06 July 2011

Greetings From Cygnar

Hello there Scrummers! This is phreaker187 from the Privateer Press forums and also formerly known as Cygnarbrian from the now defunkt blog, Haley Casts TB... You Lose.

I play Cygnar and that's pretty much it. I have played every caster and have both won and lost many games with each. Given my experience I feel I can hand out first hand knowledge about what works and what doesn't in the land of the swan. I might even throw in a few strats on how to beat up on Cynar with Trolls, but don't count on it.

For the first post I'm gonna throw a bit about Galant out there. Galant is the new Cygnar/Merc jack that Constance Blaize likes to hang out with. I really have mixed feelings on Galant, I feel he's pretty good, but for the points there are really better options out there.

Fighting for the 9 point slot we have:

Now I dont' think Galant is the worst on this list, but I don't think he's nearly the best either. Time will tell if I am wrong though.

Galant has a few abilities of note which include:

Magic Weapon
: Lasting Light (his big beefy sword) is magical, which can come in handy when facing an army with a ton of incorporeal models. See Wraith Engine for details.

Reach: Lasting Light also has reach, somewhat a rarity on a Cygnar jack.

Accumulator [Morrowan]: So if he starts within X inches of a morrowon model (Blaize, Versh, Precursors) he gets a free focus allocated to him. Downside, he can still only get 3 focus a turn.

Shield Guard: A handy ability to thwart enemy ranged attacks. Eyriss in both forms is who you want to watch out for here. The buckler on his off hand pushes his ARM up to 19 which is one point above average for a Cynar heavy. Trolls just kinda ignore this ability.

Affinity [Blaize]: Galant gains Purgation when in Blaize's control area. Mostly this ability punishes you opponent for being a bad player. A good player will notice that Galant is within charge range of something and remove any upkeeps.

Galant has pretty average stats across the board for a Cygnar heavy. I feel like making him available to mercs was really a bad idea in general. Not only did PP need to balance Galant for Cygnar, but they had to balance him for mercs too, which I feel really hampered his power level. If I'm playing any other caster besides Blaize 'Ol Rowdy makes the cut long before Galant.

Overall I think Galant is a mediocre character jack from a mediocre book release. With Blaize he seems to be a fairly solid choice. Before you run out and buy the kit ask yourself, "why would I run him over Rowdy for the same points or a Stormclad for 1 more?"

Next up: Love 'em or leave 'em or how to use Cygnar's least wanted.

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  1. Anonymous07 July, 2011

    You're just jealous because Gallant is better with Mercs than Cygnar! :P

    Seriously, Mercs kinda have the same problem. At 9 pts, Mercs have Rocinante, which is a superior Warjack, or at 1 pt. less, have access to the Mangler. Hell, at a full 3 pts. less, you get the Nomad, which is one of the best deals point-wise in the game!