to nothing more than a sad memory.


  1. Anonymous19 July, 2011

    Awesome battle report! GG!

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    Who wins between Borka and Gunnbjorn? Why....Mulg of coarse!!! JK!

    Very cool write-up guys. Makes me want to do one now....

  3. I'm glad it came down to the assassination run. I thought Borka was going to be a hard fight for Gunny, and he certainly was, but not unbeatable. Now I kind of want to run it myself just to see how it flies.